Ride log

Route Date Miles Bike Notes
Imagine 2023-12-26 23 Grando

Warmer and not raining. 

De Armond loop 2023-12-20 35 Ravn

Gorgeous day. 

Southtown plus 2023-12-19 31 Soma Saga

Down to the river, out and back on the bike path, coffee at Bihdis and then a loop out the 34 bike path. Nice day after a bunch of cold ones. 

Around town 2023-12-14 21 Soma Saga

No rain, no wind, no sun. Not warm not cold. 

Imagine 2023-12-12 21 Grando

Clear and sunny and not to cold. We had 12 riders which is not unusual. 

Willamette Park 2023-12-05 14 Soma Saga

Warm with a little drizzle and light rain. We wanted to see how high the river was so rode down through Southtown on the river path. Then to Bodhi's on 1st for coffee.

Southtown 2023-12-04 22 Soma Saga

It stopped raining long enough for a quick ride through town. Very warm at 61°


Yachats River Valley 2023-11-29 32 Ravn

Cloudy but not cold. Much better than the freezing fog in the valley. Camped at Tilicum.  The Yachats valley is still the most beautiful ride of all. 

Tilicum Beach 2023-11-28 5 Ravn

Took the Ravn on the beach. Couldn’t resist it was such a nice evening. Was careful to avoid water. 

Albany 2023-11-25 30 Grando

Sunny and cold. Very nice. 

Philomath 2023-11-24 26 Grando

Plus a loop out Grange Hall Rd. Sunny and not too cold. As good as it gets for November. 

Imagine 2023-11-21 18 Grando

Cold fog to start. Some sun on the way home. 

Thompson Mills 2023-11-18 41 Grando

Beat the rain. Really good to be back on the Grando. I could hang near the front instead of off the back. 

Around town 2023-11-17 23 Grando

Grando is back with shiny new wheels, cassette, and chain. Test ride and all is well. Sunny and not cold. 

Town 2023-11-15 11 Soma Saga

Short ride in to ride over the temporary Van Buren bridge, after yesterdays last ride over the old bridge. Warmer but felt colder due to high humidity after this morning rain. 

Imagine Philomath Airport 2023-11-14 31 Ravn

Pretty much the reverse of yesterday. A bunch of the Tenners women joined us. Colder but no rain. 

Philomath via Airport road 2023-11-13 31 Ravn

Nice day. A little windy but warm enough and dry. 

Decker Road 2023-11-09 34 Ravn

Not over the hill. Out Fern. Back Bellfountain and Airport. Cold cloudy but dry. 

Imagine 2023-11-07 23 Ravn

Back through Southtown.  Some rain, some sun. 

Philomath 2023-11-03 23 Ravn

Through Bald Hill park. Cloudy but warmer. 

Imagine 2023-10-31 22 Soma Saga

Still cold but the sun came out. Rain tomorrow. 

De Armond loop 2023-10-30 36 Ravn

Cold and sunny to start but it warmed up quickly. Gorgeous day. 

Albany 2023-10-28 32 Ravn

Cold but sunny. Cold wind though, but a beautiful day. Abbreviated graveyard ride for Halloween 

South Town 2023-10-26 23 Ravn

Around town to Tried & True. Started out cold but turned out pretty nice. 

Imagine 2023-10-24 24 Ravn

Got caught by the rain before I got home. 

Albany 2023-10-21 30 Ravn

Started out with the fast group but soon realized my mistake and rejoined the slow group. Long second breakfast in Albany. 
Misty day but no real rain. 

Five Rivers Road 2023-10-19 31 Ravn

Fall colors ride. Out and back from Blackberry CG

Imagine 2023-10-17 16 Soma Saga

Some fog. Sun after. 

Philomath 2023-10-15 26 Soma Saga

Nelson and Brigitte and Nelson’s sister and nephew. Very nice day. 

Around town 2023-10-14 15 Soma Saga

Got out late after fog lifted. 

Adair Village 2023-10-13 22 Ravn

Good Grounds coffee. Did the northwest hills route but really low energy. Rain coming. 

Imagine 2023-10-10 13 Soma Saga

Rainy ride. Did the minimum distance. 

Town 2023-10-09 10 Soma Saga

Had to drop off Linda’s van. Rainy day. 

Philomath 2023-10-08 25 Ravn

Fog was lifting as we started. Nice and warm after 

Philomath 2023-10-07 23 Ravn

Helmet event at fire station. Very warm for October. 

Decker 2023-10-06 42 Ravn

Perfect October day. 

Albany via Adair 2023-10-05 41 Ravn

Was heading for Albany but dark clouds in that direction, plus gravel trucks pushed me to Adair. Plus my legs were dead weight. After coffee the clouds had lifted and my legs woke up so I went to Albany and back Riverside. Finished off with a little loop around town. 

Imagine 2023-10-03 17 Ravn

Nice day. 

Imagine 2023-09-26 19 Ravn

Had to drop off the Rialta. Rode most of the way back to meet the group. Rain. 

Hiatt Bakery 2023-09-22 35 Ravn

Last ride of summer. 

Tangent 2023-09-21 13 Ravn

Pick up Rialta. 

Imagine and Bald Hill park 2023-09-19 26 Ravn

Good turnout and a beautiful day. Spent some time watching them take down a big tree at Teddi’s. Afterwards I went solo and did the Bald Hill loop. 

Tangent 2023-09-18 16 Ravn

Dropped off Rialta and rode home. Cool and grey. 

Kiger Island 2023-09-17 28 Ravn

Small turnout for the Sunday Lunch Ride. A little cooler today. 

Philomath 2023-09-16 25 Ravn

Started with the Tenners but pulled out. Can’t keep up. Nice day. 

Hiatt Bakery 2023-09-15 33 Ravn

Missed all the other riders. Got hot. 

South Beach 2023-09-13 10 Ravn

To jetty and around campground. 

Around town 2023-09-06 17 Soma Saga

Out Circle to Harrison to Bald Hill. Very nice morning 

Imagine 2023-09-05 20 Soma Saga

Nice day after a cool cloudy day yesterday. 

Town and garden 2023-09-03 12 Soma Saga

I was planning to do the Sunday Lunch Ride but had a flat and missed it. 

Hiatt Bakery 2023-09-02 32 Ravn

Glad some of the Tenners wanted to do a shorter ride. Warmed up nicely. 
Im progressing nicely. 

Philomath 2023-09-01 20 Soma Saga

Solo ride. Very slow. Rained yesterday. Windy today. 

Imagine 2023-08-29 18 Soma Saga

Back with the Tuesday group post crash. 

Garden and co-op 2023-08-28 8 Soma Saga

First ride 6 weeks post crash. 

Forks to Big Tree Road 2023-07-14 32 Ravn

Started out great. Ended with a broken clavicle. 

PA to Forks 2023-07-13 65 Ravn

This was the day we’ve been waiting for. Olympic Discovery Trail at its finest. Perfect day. 

PT to PA 2023-07-11 65 Ravn

Gorgeous route on the Olympic Discovery Trail. Cool morning, sunny afternoon. 

Kitsap to Port Townsend SP 2023-07-10 28 Ravn

Easier day, and I needed it. Cooler but the sun came out at camp. 
Traffic lightened up after the bridge. 

Shelton to Kitsap Memorial SP 2023-07-09 63 Ravn

Really hard day. Over 3000’ of climbing with a lot over 10%. Perfect weather. Very scenic.  A lot of traffic.


Monsanto to Shelton 2023-07-08 40 Ravn

Cool morning, warm afternoon. Rode mostly with Rick, Camdis, Joe, and Dan U

Felt great to be riding light. 

Town 2023-07-04 11 Soma Saga

Unaccounted miles 

Kings Valley 2023-07-01 50 Ravn

Grando is out of commission. Rear rim has a crack. Took the Ravn out to see if I want to ride it on Loop Tour. Very slow on the climbs but otherwise went well. 
warm, getting hot. Nice tail wind coming home. 

Around town 2023-06-28 20 Ravn

Set up the bike for loop tour. Rides well but still sluggish compared to the Grando. 
Got some Keen sandals for LT. I may be done with SPD for good. 

Philomath 2023-06-27 30 Soma Saga

Lovely day for a ride after. A stop at Imagine 

Town 2023-06-26 10 Ravn

Ran some errands on the Ravn to see how the tires were doing. Just fine. 

Lebanon 2023-06-24 60 Grando

Nice day. Still not too hot. 

Rogue River Greenway 2023-06-23 19 Ravn

Valley of the Rogue Park to Rogue River, then most of the way to Gold Hill. 

Elkins Road 2023-06-17 62 Grando

Wore myself out trying to hang with the group. Extra miles at the end. Got windy. 

McKay Road 2023-06-15 15 Ravn

Up and down through Ochoco national forest. 

Around Sutton Mountain 2023-06-14 28 Ravn

Fantastic ride from Mitchell to Priest Hole. The descent through Girds Creek canyon was spectacular. 

Painted Hills 2023-06-13 22 Ravn

Priest Hole to Mitchell   Very nice. 

Round Lake - Metolius Preserve 2023-06-11 30 Ravn

I did not make it up to Round Lake. 2/3 up then back down to ride single track in the preserve. 

Green Ridge 2023-06-10 20 Ravn

Hard ride. Harder drive. Great views. 

Metolius River 2023-06-09 15 Ravn

Out and back to the lemonade stand. Rocky road. 

Garden 2023-06-05 15 Soma Saga

A couple of trips to the garden and around. 

Sauerkraut 2023-06-04 21 Ravn

Nice day. Strong north wind but it was at our backs more than in our face. 

Imagine 2023-06-03 20 Grando

I led the first Melo Velo ride of the summer. Nice day 

Garden 2023-06-01 16 Soma Saga

Several trips to garden and around. 

Imagine 2023-05-30 24 Grando

Cold morning. Took awhile to warm up.

Home from Bellfountain Park 2023-05-28 30 Ravn

Got a ride with Nelson to the start, but I couldn't keep up so decided to ride home instead.

Home from Bellfountain Park 2023-05-28 30 Ravn

Bailed on the Sunday gravel ride and rode home through Finley on Bruce Road. Then 99w into a headwind.

Albany 2023-05-27 40 Grando

Perfect day in May. A little windy at the end. Extra climbing on Scenic

Eagle Creek to Viento Trailhead 2023-05-24 35 Grando

Fabulous ride. Sunny and cool to start but warmed up right away. Big climb on Wyeth road. Then newer bike trail and three waterfalls. 
Road closed after Starvation Creek but we kept going. Some older pavement but then brand new trail started at Viento Park 

Eagle Creek to Bridal Vail Falls 2023-05-23 32 Grando

Started out cool and cloudy but the sun came out and it warmed up nicely. 

Eagle Creek to Cascade Locks and beyond 2023-05-22 15 Grando

Gorge Campout day 1. Back to normal cool spring. 

Midge Cramer Ride 2023-05-20 37 Grando

Gorgeous day marred by a crash. Rann and Doreen had a front blowout on the Tandem and went down hard at high speed. 

Town and event 2023-05-19 16 Soma Saga

Active transportation event at OSU 

Stub Stewart SP to Vernonia and back 2023-05-17 21 Ravn

Warmer today. Great lunch in Vernonia. 

Stub Stewart to Banks and back 2023-05-16 21 Ravn

Camped at SS SP. 

Willamette Mission to home 2023-05-14 51 Soma Saga

I struggled with the heat. Just not ready for 90. Great ride though. New bike bridge into Salem. 

Willamette Mission SP 2023-05-13 57 Soma Saga

Very hot. Strong headwinds. Great lunch by Jean. Wonderful. 

Around town 2023-05-11 14 Soma Saga

Test ride after new wheel, cassette, chain and brake pads. Shiny. 

Around Portland 2023-05-10 18 Grando

Nice day to ride up and down the river side, across some bridges, and then across town to Adinah’s house. 

Philomath - Southtown 2023-05-09 32 Soma Saga

Cool to start, sunny and warm by the afternoon. Hot weather coming. 

Peoria bakery 2023-05-06 46 Grando

Rain held off but the wind picked up. Warm enough. 

Valley of the Giants 2023-04-30 25 Ravn

Great ride, but too punishing for me. 

Jefferson 2023-04-29 55 Grando

The perfect day! Mid 70’s, light wind. 

Big Creek 2023-04-27 22 Ravn

Camped at Washburn in RV. Warm and sunny inland. 

Imagine 2023-04-25 30 Soma Saga

Sunny and warm! Extra ride our Riverside to Liz’s house. 

Tweed ride 2023-04-23 16 Armstrong

Cooler than yesterday and a little windy, but dry. Good turnout. 

Bellfountain Park 2023-04-22 48 Grando

Finally a spring day. 65 degrees with a little sun and not much wind. 

Decker 2023-04-15 38 Grando

Nice day. Decker was hard. I’m really out of shape. 

Around town 2023-04-13 20 Soma Saga

A little warmer and dry. 

Imagine 2023-04-11 15 Soma Saga

It was supposed to stop raining but it didn’t until I got home. 

Thompson Mills 2023-04-08 50 Grando

Switched to kilometers for my birthday ride. Nice enough day in that it didn’t rain. 

Philomath 2023-04-07 22 Grando

Waited until 2:00 for the rain to stop. Then there was a little sun, but also some wind. 

Imagine 2023-04-04 20 Soma Saga

Cold and drizzle. Not enough to get ready wet, but sunshine sure would be better. 

DeArmond gravel loop 2023-03-30 36 Ravn

Dry but cloudy and not quite warm enough. 

Around town 2023-03-22 16 Soma Saga

Sunny and warm to start but got caught in a shower before I made it home. 

Philomath 2023-03-21 30 Soma Saga

Another sunny day. It won’t last. 

Albany 2023-03-18 42 Grando

Very nice day. Started cool and foggy but the sun won. 

Wiles DeArmond 2023-03-16 43 Ravn

Gravel loop. Gorgeous day. Mid 50s and sunny is warm enough. 

Country Road 2023-03-15 38 Grando

Nice day for a meander out in the flats and around town. 

Imagine 2023-03-14 23 Soma Saga

Cold cold but not raining 

Imagine 2023-03-07 14 Soma Saga

Better day for riding today. 

South Town 2023-03-01 24 Soma Saga

The snow melted, the sun came out, and I went for a ride. 

Philomath 2023-02-20 27 Soma Saga

Tuesday ride on Monday. Warm and dry. Rain expected tomorrow. 

DeArmond gravel loop 2023-02-18 35 Grando

Started on the Tenners ride and pulled off at Camp Adair. Colder than yesterday, but still dry. 

Kiger Island 2023-02-17 35 Soma Saga

Turned into a beautiful day. Especially considering it snowed on Tuesday and got frigid on Wednesday. Lunch at 3 Spirits   

Philomath 2023-02-11 41 Grando

It was sunny to start but a big cloud bank hanging ove the valley. The ride was to Thompson Mills but I pulled out early with Ann and into the cold north wind back to town, where it was sunny. Then solo to Philomath sunny the whole way. 

Kiger Island 2023-02-10 31 Soma Saga

Brent said let’s ride so we did. Nice day as the clouds gave way to sunshine. 

Dimple Hill 2023-02-09 20 Ravn

Waited for the fog to lift and enjoyed a nice sunny ride up Oak Creek and down Jackson. Did Upper Horse and Lower Dan’s

Albany 2023-02-04 42 Grando

Cloudy but warmer with no rain. 

Jackson Creek 2023-02-01 14 Ravn

Up to where the 610 road is closed. Then Horse trail, Connector, and Lower Dans. 

Imagine 2023-01-31 22 Soma Saga

Very cold but dry with a little sun. 

Peoria Park 2023-01-28 35 Grando

Sun at the start, rain at the end. 

Imagine 2023-01-24 15 Soma Saga

Nine riders braved the freezing fog. 

Philomath 2023-01-22 20 Soma Saga

Missed 2 rides due to cold and rain. No rain today. Waited until it hit 40 before I started. 

Oak Creek 2023-01-16 22 Ravn

Up Oak Creek to the McCullach peak turn off. Then back down and through Bald Hill park. Some sunshine. 

Bike Indy 2023-01-14 26 Grando

Did the gravel route which was all mud. Rain on and off. 

Peoria Road 2023-01-12 30 Grando

Then Tangent Oakville Church Green Valley Lindsay McLagen Tangent Peoria. 
Warmer and no rain. 

Imagine 2023-01-10 20 Soma Saga

Managed to avoid the rain. 

Imagine 2023-01-03 20 Soma Saga

After a couple of foggy mornings the sun peaked through. Extra loop around town for the miles. 

Airport Road 2022-12-21 28 Grando

Reverse of the loop I did Monday. Rolled over 5,000 miles for the year on this ride. 

Imagine 2022-12-20 18 Soma Saga


Airport road 2022-12-19 31 Grando

A bit warmer and not raining. 

DeArmond Road 2022-12-15 34 Ravn

Cold and sunny. Headwind going out. 

Imagine 2022-12-13 24 Soma Saga

Cold fog but no rain. 

Hiatt Bakery 2022-12-10 32 Grando


Ankeny Vineyard 2022-12-03 35 Grando

Started at Luckimute landing. Did a loop around the refuge and over Ankeny Hill. Back through Independence. 

Philomath 2022-11-26 20 Grando

Cold fog. Went to Timber Towne but everything was closed due to power outage. Back to town and Wild Yeast Bakery. By then the sun was out. 

Imagine 2022-11-22 24 Soma Saga

Got rained on coming back. 

Kendal Loop 2022-11-19 35 Grando

Sunny and cold. The group was going to Shedd but three of us did a gravel loop instead. 

Imagine 2022-11-15 20 Ravn

No fog! Sunny and cold, but warmed up to 50. 

Berry Creek Road 2022-11-12 40 Grando

Started on the Pedee Pie Day ride but had a flat and some complications. Cold dry day. Still nice colors. 

Philomath 2022-11-08 26 Ravn

Two days of hard rain but today was nice. Back to Timber Towne, same as Saturday. 

Philomath 2022-11-05 22 Grando

Short Tenners ride due to impending rain. 

Baskett Slough Loop 2022-10-30 27 Ravn

Good turnout on a gray day. Great route. 

Hiatt Bakery 2022-10-29 33 Grando

Halloween ride. Reverse of what I did Thursday. Nice day. 

Philomath 2022-10-27 33 Grando

Then out to Llewelyn. Nice day. 

Imagine 2022-10-25 20 Soma Saga

It didn’t rain!

Alsea Falls Gravel Loop 2022-10-23 24 Ravn

Cool clear morning. Clouded over but no rain. One of my favorite routes. 

Albany 2022-10-22 45 Grando

First cold cloudy windy day, but the rain held off. 

Wakanda beach road 2022-10-19 11 Soma Saga

From Bayshore. Fog lifted, it got sunny and warm, fog came back in. 

Harris Beach to Jedediah Smith SP 2022-10-16 30 Soma Saga

That’s it. I reached the redwoods. I get a ride home tomorrow. 

Humbug to Harris Beach 2022-10-15 51 Soma Saga

Fog, hills, and headwinds 

Bullards Beach to Humbug Mountain 2022-10-14 41 Soma Saga

Finally got back to the ocean. Bandon was a let down, but Beach Loop drive was lovely. Port Orford feels like a hippie town. Lunch at Crazy Norwegian. Quite hot today and warm well into the evening. 

Tugman to Bullards Beach 2022-10-13 43 Soma Saga

Another gorgeous day. Hard ride off of 101

Honeyman to Tugman SP 2022-10-12 34 Soma Saga

Another gorgeous day on the Oregon Coast, except for the smoke coming down the Umpqua from the Cedar Creek fire. 

South Beach to Honeyman SP 2022-10-11 53 Soma Saga

Woke up to bright clear skies. North wind just blew me down the coast. Once I passed Cape Perpetua I was the farthest south I’ve been on a bike on the coast. Gorgeous sunny day. 

South Beach via bus 2022-10-10 5 Soma Saga

Cold and foggy on the coast. 

Town - Coffee 2022-10-09 12 Soma Saga

Another warm sunny afternoon. 

Town, Bald Hill Park, Oak Creek 2022-10-07 24 Soma Saga

Cold foggy morning, warm sunny afternoon. 

Southtown 2022-10-04 24 Soma Saga

Cloudy and cool but did warm up in the afternoon. Coffee and treats at Becky’s house. 

Salmonberry to home 2022-10-03 49 Ravn

Another sunny warm day. 

Beachside to Salmonberry 2022-10-02 46 Ravn

Overcast at the beach, sunny 2 miles up the valley. 

Big Elk to Beachside 2022-10-01 40 Ravn

Glorious day. 78 degrees on the beach with light north winds. 

Corvallis to Big Elk CG 2022-09-30 34 Ravn

Great start for CRGA 22

Imagine and around town 2022-09-27 20 Ravn

Cooler day but still nice. 

Garden Town Garden 2022-09-25 32 Soma Saga

Numerous trips to new garden plot. 

Albany 2022-09-20 36 Grando

Meeting with Hasso Herring 

Town and garden 2022-09-19 21 Soma Saga

New garden plot is closer to home. 

Hiatt Bakery 2022-09-17 32 Grando

Road cleanup, then ride. 

Town & Tuesday 2022-09-13 35 Soma Saga

Plus a couple of trips to the new garden plot. 

Home from Big Elk CG 2022-09-12 33 Ravn

It actually rained last night, but my tent stayed dry under a big old fir. 
Doing the C2C eastbound with a full load is way too hard. Hours of pushing. Just too hard. But I made it!

Big Elk CG from Bayshore 2022-09-11 58 Ravn

The long way, through Newport and Elk City.   Longer but much less climbing than N. Beaver Creek to Hilltop. Nice cool day. 

Seal Rock from Bayshore 2022-09-10 14 Ravn

Out and about on the coast escaping the heat and smoke. 

Town 2022-09-06 25 Soma Saga

South town with Tuesday riders plus. 

Albany 2022-09-01 31 Grando

Slow, slow, slow. Could have beat the heat if I rode faster. 

Town, garden, town 2022-08-31 48 Soma Saga

A couple of trips to town plus Tuesday ride. 

Ervin Road 2022-08-29 36 Ravn

Trying to make this low mileage month not so bad. 

Adair 2022-08-27 24 Grando

Turned around early to get ready for PMOTPD 

Woods Creek road 2022-08-25 48 Ravn

From home. Up Woods Creek a little past the gate. Back on Old Peak. It wasn’t particularly hard, I just went really slow. 

South town 2022-08-23 20 Soma Saga

Nice morning for a slow east ride. 

Decker Road 2022-08-20 37 Grando

Not over the hill. Cooler morning. Got a flat from retread wire. 

Garden - Town 2022-08-19 20 Soma Saga

‘tis the dog days. 

Town Garden 2022-08-17 24 Soma Saga

Back in town. 

De Armond - Mac Forest 2022-08-12 40 Ravn

Out Crescent Valley and Mountain View. Then the gravel loop to Airlie road and back. Then Soap Creek to 582 and the steep climb up to 500. Then across the saddle to 610 to 611 and down Lewisburg road to the street that gets you back to Crescent Valley. 

Garden and Town 2022-08-11 20 Soma Saga

Not much riding so far this month 

Hiatt Bakery 2022-08-06 34 Ravn

Out Bellfountain. It didn’t get hot until we were back in town. 

Decker 2022-07-30 42 Grando

Got out before 7 to beat the heat. A little jog up Beaver Creek before going over Decker. Light clouds kept it pleasant for most of the ride. 

Garden and around 2022-07-28 29 Soma Saga

More hot summer slow rides through town. 

Town - garden 2022-07-25 20 Soma Saga

Morning errands and evening garden. Very hot now. 

Soap Creek School 2022-07-24 23 Ravn

The club hosted a rest stop for Cycle Oregon. 
Over Mountain View - Overlook Back Lewisburg Saddle 

Albany 2022-07-23 34 Grando

Broke off of the Tenners ride because I didn’t feel like keeping up. Went to Albany for coffee instead. 
Saw a camper we might buy on the way home. 

Town Garden 2022-07-22 15 Soma Saga

Helped out at MVBC table at Cycle Oregon. Then garden. 

Garden 2022-07-21 18 Soma Saga

Morning ride to the garden

Beverly Beach to Big Elk 2022-07-19 55 Ravn

Much better having the wind mostly at my back. Nice day for a ride. 

Big Elk to Beverly Beach 2022-07-18 55 Ravn

Sunny day. Gorgeous on Harlan Road. Could feel the wind picking up on Yaquina Bay. Full on gale at the beach. I had to fight the north wind all the way through Newport to Beverly Beach. 

Harlan 2022-07-17 34 Ravn

Started with the Sunday group but then rode up the C2C with my weed wacker to clear the blackberries, nettles, and thistles encroaching on the trail. 
camped at Big Elk. 

Bellfountain Park 2022-07-16 58 Grando

Back Old River Road - Smith Loop - 99

Cloudy and cool. Heavy mist at the top of the hills. 

Garden 2022-07-14 16 Soma Saga

Plus some other errands. 

Garden 2022-07-13 14 Soma Saga

On a roll, up early and ride to garden. Work 3-4 hours and slow ride home. 

Garden 2022-07-12 17 Soma Saga

Out the door by 6 and in the garden by 6:30. Met up withTuesday riders later. 

Garden 2022-07-11 12 Soma Saga

Garden duty. Getting hot today. 

Imagine 2022-07-09 20 Grando

I led the Melo ride today. All the bike paths. 

Ervin road 2022-07-08 37 Ravn

Over Ervin, back Gelatly 

Around town 2022-07-07 20 Soma Saga

Plus a ride in the park with Inez and Lou on the Piccolo 

NW Tandem Rally 2022-07-03 24 Cilantro

Linda’s birthday ride. Out N Coberg Rd from Armitage Park. 

Around town 2022-07-01 14 Cilantro

Getting ready for the NW Tandem Rally 

Town and garden 2022-06-28 38 Grando

Nice day. 

East Lake to Bend 2022-06-24 46 Ravn

Bailed on Loop Tour

Big River to East Lake 2022-06-23 27 Ravn

Long hard climb. 

Tumalo to Big River 2022-06-22 37 Ravn

Got an early start. Lots of slow climbing at the beginning. Bike paths, gravel roads, trails, and waterfalls. 

Sisters to Tumalo SP 2022-06-21 24 Grando

Getting hot. Solo ride on some nice gravel roads. 

Cove Palisades to Sisters 2022-06-20 52 Ravn

Finally a warm sunny day. 

Prineville to Cove Palisades 2022-06-19 42 Ravn

Still cold in the morning but warmed up once we got to camp. 

Bend to Prineville 2022-06-18 42 Ravn

Started out not so good. Chain jammed on the first pedal stroke. It actually bent a link. It was skipping and chattering all day. About 10 miles from the finish I got SAG driver John VS to drive me to the bike shop in Prineville. They removed the bad link. Seems fine now. 

McKenzie Pass 2022-06-15 52 Ravn

Started at the ranger station. I suffered a lot. 

Philomath 2022-06-14 28 Soma Saga

Still not summer. Maybe getting closer. 

Strawberry Century 2022-06-11 59 Grando

It started as a light drizzle and increased to a steady downpour. 

Airport Road 2022-06-09 32 Grando

Around town and then out 99 to Airport road. Out to Fern road, Philomath, and home. 

Philomath 2022-06-07 41 Soma Saga

Plus a couple of river into town. 
Home from the Outback. Still cool but getting warmer. 

Deschutes River Park to The Dalles 2022-06-05 22 Ravn

More ridiculous steep hills, but very scenic on top. Nice descent though canyons with alfalfa and then cherries. 

Shaniko to Deschutes River Park 2022-06-04 64 Ravn

Endless rolling hills of brown and green. Wheat fields as far as the eye could see. 

Ashwood to Shaniko 2022-06-03 32 Ravn

Another long hard climb followed by a fast downhill followed by another hard climb. 

Prineville to Ashwood 2022-06-02 48 Ravn

Gorgeous ride up McKay Creek into the Ochoco Mountains. Then adventurous creek crossings and beating out a thunderstorm. 

Big Bend to Prineville 2022-06-01 26 Ravn

Down the Crooked Right 

Sand Springs to Big Bend 2022-05-31 42 Soma Saga

Good day with brutal climb

Silver Lake to Sand Springs 2022-05-30 24 Ravn

I drove half the route

Chemult to Silver Lake 2022-05-29 39 Ravn

Cold start but not bad. 

Town 2022-05-27 10 Ravn

Test ride on fully loaded Ravn before the Oregon Outback tomorrow. 

Around town 2022-05-26 18 Soma Saga

Shopping and around. 

Columbia Gorge Campout 2022-05-24 38 Grando

Campout at Eagle Creek with MVBC. Rode west to Multnomah Falls, which included the infamous steps. Then across Bridge Of The Gods and back an into Cascade Locks. 
Also a hike up Eagle Creek. 

Sauerkraut 2022-05-22 17 Ravn

Now we’re talking! Warm and sunny. Finally. 

Decker 2022-05-21 35 Grando

Nice day. Just got the Grando back from the shop and rode it without fenders, racks, light or bag. Felt lighter but not really any faster. 

Ride of Silence 2022-05-18 10 Soma Saga

Good turnout. A bit cold and windy but dry. 

Philomath 2022-05-17 20 Soma Saga

A nice day for a ride to Timber Towne 

Oak Creek 2022-05-16 23 Grando

Just meandering around town.

Harris Road 2022-05-15 28 Ravn

Out and back, plus a trip to town. Nice day even if it did rain. 

Albany 2022-05-14 40 Ravn

A decent day. A few sprinkles but warmer. A little wind too, but warmer. A little sun too.

I put the RTPs back on the Ravn as the Grando is in the shop. I sure goes well on the road with these tires.

Met up with the Albany Tweed ride at the Antique Bike Show at the brewery on...

Philomath 2022-05-11 32 Ravn

First South Town. Nicer day. Put the RTPs back on the Ravn. Tubeless. 

Imagine 2022-05-10 20 Soma Saga

Still quite cool but dry. 

Decker 2022-05-07 36 Soma Saga

Rain to start then some sun. Headwinds in 3 directions. 

Jefferson 2022-05-04 60 Grando

Nice day. Out Riverside to Albany, then on to  Jefferson. Back on Talbot and across the ferry. 

Imagine 2022-05-03 21 Grando

No rain! Warmed up a bit. Nice ride around town. 

Alsea Falls Gravel 2022-05-01 25 Ravn

No rain, some sun. Hard ride but enjoyable. 

Philomath 2022-04-30 22 Soma Saga

Still dodging rain showers. 

Rifle Range 2022-04-28 31 Ravn

Some drizzle but better than yesterday. Out the northwest hills through Adair and the wildlife refuge to Coffin Butte to Wiles, Military, Robeson, and Rifle Range. 

Around town 2022-04-27 19 Grando

Needed 30 miles for the month but the rain kept coming. Just showers but I was under dressed not expecting rain. 

Imagine 2022-04-26 30 Soma Saga

Plus a couple of other trips to town. Spotty weather. Some rain. 

Brownsville 2022-04-23 64 Grando

A really nice day after two weeks of cold rain. Great turnout. I had a flat. Same slow leak that has been plaguing me for months. 

Harlan - Elk City - Harlan 2022-04-17 43 Ravn

No rain, not too cold, and excellent road conditions. Good turnout as well. 

Imagine 2022-04-16 21 Grando

With the Tenners out 53rd to Bellfountain, then turned back. Cold, wet, and miserable. 

Hyatt Bakery 2022-04-15 41 Ravn

Ran into Larry as I was turning off on Airport. After the bakery we took Ervin over to Decker and 34 and Gelatly back to Philomath. 
First nice day in a week and a half. 

Sauerkraut 2022-04-10 30 Ravn

Thursday I rode in 70 degree sunshine. Today 40 degree rain. Wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t the ride leader for this gravel ride. 

Brownsville Lebanon Albany 2022-04-07 80 Grando

Birthday ride. Needed 74, got 80. Absolutely perfect day, with a high no less of 74.

Imagine 2022-04-05 15 Soma Saga

Cool and breezy 

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 2022-04-03 20 Ravn

Short loop. Cooler day but still nice with a little sun. Fresh gravel on McFarlan

Philomath 2022-04-02 26 Grando

Had the Free Bikes For Kids event in the morning then John Ro and I rode to Philomath. 

Philomath - Airport 2022-03-31 32 Soma Saga

If I did the math right this ride gets me to 1,000 miles for the year, on this the last day of March. If I keep up this pace that would only be 4,000 for the year. Since I hope to do much better than that I will have to pick it up. 

Imagine and around town 2022-03-29 27 Soma Saga

Spring weather is still holding. 

Valsetz to VOG 2022-03-27 25 Ravn

Another gorgeous spring day. This ride was a lot harder than I remembered. 

Helmick Park 2022-03-26 42 Grando

Nice day. Good turnout. 

Mac Forest 2022-03-24 23 Ravn

Started out sunny and cool. Headed north out Crescent Valley, Mountain View, Overlook. Was planning to do the gravel loop out Wiles, D’Armond, Rifle Range after a stop for coffee in Adair. But the fog rolled in and I got cold so I headed up rd 540 to warm up. Continued past the pond and...

Philomath 2022-03-22 36 Grando

11 riders showed up for the first ride of Spring. And Spring it was with temps reaching the upper 60’s. Destination was Timber Towne where they were out of biscuits but the coffee was still good. 4 of us continued south to Airport and then out Keiger Island where we met Grandpa Verne. 

Around town 2022-03-15 22 Soma Saga

Sun showers today. Very spring like. 

Peoria Park 2022-03-12 32 Grando

Bright sunshine to start, stormy rain threatening at the finish. 

Imagine 2022-03-08 27 Soma Saga

Plus a couple of other errands. Colder and cloudy today but no rain. 

Valsetz 2022-03-06 38 Ravn

17 people showed up on what turned into a sunny day. Great ride. 

Albany 2022-03-05 41 Grando

Nice day. I was pretty charged. I think I'm feeling stronger after doing Dimple Hill on Thursday.

Dimple Hill 2022-03-03 21 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek, down Oak Creek. Some sun, some rain. I seemed to have no difficulty on the climb even though I haven't been doing much climbing this year.

Imagine 2022-03-01 14 Soma Saga

Warm rain

Muddy Creek School 2022-02-26 32 Grando

Forecast was for rain at 1:00. It started at 11:00. Not heavy, but cold. 

Around Town 2022-02-25 15 Soma Saga

Sunny but warming. Actually just over 40 but the sun was really warm. 

Town 2022-02-22 15 Soma Saga

Cold and sunny with a very cold wind. Coffee at Susan’s. 

Thomson Mill 2022-02-19 43 Grando

Fog lifted but still cold. Wind from all 4 directions. 

Town 2022-02-15 20 Soma Saga

Cold and grey again but dry. 

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 2022-02-13 21 Ravn

Sunny for most of the ride as the clouds slowly rolled in. Roads in great shape. 

Albany 2022-02-12 42 Grando

Via Seven Mile and Periwinkle Creek. Gorgeous warm sunny day. Good turnout. 

Around town 2022-02-08 34 Grando

Plus escorting Afghan refugees home from work Sunday night. 
Foggy to start, sun came out later. 

Peoria 2022-02-05 38 Grando

A little wind and humidity made mid 40s feel like mid 30s. Still better than rain. 

Philomath 2022-02-03 24 Grando

Sunny warm afternoon. 

Around town 2022-02-01 19 Grando

Another cold morning.

South Polk Gravel Loop 2022-01-30 17 Ravn

Bike Indy event. We did shorter loop. Stapleton Highland Haley Parker Old Fort Helmick Parker Highland Stapleton and back. 

Bellfountain to Decker 2022-01-29 37 Grando

Back via Fern. Sunny. Cold to start but warmed up nicely. Gorgeous day. 

Imagine 2022-01-25 14 Soma Saga

Cold cold fog then cold sun. 

Albany 2022-01-22 36 Grando

Cold but dry. Sun broke through at the end. 

Around town 2022-01-18 20 Soma Saga

Warmer and dry but still gray. Wondered around a lot. 

Finley Wildlife Refuge 2022-01-16 16 Ravn

Nice turnout on a cold foggy day. Saw a lot of Tundra Swans. 

Decker road 2022-01-15 36 Grando

But not over the ridge. Cold and gray, but no rain. 

South Town 2022-01-12 22 Soma Saga

Nice day. Took the Saga shopping. 

Simpson Road 2022-01-09 16 Ravn

Half the group came back Airlie while the others went over Fishback. Beautiful sunny day. Great mountain views.

Thompson Mills 2022-01-08 41 Grando

20+ riders on a sunny winter day. Very nice ride.

Town 2022-01-04 14 Ravn


Around town 2022-01-02 16 Ravn

Warmer but big wind coming. 

Albany 2022-01-01 32 Grando

Great New Year's Day ride with the club. Cold but dry and no ice. 

Town 2021-12-28 11 Ravn

Two days after 9" of snow streets are clear and wet. 

Around town 2021-12-21 20 Soma Saga

It stopped raining! But the flood waters are rising. 

Philomath 2021-12-16 20 Ravn

Not as cold. Dry at first but then drizzle. 

Town 2021-12-14 14 Ravn

Late start due to frosty roads. 

Philomath 2021-12-10 26 Grando

First south town. Strong south wind will be worse tomorrow. 

Imagine 2021-12-07 15 Soma Saga

Dark but warmer and dry. Then got sunny. 

Smith Loop 2021-12-04 36 Grando

Colder and dark clouds but the rain held off. 

Philomath 2021-12-03 30 Grando

Extra loops around Bald Hill, Philomath, and Avery Park. Sunny and cooler. 

Philomath 2021-12-01 22 Soma Saga

65 and sunny on Dec 1? I'll take it. No wind either. 

Imagine 2021-11-30 15 Ravn

Warm and not raining. 

Philomath 2021-11-28 26 Ravn

Warm and windy and sunny.

Imagine 2021-11-23 15 Soma Saga

Rain on the way, no rain on the return. 

Hiatt Bakery 2021-11-20 34 Ravn

Cold and foggy to start turned sunny and not so cold by the time we got to Philomath. I skipped Decker. 

Philomath 2021-11-17 24 Grando

Clear cold day. Rain coming tomorrow. Coffeenuring ride #8

South town 2021-11-16 16 Grando

Cold but sunny and dry. 

Evergreen gravel loop 2021-11-14 18 Ravn

Warm and dry. Roads were muddy but my Humptulip knobby tires did great. 

Philomath 2021-11-11 20 Grando

Rain held off and it was really warm. 

Around town 2021-11-08 14 Soma Saga

Cold and foggy start. Sun came out a bit. 

Around town 2021-11-02 12 Soma Saga

Foggy to start, then just grey but no rain. Went to Coffee Culture. 

Around town 2021-11-01 15 Soma Saga

Coffeenuring ride #5.  A bit of drizzle. 

BLM 10 2021-10-31 24 Ravn

Spectacular ride. 

Cemetery ride 2021-10-30 40 Grando

Halloween ride out to Pleasant Valley cemetery, back over Decker, and to a few others on Bellfountain. 
Very nice day. 

Town 2021-10-27 12 Soma Saga

Fall colors are dazzling. Big wind blew a lot down, but the wind has stopped now. 

Hiatt Bakery 2021-10-23 31 Grando

A little rain, a little wind, a lot of really nice fall colors. 

Around town 2021-10-22 15 Ravn

Put on my rain gear and headed out. Rain stopped. Pretty nice day. 

Willamette Park 2021-10-21 14 Ravn

Beat the rain. Coffeenuring #2

Philomath 2021-10-19 21 Soma Saga

Cold and foggy to start. Lifted when we got out of Imagine so we went to Philomath. Got pretty nice. 
coffeenuring #1

Town 2021-10-18 15 Soma Saga

Flat day. It happens. 

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 2021-10-17 20 Ravn

Sunday gravel ride. Forecast said rain was coming but it didn't. Gorgeous fall day. Colors were very bright. 

Albany 2021-10-16 41 Grando

The long way, over Springhill. Back on Riverside. 
Gorgeous fall day. Almost 70. 

Around town 2021-10-15 23 Soma Saga

After some rainy days and a foggy morning, the sun came out and it was lovely. 

Salmonberry to Alsea Falls 2021-10-10 16 Ravn

CRGA day 4 makeup. I drove SAG from Alsea Falls home. Some rain on top but mostly nice. Missed a turn and did a lot of extra climbing. Glad I was driving. 

Yachats to Salmonberry 2021-10-09 31 Ravn

CRGA day 3 makeup ride. Cool and damp but no rain. 

Philomath 2021-10-07 20 Soma Saga

Another sunny day. Got some new shoe covers at Stage Stop. 

Imagine 2021-10-05 15 Grando

Rain, but not much. And warm enough. 

Hop Head Hundred 2021-10-03 48 Grando

Cut it short at 48 as the signed me up to play for the after ride party

Fern Road 2021-10-02 30 Grando

Out and back. Lovely early fall day. 

Around town 2021-09-29 21 Grando

Some coffee, some errands, some lunch. 

Albany 2021-09-28 28 Grando

Back a day early from CRGA. Rain in the morning so rode in the afternoon. A little windy coming back. 

CRGA day 2 2021-09-26 39 Ravn

Lovely morning. Clouded over as we hit the coast. Wind got strong out of the south. Got to camp and setup before the rain. 

CRGA day 1 2021-09-25 33 Ravn

Beautiful day for a ride in the woods

Philomath 2021-09-24 22 Grando

Escorting CRGA riders out of town. 

Salmonberry Road - Hayden bridge 2021-09-22 26 Ravn

Wanted to scout this section befor the CRGA. All good. Then down to the covered bridge. 

South town 2021-09-21 17 Grando

Beautiful first autumn morning. 

Garden Ave - Willamette Park 2021-09-20 20 Ravn

Put on a new rear tire and had to go find some dirt. 

Albany 2021-09-11 42 Grando

Perfect riding weather. Cooler and the air is cleaner and little wind. 

Bald Hill path 2021-09-09 21 Grando

And around town.  

Decker 2021-09-08 44 Grando

Was heading out the valley but the air didn't look too good so I turned around and headed for the hills. 

Garden 2021-09-07 21 Soma Saga

Out to Southtown with the group, then to the garden. 

Mary’s Peak 2021-09-06 28 Ravn

Labor Day. Started before light on Woods Creek Road. 

Gopher Creek loop 2021-09-04 16 Ravn

Smoky in the valley. Beautiful in the Coast Range. 

Buena Vista 2021-09-02 42 Grando

Nice day but the air looks smoggy. 

Imagine 2021-08-31 15 Soma Saga

Tuesday ride. Cool and breezy. 

Philomath 2021-08-30 25 Soma Saga

Perfect morning for a ride. 

Around town 2021-08-29 21 Soma Saga

Several trips including PMOTPD 

Buena Vista 2021-08-28 40 Grando

Saturday Tenners ride. Nice tail wind coming back. 

Philomath 2021-08-24 18 Soma Saga

Tuesday ride. Went to Timber Towne

Harris Road 2021-08-22 16 Ravn

Plus some bushwhacking coming back. 

CBBT 40 mile route 2021-08-21 47 Grando

Volunteers and friends post event ride. 

Garden 2021-08-20 22 Soma Saga

And around town. 

Philomath 2021-08-18 33 Grando

Cooler and clearer air. 

Eckman Creek Road 2021-08-14 25 Ravn

Turned around 2 miles shy of Bloodgett road. It was steep and I had already pushed my knee further than I should have.

Hot and smoky in the valley, cold and foggy on the beach, perfect where I was.

Beachside SP 2021-08-11 22 Ravn

Back and forth from Bayshore. Camped one night. Escaping the valley heat. 

South Town 2021-08-10 22 Soma Saga

Injured my knee on the beach. First ride. Not 100%

Bayview 2021-08-03 12 Ravn

Nice ride out Bayview Loop

Sauerkraut 2021-08-01 30 Grando

Had to "lead" the club gravel ride, but I rode by myself. Over Sauerkraut and down, and then back over from the other side. 

Around town 2021-07-31 15 Grando

Started with the Tenners but went my own way. Club BBQ this afternoon. 

Imagine 2021-07-27 20 Grando

Back in town for the Tuesday ride. Nice morning. 

Around Seattle 2021-07-21 22 Ravn

Met Al Hirsh downtown for lunch and then rode around the canal trail to Free Range Cycles in Fremont. Then the BG trail to the Montlake Bridge and wound my way back. 

Snoqualmie Valley Trail 2021-07-19 38 Ravn

Returning from Loop Tour I camped at Lake Easton SP and this morning parked at the trailhead in Snoqualmie and rode the trail until it was closed 2 miles  short of Duvall. 
Gorgeous trail and really nice day to do it. Virtually flat and smooth packed dirt. Nice green forest to ride...

Freeman to Spokane Valley 2021-07-18 15 Ravn

End of Loop Tour

Potlach to Freeman 2021-07-17 63 Ravn

The Palouse up close. Very nice. The longest day. 

St. Maries to Potlach 2021-07-16 52 Ravn

2 big climbs. Lots of trucks. 

Telichpah to St. Maries 2021-07-15 54 Ravn

Down the St. Joe river on gravel and asphalt. 

Wallace to Telichpah CG 2021-07-14 53 Ravn

Great ride on the NorPac trail. One of the best. The Hiawatha was very crowded. 

Bell Bay to Wallace 2021-07-12 60 Ravn


Beauty Creek to Bell Bay 2021-07-11 25 Ravn

Lots of climbing. Hot. 

Spokane to Beauty Creek 2021-07-10 42 Ravn

Hot and smoky. Centennial Trail was great. 

Alsea Falls Alsea 2021-07-07 62 Grando

Warm up ride for Loop Tour. Unfortunately I won't be recovered from this ride by Saturday. 
Cool cloudy morning. Cleared and warmed on the way home. 

Imagine 2021-07-06 15 Ravn

Rode the Ravn fully loaded for loop Tour. Handles great. 

Mary’s Peak 2021-07-04 28 Ravn

Annual 4th of July ride. I got an early start and was done well before it got hot. 

Thompson Mills 2021-07-03 40 Grando

Nice day. Great ride. 

Around town 2021-07-02 26 Ravn

Getting ready for tour. 

Yachats 2021-06-26 23 Ravn

From Bayshore. 100 in the valley. 65 on the coast. Very little wind. Gorgeous day. 

Decker 2021-06-25 41 Grando

Got out at 7:30. Getting hot. 
Over Decker then back over Ervin. 

Buena Vista 2021-06-24 41 Grando

Back on De Armond / Rifle Range 

Missed a week while back east for a wedding. 

Getting very hot starting tomorrow  


Imagine 2021-06-15 18 Grando

Cooler with a few sprinkles. 

Philomath 2021-06-14 22 Soma Saga

Mostly around town. Legs felt like lead. 

Lebanon 2021-06-12 57 Grando

Via Thompson Mills. Fast pace out. Solo back at easier pace. Nice day.

I have lost endurance. This was a hard ride for me. Should have been easy. 

Beaver Creek 2021-06-09 20 Grando

From Bayshore. Out South Beaver Creek back on 101. Then a loop of Bayshore. Gorgeous day. 

Philomath 2021-06-08 18 Grando

Got caught in a soaker. 

Decker Road 2021-06-07 37 Grando

Over Ervin. Had a flat. Spare tube no good. Patched the first one but it leaked. Made it halfway up Decker and had to pump it up. Went back down and took 34 stopping to pump every 10 minutes. Finally found a good spot to sit down and patch it again, which worked.

Cool and almost rain...

Town 2021-06-05 16 Grando

No big ride today. Cool and very windy. 

Albany 2021-06-03 32 Grando

Got out early enough that it was pleasant until just as I was getting home. Still not too hot. 

Philomath 2021-06-02 32 Grando

Into town on 20. Through Southtown to Airport to Fern to Philomath. 
Not as hot as yesterday   

Town and garden 2021-06-01 16 Grando

Getting hot and it's only June 1

Town 2021-05-25 21 Soma Saga

Sort ride, still nursing back pain

Town 2021-05-23 12 Soma Saga

4 days off the bike due to severe back pain. Super easy pedaling today but still not good. 

Around town 2021-05-17 21 Soma Saga

Didn't really ride with the group as I had some stops to make, but met them at Imagine. 

Wren2Wren 2021-05-16 37 Ravn

Nice day. A little hot. This ride is too hard for me. 

Jefferson 2021-05-15 57 Grando

Perfect day. Lots of riders. A little hot at the end. 

Around town 2021-05-12 20 Soma Saga

Getting warmer. 

Southtown 2021-05-11 21 Grando

Sunny and warm but a bit breezy. Nice recovery ride. It's looking like May needs to be a recovery month. 

Harlan - Elk City 2021-05-09 44 Ravn

Out and back. Cool and cloudy which was just right. Road is in good shape. 

Albany 2021-05-08 42 Grando

Out Tangent to Seven Mile, 3 Lakes, and Periwinkle trail. Albany antique bike show. 
Back on Riverside. 
Cool day but no rain and little wind. 

Philomath 2021-05-04 22 Grando

Nice day. Good turnout for the Tuesday ride. 

Philomath - Airport 2021-05-03 30 Grando

Warming up again. Nice and cloudy though. 

Alsea Falls gravel loop 2021-05-02 25 Ravn

Superb route up Dawson road and down Green Peak road. Cool drizzly day. 

Yachats River Valley 2021-04-30 26 Grando

Perfect day for it. Upper 50's at the beach. Probably close to 70 up the valley. Started in Yachats. Out to the end, then Keller Creek, then North Fork. 

Bayview - Drift Creek 2021-04-29 23 Grando

Bayview - Bayview Loop - Bayview - May drive. One mile to the end, but didn't want to go down the hill and back up again. High above Drift Creek. 
Nice day on the coast. Mid 50's, light wind. 

Albany 2021-04-27 41 Grando

First into town. Then Riverside to Albany. Scenic to Springhill. Out to the turtle pond near the Lukiamute. 
Warmer with little wind. 

Philomath 2021-04-26 24 Grando

Slow recovery ride. Cool cloudy day. 

Wren2Wren 2021-04-25 37 Ravn

Cool but the rain held off. Roads in great shape. 

Sauerkraut 2021-04-23 23 Ravn

From Helmick Park. Simpson, Sauerkraut, Airlie, Berry Creek, Tampico, Wiles, Rifle Range, De Armond, Airlie, Helmick.   

Philomath 2021-04-23 14 Grando

Test ride after new drivetrain. Rides great. 

Peoria Park 2021-04-22 45 Soma Saga

Plus some meandering on farm roads. Started into a 6 mph ssw wind. Shortly after starting back in shifted to a 15 mph wnw wind and beat the shit out of me. 

Philomath 2021-04-21 26 Soma Saga

And south to Airport and back to town. 
warm day and I was dressed too hot. 

Yachats 2021-04-19 23 Ravn

From Bayshore. After a hot week in the valley it feels pretty cold over here. Not much wind though. 

Sauerkraut plus 2021-04-18 41 Ravn

Second week of MVBC Sunday gravel rides but Nelson and I went longer adding Old Fort, Parker, Haley, and Oak Hill. Oak Hill was especially nice. 
Another hot day. 

Mennonite bakery 2021-04-17 51 Soma Saga

Great to be riding with my friends again. It got quite hot today. 82. Thankfully the wind was gentle. 

Mac Forest - Soap Creek 2021-04-16 52 Ravn

Up Oak Creek to Dimple Hill. Out 600 across Lewisburg Saddle. Out 500 to 580 to Soap Creek. Around Coffin Butte to Adair. Independence to hwy. 20 back to town. Around Crystal lake park. West to 35th and then home. 

Meander 2021-04-15 24 Ravn

Still strong north wind. Went out Peoria road and wandered around a bit. 

North then south 2021-04-14 60 Ravn

Three days of a strong north wind. Out Crescent Valley, Mountain View and Overlook. Back on Independence and Pettibone. Then out 53rd to Airport, Fern, and back through Philomath. Then another loop through town. 
Got up to 70 today. 

Around town 2021-04-13 23 Grando

Tuesday old guys. Very windy. 

Berry Creek 2021-04-12 52 Grando

Headed out into an increasing headwind. Zigged west to avoid it. It mostly worked and we avoid a direct headwind over Berry Creek and back Airlie and Suver. Into the wind again to the Buena Vista turn off. Nice tailwind home, except for a little crosswind. 

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 2021-04-11 33 Ravn

First MVBC Sunday gravel ride. Good turnout. Sunny and cool with a stiff north wind. 

Cardwell Hill 2021-04-10 20 Ravn

Out and back, or up and down to the top. Walked a bit. 

Almost to Albany 2021-04-06 35 Grando

Met up with the Tuesday group and rode to Imagine. They sat inside and I sat outside. Then 3 of us rode out Riverside.

Another incredible warm day. 

Independence 2021-04-05 73 Grando

Birthday ride. Ferry then past Independence to Roger's road. Back through Monmouth. Needed a loop around town to get the miles. 

Evergreen Loop 2021-04-04 16 Ravn

Started in Philomath. 

Muddy Creek Meander 2021-04-03 41 Grando

A slow ramble out Peoria Road and round about. 

Dimple Hill 2021-04-02 30 Ravn

Plus a spin around down. Nice day. Not as hot as yesterday. 

Philomath 2021-04-01 21 Soma Saga

Met up with John R. Hit 72 degrees. 

Sauerkraut Loop 2021-03-31 52 Ravn

First day getting down to bare legs and arms. Started out cool but got up to mid 60s.  Had the wind at my back on the way home too. 
Needed 42 miles to get 700 for the month. Got 52. 

CBBT short route 2021-03-30 46 Grando

I needed to be in Albany in the morning so I brought my bike and rode the 44 mile version of the CBBT. Beautiful day but headwinds in three directions. 

Albany 2021-03-29 40 Ravn

Dodging showers not so well. 

Beaver Creek 2021-03-27 37 Ravn

Out Peterson. 
Sunny near 60. 
48 hours post second Covid shot. 

Thompson Mill 2021-03-23 50 Ravn

Very nice day, with a north wind. 

Philomath 2021-03-22 22 Ravn

Some rain, lots of wind. Ducked out of the worst rain behind the church on Harrison at Circle but then got it going into Philomath. Waited it out at the shelter in the park and then no more rain on the way home. 

Albany plus 2021-03-21 46 Ravn

First day of spring was gray and cool and windy with a little rain. In to town for coffee. Was thinking of heading to Thompson's Mill but the south wind blew me to Albany instead. Then a bit of a meander. Gibson hill to Oak Grove to Palestine to Independence to Camp Adair to 99w to Robison to...

Airport Road 2021-03-20 26 Ravn

Out 53rd to Bellfountain. Strong west wind forced me left on Airport. A little rain at the start but it stopped before I got out of town  


Town 2021-03-19 15 Soma Saga

It stopped raining so I went to the store and then meandered for a bit. 

Buena Vista 2021-03-17 40 Grando

Waited until afternoon for it to warm up, which it did nicely. High 50s and sunny with little wind. Ran into Craig Lalley at BV park. 

Philomath 2021-03-16 27 Ravn

Out 53rd and Bellfountain to Airport and Fern. Nice day. 

Peterson Road 2021-03-15 35 Ravn

Out Fern Airport Peterson to Decker. Back Bellfountain. 

Brownsville 2021-03-13 61 Grando

Met up with Rick on the way through town and he joined me. Spectacular spring day. Very light headwind going out which picked up to a nice tailwind coming back. 

South Town 2021-03-12 24 Grando

Slow meander recovery ride. Beautiful day. 

Evergreen Loop 2021-03-11 36 Ravn

Through Philomath to Fern. Right on Evergreen. Up the hill. Right on Greasy Creek, down the hill. Left on 34, left on Decker, left on Erwin. Up the hill and down the hill. Left on Peterson, right on Airport, left on Fern.

Gorgeous day.


North Loop Meander 2021-03-09 43 Ravn

Out over Mountain View and Overlook, Arboretum. Around Calloway Creek, Ryals. 99 to Robison. Then Military Road, Wiles, De Armond and Rifle Range. Then trough old Adair and back out Ryals to Independence and back on Pettibone. 

Kieger Island 2021-03-08 25 Ravn

Third day in a row I got rained on. Big squall. Fortunately most of the wind was at my back. And then it stopped and I got dry. 

Albany 2021-03-07 32 Ravn

Got caught in the rain again. Two days in a row. 

Philomath 2021-03-06 22 Ravn

Got rained on most of the way into Philomath and part way back. Then the sun came out and I sat at the river front and dried out. 
Taking it easy. Took a day of before and after COVID shot. Still not fully recovered from last Sunday's 50 mile ride. 

Llewelyn 2021-03-02 31 Ravn

Gorgeous teaser spring day. Almost 60 degrees. 

Sauerkraut Loop 2021-02-28 50 Ravn

Glorious day. 

South Loop 2021-02-27 34 Grando

Bellfountain Decker Peterson Fern

Dark and grey, but dry. West wind. 

Philomath 2021-02-26 22 Ravn

Typical rain dance. Rain gear on the sun comes out. Rain gear off it starts raining. 

Albany 2021-02-24 40 Ravn

First to bike shop for Mike to help me with a loose headset. Then Riverside to Albany. Back Gibson Hill etc. then a loop around town as it was too nice to just go home. 
Sunny and high 40s. Little wind. Very nice. 

Lewisburg and around town 2021-02-23 27 Grando

Some rain, lots of wind. Went over 1,000 miles for the year. 

Philomath 2021-02-22 20 Soma Saga

Dressed for rain. Headed into town for coffee. Rain gel off so I rode to Philomath. 

Independence- Monmouth 2021-02-20 55 Grando

Some rain, some sun. Set out early (10:00 AM!) to get in a longer ride. Got caught in a shower right away and wished I taken along more rain gear, but the showers passed quickly and I never got cold. Wind was out of the west to start. When I got to Independence it was out of the north, but by...

Philomath 2021-02-19 31 Ravn

Weather app said the rain was done, but when I headed out I could see ominous dark clouds. Went back to get my rain pants. I had to sprint to the coop just as the rain was starting. Went into the garden store for a coffee just as it really started coming down. Sat in the greenhouse putting on...

Thompson Mills 2021-02-17 43 Grando

Out Peoria - Fayetteville. Back Driver. No gravel. Some sunshine. Not much wind. 

Lewisburg then around town 2021-02-16 24 Ravn

Rain then wind then sun. 

Philomath 2021-02-13 20 Ravn

Got out during a break in the rain and made it to within a mile of home before it started again. 

Southwest Loop 2021-02-10 31 Ravn

Out 53rd to Bellfountain, Airport to Fern. Back through Philomath. 
Sunny to start but clouded over. Rain and snow starting tomorrow. 

Buena Vista 2021-02-09 36 Ravn

Cold sunny day. Rode out into a mild wind which picked up on the way back. Took the direct route, not the hills. 

Philomath 2021-02-08 26 Ravn

Cold but I seem to be handling it. Less wind today. Extra loop to do the gravel on 53rd. 

Decker Road 2021-02-07 41 Grando

Sun came out but the wind was cold. First time over Decker in 3 months. 

Airport Road/Philomath 2021-02-05 32 Soma Saga

Got rained on. Mostly mist and drizzle. Not cold. 

North Hills 2021-02-04 38 Ravn

Mountain View Overlook Berry Creek De Armond 

Philomath 2021-02-03 21 Ravn

I need some new routs. Almost sunny but a little colder. 

Philomath 2021-02-02 31 Ravn

After 3 days of rain it was good to get out. It was threatening drizzle for a while, and there was a stiff south wind, but eventually the sun broke through.
Ran into the Tuesday group in Philomath but didn't ride with them. 
Did an extra loop over Witham Hill to get the miles. ...

Town shopping 2021-01-29 16 Soma Saga

A short loop around town and to the co-op for groceries. 

Thompson Mill 2021-01-28 41 Ravn

Snow is gone. No rain. A little wind. Motivated to break 500 miles for the month. 

Town 2021-01-27 12 Ravn

Slush on the road from yesterday's snow. Too cold for a longer ride. 

Kieger Island 2021-01-25 22 Ravn

A little rain. 

Sauerkraut Buena Vista 2021-01-23 47 Ravn

Sunny and cold. Berry Creek - Airlie - Sauerkraut - Simpson - Helmick - Old Fort - Parker - Corvallis Rd - Prather - Buena Vista - Independence - Pettibone - home. Stops on top of Sauerkraut, Helmick Park, and BV Park. 

Dimple Hill 2021-01-22 21 Ravn

Wasn't really planning on it but just kept going. Got too hot on the way up and too cold on the way down. 

Philomath 2021-01-20 20 Grando

Cold foggy morning but the sun was peaking through by the time I got out. Still cold though. 

Decker Peterson 2021-01-19 33 Ravn

Another sunny day! Cold to start but warmed up nicely. Out 53rd and Bellfountain to Decker. Back Peterson to Airport and Fern. 

Albany 2021-01-18 36 Ravn

Low clouds persisted and the ride out was into a cold wind. Then the sun broke through and the ride back was in the sunshine with the wind mostly at my back. 

Old Adair 2021-01-17 8 Ravn

Nice afternoon. We went on both sides. 

Almost to Philomath 2021-01-16 25 Ravn

Meander through town then out 53rd to Bellfountain and back Plymouth. 

Cloudy and cooler but dry and not cold. 

Philomath 2021-01-14 21 Grando

More sunshine 

South Polk Gravel Roads 2021-01-13 50 Ravn

After a big wind and rain storm last night today was gorgeous. Sunny and 50° with no wind. Out past Buena Vista and over Davidson, Haley, and Parker to Old Fort and Helmick Park. The park was completley underwater as the Luckiamute was flooding big time. Back Airlie, De Armond, Rifle Range and...

Meander south 2021-01-10 31 Ravn

Peoria Road. Harvest. Oakview. 

Foggy morning, but then the sun peeked through just as I headed out. The clouds quickly covered it up though, but it was not cold and there was only a slight wind.

Airport Road 2021-01-08 32 Ravn

Another warm dry day. West on Airport up and up. 

Not up and over though. I have yet to make the loop either up Evergreen and down Airport, or up either and down Greasy Creek to hwy 34. Someday soon.

Adair 2021-01-07 28 Ravn

Had plans for a longer ride but it soon became obvious I had not fully recovered from Sunday’s ride. 

Really nice day. No wind, no rain. Sunny in the afternoon 50 degrees. 

Philomath 2021-01-05 21 Ravn

Short break in the rain enough for a recovery ride. 

Bellfountain 2021-01-03 64 Ravn

Start the year off right with a long ride. Early start. Sunrise in Philomath with lots of misty wispy low clouds. Out Fern Road to Decker. First stop a Muddy Creek School where I sat in the sun! On to Bellfountain and back for my second sunny stop at Muddy Creek School. Then Greenberry - Smith...

Philomath 2020-12-31 30 Ravn

Chance meetup with friends at Philomath. Good way to end the year. 

Ervin Road 2020-12-28 36 Ravn

Another cold sunny day with little wind. Lots of frost on the roads today. 

De Armond Road 2020-12-27 40 Ravn

Gorgeous sunny day. Cold to start but warmed up nicely. North wind didn’t materialize until I was ready to turn back south. 

New tires were perfect for a mostly pavement and some gravel ride. 

Airport Road 2020-12-26 30 Soma Saga

Clockwise. Hwy 20 into town. Out Airport and back through Philomath. Upper 40’s with a little light drizzle. 

Philomath 2020-12-23 20 Grando

Cold but lots of sun. 

Meander North 2020-12-22 28 Ravn

Colder than it has been but mostly dry. I had no umpf. Second ride on new tires.

Kendall Loop 2020-12-21 31 Ravn

First ride on new Humptulip Ridge tires. I wanted to do a mostly paved route with some gravel. Especially since I put the fenders on. Not a good day for testing as I had a 20 mph headwind. It does seem like these tires are good on the road and excellent on gravel. More riding is needed. 

North gravel loop 2020-12-19 35 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek to Lewisburg Saddle. When up the steep road. Big mistake. I had to get off and push. 

Out Soap Creek to Wiles - Robison - Rifle Range. Then back through the old Adair base/ wildlife refuge. Back out to Independence Hwy and back on Pettibone. 

Got an early...

Philomath 2020-12-18 22 Grando

Slightly different route than yesterday. Out over Circle to Harrison and the West Hills to 9th. Rain clouds crashed me home but didn’t catch me. 

Philomath 2020-12-17 21 Grando

The rain let up long enough for a short ride. 

Albany 2020-12-12 31 Grando

After 2 days of rain today was dry and cold. Not much wind though so good riding. 

Got a flat but had a good spot in Monteith Park to fix it. 

Philomath 2020-12-09 25 Soma Saga

I had to be in town at 9 on club business. For the past week and a half it has been foggy and cold in the morning and warmer and sunny in the afternoon. I’ve been waiting until noon to ride. Today it was sunny in the morning! 

Lewisburg Saddle 2020-12-09 14 Ravn

Up and down the gravel. 

Buena Vista 2020-12-08 37 Soma Saga

Another not raining, not cold, partly sunny afternoon! Spectacular mountain views. 

Kieger Island 2020-12-06 21 Soma Saga

Another afternoon!

Philomath + Valley Loop 2020-12-05 44 Soma Saga

When I left at 11 there was still fog in the valley so I headed west. When I got to Philomath there were clouds moving in from the coast, so I headed east. The clouds caught me just past Peoria road. Did a loop out to Brattain and back Oakville. 

Pretty darn cold today. 

Albany 2020-12-04 31 Soma Saga

Another sunny afternoon!

Philomath 2020-12-03 24 Soma Saga

Another sunny afternoon. Very nice. 

Loop South 2020-12-02 30 Soma Saga

Philomath - Fern Road - Llewellyn - Bellfountain - Airport - 99W - 20 - Conifer

Waited until after noon for the fog to lift. Nice and sunny once it did.

Peoria Road - Stallbush - White Oak - Garden 2020-11-30 24 Soma Saga

Was headed to Philomath but dark rain clouds that way and sunshine in the valley. Mostly stayed in the sun except for a 10 minute shower coming back through town. Then more sun!

Town 2020-11-29 15 Soma Saga

Short ride in the cold to break 300 for the month. 

Buena Vista 2020-11-28 38 Soma Saga

Cold but dry and not foggy like yesterday. The sun even started peaking through right before it went behind the trees. 

Philomath 2020-11-26 28 Soma Saga

No rain. 50 degrees. Best you can hope for on Thanksgiving. 

Oak Creek 2020-11-23 25 Ravn

Just up to where the road to McColough Peak turns off. Then up 620 to where it crosses the creek. Then meander through town. 

Thompson Mill 2020-11-21 40 Grando

Cold gray day but no rain or wind. 

Philomath 2020-11-16 23 Ravn

Break in the weather so off I went 

Sauerkraut Road 2020-11-11 44 Ravn

Pretty nice day so I had to get out forecast is for a week of rain. 

Everything got super muddy on Simpson Road. 

Garden 2020-11-10 12 Soma Saga

First stop at tax office. Then Garden. 

Was raining all morning but it stopped when I went out. I dressed way too warm. 

Garden Ave. 2020-11-08 12 Ravn

Got out for a ride to the river on what was probably the last sunny afternoon for a while.

Decker Road 2020-11-07 42 Grando

A little rain, a little sun, a little cold. First club ride since May. 

Town Garden 2020-11-04 14 Soma Saga

Dentist appointment. Coffee at Kings street CC. The meander to the garden. Dark, windy, and warm. No rain. 

Town 2020-11-02 10 Soma Saga

Maybe the last sunny afternoon for a while. Had to get out. On Saturday's Halloween ride I stopped and looked at the names at the Jewish Cemetery in Albany. I then learned that one of the prominent residents...

Jefferson 2020-10-31 52 Grando

Fantastic ride. Beautiful day. Halloween day. I needed 52 miles to get 500 for the month and got it exactly.

The bike club always stops at cemeteries on Halloween. I passed a few on Riverside and then again in Albany. Then I couldn't resist stopping at the historic Jewish Cemetery in...

Ankeny - Home 2020-10-28 28 Grando

Drove up with family, rode back. Another gorgeous day. Took Airlie and Berry Creek. 

Buena Vista 2020-10-26 34 Grando

Gorgeous sunny late autumn day. About 50 degrees, little wind.

South 53rd street 2020-10-25 20 Grando

Turned around at the gravel. First winter ride. Although it had warmed up to 50 by the time I got out, there was a strong cold north wind. 

Alsea 2020-10-23 44 Ravn

Cold morning in Waldport, 44 when I left at 9:30. Warmed up a bit but stayed nice and cool all day. Stoped at Blackberry and made some hot tea out of the cold bottled tea I got on the way out. Stopped again at Salmonberry. Rain was starting when I got to Alsea where I waited for Linda to pick...

Waldport 2020-10-22 11 Ravn

Around town and around Bayshore. Sunny with a cold north wind. Very warm out of the wind. 

Bayshore 2020-10-21 58 Ravn

Harlan Road to Elk City. A little rain in Toledo. A little wind and a little rain on Yaquina Bay Road. Sunny with a tailwind on the coast. 

Big Elk Campground 2020-10-20 34 Ravn

Over the mountains and through the woods. Left at 10:30 arrived at 3:30. 

Town 2020-10-19 10 Soma Saga

Ride into town to drop off ballots. Then coffee by the river. 

Albany 2020-10-17 30 Grando

Another gorgeous fall day. Waited until about noon to start. Warmed up nicely. 

Philomath 2020-10-16 20 Grando

Too nice a day not to ride. 

Independence 2020-10-15 51 Grando

Nice day but stiff north wind made it tough. 

Philomath 2020-10-10 30 Grando

Coffeeneuring #1

Waited for the rain to stop. Still got a few sprinkles. 

Town - Garden 2020-10-09 20 Soma Saga

Loaded up with the last of the green tomatoes.

Waldport - CRGA20 - Day 2 2020-10-03 38 Ravn

Over the top and down the creek.

Harlan - CRGA20 - Day 1 2020-10-02 20 Ravn

I just rode to the top of Woods Creek and then drove the SAG.

Town Garden Town Garden 2020-09-30 33 Soma Saga

Monthly milage on the Saga. Moslty around town and to the garden,

This month started well. I felt strong on the Labor Day ride up Mary's Peak. Then 2 weeks of no riding due to smoke really set me back. CRGA is in 2 days I don't feel very strong at all.

Dimple Hill 2020-09-29 21 Ravn

Getting some hills in before the CRGA Friday.

Llewellen Road 2020-09-20 30 Grando

Beautiful first ride of fall and 5781. First ride since Mary's Peak two weeks ago. Historic forest fires had the valley smoked in for 10 days. Couldn't even go outside. AQI was in the hazardous range. Then came some rain, including a deluge thunder storm, and now the air is fresh and clean....

Mary’s Peak 2020-09-07 37 Ravn

Labor Day club event. Hot day so early stat in Philomath. 

I felt much stronger than on the July 4th edition. 

Independence - Monmouth 2020-09-05 50 Ravn

Straight road rode by the easiest route. Out through Buena Vista, back through Helmick and 99.

Cooler day but very nice.

Adair 2020-09-03 22 Ravn

Full moon night ride. 

Alsea Falls - Alsea 2020-08-30 72 Grando

Another great ride. 

Decker Dirt 2020-08-28 44 Ravn

Out and up Decker via Peterson, then up the horse trail. Took the second right hoping to get back to Decker but instead climbed for a couple more miles. Eventually found my way down to Botkin and hwy 34. 

Grant Creek, Hilltop, and Crystal Creek 2020-08-26 30 Ravn

Well the fellow I talked to was right. Just past his place the road is very overgrown. Doesn't look like a vehicle has gobe up there in years. Not so much nettles though but everything else. I was able to dodge most of it going from right to left, and sometimes riding the middle which was soft...

Feagles Creek 2020-08-25 23 Ravn

The fellow I talked to the night before on Grant Creek said Feagles Creek would be in better shape. He was right. It appears to be a main logging route. I was passed by one empty truck going up. I just went a few miles up to where it was getting pretty steep and turned around.

I then...

Grant Creek at night 2020-08-24 8 Ravn

Plus a couple of miles in town before I left. Drove out to Big Elk CG. Set up my tent, had dinner, and went for a ride at dusk. Grant Creek is lovely. I saw where the west section of the C2C starts. I went as far as the last house, which is only 2 miles up, where I talked to a guy who said the...

Loop South 2020-08-23 42 Ravn

Philomath- Old Peak to the gravel - Gelatly - Decker - Ervin - Airport - Fern 

Long loop north 2020-08-20 84 Grando

Got out early. Got back late. 

Over Lewisburg Saddle out Soap Creek - Tampico - Berry Creek - Airlie and over Maxfield Creek. Got to the Kings Valley store at 10:00, but it doesn’t open until 11:00. 

Stopped for a snack at the covered bridge then kept going all the way to...

Garden 2020-08-17 12 Soma Saga

Water the garden. 

Yachats River Valley 2020-08-15 50 Ravn

From Waldport. Up Keller Creek and the North Fork. 

Big day in the valley as they were having a farm tour. I did stop and talked to some people. It got a uite hot probably 99. 75 at the beach. 


Coast Ramble 2020-08-14 33 Ravn

Escaping the heat. 

Garden - shopping 2020-08-09 20 Soma Saga

Equal time for the Saga. Not really but it’s still the one to ride if I need to carry stuff. 

Philomath 2020-08-07 36 Ravn

I started to go over Cardwell Hill, but it was to much for me. Just didn’t have it in me this morning. So Philomath and then some meandering on both sides of the river. 

Short loop north 2020-08-03 20 Ravn

Full moon night ride. Very nice. Started going up Jackson Creek but the new light does not put out much at low speeds. Need to hook it up to a battery. 

So Mountain View Overlook Arboretum Ryals Independence Hwy 20 Granger 99 and a loop through some neighborhoods. 

Garden 2020-08-02 13 Ravn

Pretty much riding the Ravn for everything now. Year of the Ravn I guess. 

Decker Starker Forest loop 2020-08-01 19 Ravn

Started at the top of Decker. Took horse trails and logging roads up up up and eventually came down Beaver Creek. 

Nelson is riding his new Jones Bike.

Dimple Hill 2020-07-30 20 Ravn

Fourth ride up Dimple Hill this month. In previous years I only did it 3 or 4 times the whole year. 

Out early and up Oak Creek in the shade. Down Lewisburg road. 

Dimple Hill 2020-07-27 20 Ravn

Early morning beat the heat ride. It was lovely. Up Jackson Creek and down Oak Creek.


Lukiamute Loop 2020-07-25 66 Grando

This route could be a RUSA "perm pop" so it needs a name. I decided I'd better get the climbing in early as I never get it in at the end. Lewisburg Saddle - Soap Creek - Berry Creek - Airlie - Elkins. When I go to Helmick I had a decision. The strong north wind was tempting and I initially...

Short loop north 2020-07-23 14 Ravn

Woke up at 3 am. Went for a ride to try out my new Sinewave Beacon light. Very nice bright symmetrical beam. Not much output below 5mph. May need to use a battery when climbing in the woods at night. 

Peavy Arboretum 2020-07-21 10 Ravn

Short ride to meet Adinah and kids at the arboretum.

Independence 2020-07-17 60 Grando

Cool cloudy morning. Bad truck traffic forced me to take Oak Grove and Scenic. Really didn’t need the hills so early in the ride. Took the ferry and WVSB through Ankeny refuge. Long way around Independence and Monmouth. Was going to go out Airlie to Berry Creek but my legs were dead and there...

Dimple Hill 2020-07-16 20 Ravn

Up Oak Creek down 612 to Lewisburg road and some other hilly roads.

Days are hot now  Jackson Creek gets the morning sun. From the Oak Creek side it was nice and shady all the way up  


North hills loop 2020-07-15 30 Ravn

Mountain View - Overlook - Hood View. Then out to Independence road and a loop through EE Wilson Refuge. Back Pettibone. 

Lewisburg Saddle 2020-07-13 23 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek. Down Sulfur Springs and out to the 700 gate. Back Soap Creek, Tampico, and 99w. 

Garden 2020-07-12 12 Soma Saga

Afternoon ride to water the garden. Windy. 

Country Road 2020-07-11 32 Ravn

Still not recovered from riding Mary’s Peak last week. Easy meander through the ryegrass fields before they start combining and the air gets too dusty to ride. 

Beautiful warm morning. 

Jackson Creek 2020-07-10 10 Ravn

Still not recovered from last Saturday's ride up Mary's Peak. Legs hurt to start but then started feeling better.

Warmer today, but still not too hot.

Albany 2020-07-08 30 Soma Saga

Had to go to Harbor Freight for clamps. Warmer day but still not hot. Headwinds both directions. 

Garden 2020-07-07 16 Ravn

Still nice and cool. Put the RTPs back on the Ravn. Smooth. 

Mary’s Peak 2020-07-04 54 Ravn

Annual MVBC 4fh of July ride up Mary’s Peak, with a twist. I mentioned on FB that I would do it via Woods Creek road on gravel. A lot of people jumped on that idea. 

It was hard. Very hard. 

Garden 2020-07-03 12 Soma Saga

Nice cool morning for an easy ride. 

Dimple Hill 2020-07-01 21 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek down Oak Creek. 

Cool and misty. Nice for July 1.

Sauerkraut Loop 2020-06-28 35 Ravn

Clockwise. Berry Creek  - Airlie  - Sauerkraut - Simpson - Helmick Park - Airlie - D’Armond - Wiles. Back through the wildlife refuge.

Cool day with a few sprinkles. Nice.

Tracy A is off to do the GDMBR.  

Buena Vista plus 2020-06-27 46 Grando

My first Tenners ride since the start of the pandemic. Too many people. Most wore masks, some when riding. I tried to stay away from people but got caught in a cluster going up a hill. 

John and Lori then joined me for the gravel loop on Davidson, Haley, and Parker. Stop at Helmick...

Wren to Wren 2020-06-24 28 Ravn

Ann asked if I'd join her on an 'into to gravel' ride. I sugessted we do Harrid Road. I invited the usual suspects. Sunday it was just the guys, today it was 7 women and me. I'm not complaining. Most of them are in much better shape than the men anyway, More of a challenge keeping up with them...

Lewisburg Saddle 2020-06-23 12 Ravn

Hot. Got out at 8 and it wasn’t early enough. 

Wren to Wren 2020-06-21 36 Ravn

Harris Road to Blodgett. Norton Creek road into Mary’s River tree farm. Eventually came out at Hoskins Road. Then a 10 loop on Shingle Creek. Back over Hoskins Alexander and Kings Valley highway. 

Cool and overcast most of the day but then the sun came out and it got quite warm. 

Buena Vista - Airlee - Saurkrout 2020-06-17 50 Ravn

Time for a longer ride, but didin't lay off the hills. Davidson, Haley, Parker, Simpson, Sauerkrout good gravel hills. Back on Berry Creek for more hills.

Warmer dryer day, lower 70's. Good day to ride as it will get hotter later in the week. I'm feeling like the blood pressure meds I...

Lewisburg Saddle 2020-06-14 26 Ravn

Out Soap Creek and did a loop on Wiles - Rifle Range- Wiles.

Mountain View - Overlook 2020-06-13 12 Ravn

Just put one new and one old Rat Trap Pass tires on the Ravn. Had to ride. Got caught in the rain. Got soaked.

Lewisburg Saddle 2020-06-12 20 Grando

Pushed hard up the hill. Felt good. Back on 99.

Dimple Hill 2020-06-11 15 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek, down Dan's Trail.

Warm damp morning.


Mac Forest Road 611 2020-06-08 12 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek. Lower Upper Dan's trail to Dan's-Horse connector. Kept going towards the saddle but when I passed 611 road I thought "one day I'll take that road". Then decided today's the day. It starts up steep and continues steep for a while, but then as soon as it starts going down there...

Up then down 2020-06-05 13 Ravn

Another short ride. Up to Chip Ross park but not up the trails. Then down Garden to the river.

Short Loop 2020-06-04 21 Grando

Set out to do a longer ride but just didn't feel like it.

Luckiamute Landing 2020-06-02 33 Ravn

Scouting for an overnight I hope to do soon. Back through old Adair and then toile the Intensive Managment Trail back to Peavy. 

Adair 2020-05-31 30 Ravn

Over Mountain View and Overlook, then just roaming around the old base and wildlife refuge.

Dan's Trail 2020-05-30 12 Ravn

Out Jackson Creek, then out towards Chip Ross park on back on Dan's Trail. I kept going and road all the way up Lower Dan's and half way up Upper Dan's. I was impressed with how well my bike and I were climbing.

Cooler day. Rained after I got home.

Fern Road 2020-05-28 30 Grando

Out past Philomath to Llewelyn. Back on Bellfountain. Getting hot. 

Lewisburg Saddle 2020-05-27 25 Grando

Up and over - Soap Creek - Old Adair - Beck over Mt. View.

Warm, almost hot today.

Lewisburg Saddle via Jackson Creek 2020-05-26 13 Ravn

I need to do shorter more frequent rides, but keep up the intensity. Perfect ride for that today. Up and down Jackson Creek.

Getting warmer. 

Airlie Road 2020-05-24 33 Grando

Warmer day. Still working my way back into shape.

Jackson Creek 2020-05-23 11 Ravn

First ride since starting blood pressure med. Felt good. First up Jackson creek to the road to Chip Ross. Then back Dan's Trail and up the road to the Dans/Horse connector. Then north and down Jackson Creek. A couple of good climbs.

Buena Vista 2020-05-15 36 Grando

The rain it quit and the sun came out and I went for a bike ride. 

Wilson Wildlife Refuge 2020-05-10 33 Ravn

Started to go up Jackson Creek in Mac forest but I really didn’t have the energy. Started seeing a lot of people so I went back down and rode the old roads and trails around Adair. 

Another 80 degree day. 

North Loop 2020-05-08 40 Grando

Pettibonr - Independence - Palestine - Scenic - Springhill - Buena Vista - Prather - Independence - Souver - Airlee - D’Armond -  Robeson - Wiles - Tampico - Soap Creek - Coffin Butte - Camp Adair - Wildlife Refuge - Frontage Rd. - Adair - 99w - Arboretum - 99w. 

Warm day. 82 when I...

Hug the Hills north 2020-05-04 24 Soma Saga


First real ride since March 21. Felt pretty good. I’ve been riding the trainer so I haven’t lost it all. 

Highland - Crescent Valley - Lewisburg - Overlook/Hood View - Arboretum - Ryails - Independence - Cam Adair - old roads then back on 99

Nice Day


Local 2020-04-23 10 Soma Saga

First actual bike ride since pandemic lockdown. Good to be alive. 

Elkins - Airlie 2020-03-21 50 Grando

Solo ride. Club rides are canceled due to Corona virus. Nice day

Kieger Island 2020-03-17 24 Grando

Gorgeous day for a ride during the pandemic. Coffee shops are closed so we had a picnic in the park, while trying to maintain our distance. 

Around town 2020-03-16 20 Grando

First down Garden to my secret spot by the river to enjoy my "social distancing" lunch. Yes we are here in th Corona Virus pandemic right now. Hopefully there are still people around to read this in the future.

Beautiful late winter day. Mid fifties, but very windy.

Sauerkraut Road 2020-03-11 26 Ravn

Started in Adair. Tampico - Wiles - Rifle Range - DeArmond - Airlie - Helmick - Simpson - Sauerkraut - Airlie - Berry Creek - Tampico. Another nice day. 

Philomath 2020-03-10 20 Grando

Gorgeous sunny day. Cold to start but warmed up right away. 

Valsetz 2020-03-08 38 Ravn

Cold early start on first day of daylight time. Got sunny but not very warm. Some mud but not too bad. Wore me out. 

Dimple Hill - Dan’s Trail 2020-03-04 15 Ravn

Another nice day. The single track was fun, and in good shape except for one muddy section. 

Around town 2020-03-03 30 Soma Saga

Nice spring like weather. The geezers are not the Not Over The Hill gang. 

Shedd 2020-02-29 38 Grando

Another great Tenners ride. Made it to Shedd before the deluge. Waited it out at the market, and then made it home before the next storm hit. 


Falls City 2020-02-28 24 Ravn

Afternoon ride just as the weather was moving in. We parked at Sauerkraut road on Simpson and rode from there.

Around the neighborhood 2020-02-26 5 Cilantro

Got January out for a short ride on a sunny day.

Town 2020-02-25 24 Soma Saga

Another string of sunny days. 

Short ride with January after. 

Independence 2020-02-22 54 Grando

Spectacular day for February. Burns Vista ferry to Ankeny wildlife refuge. Independence and back on Stapleton and Helmick. 

Out and about 2020-02-21 22 Soma Saga

A streak of sunny days in February Wow! 

Philomath - Airport Road 2020-02-19 32 Grando

Sunny day. I waited for it to warm up and it did. Nice views of the mountains.

North Hills 2020-02-14 20 Ravn

Crescent Valley- Mountain View - Overlook - Hood View. Back on 20. 

Town 2020-02-11 22 Soma Saga

Geezers ride plus. Vastly outnumbered by trikes. 

Albany 2020-02-08 40 Grando

Nice Tenners ride. Out Tangent to Seven Mile and into town on Periwinkle Trail. Some rain, some wind, some sun. 

Oak Creek 2020-02-06 24 Ravn

First ride of the month. Just haven’t been motivated. 

Decker Road 2020-01-25 40 Ravn

Out to Decker then back Peterson. I split from the group and took Ervin back over to Decker. Back 34 to Philomath where I stopped at Timber Towne Coffee. 

Adair 2020-01-24 43 Ravn

Round and round the wildlife refuge. Then back through town. No rain. Around 50. 

Around Falls City 2020-01-19 17 Ravn

Drove to Falls City. Rode Frost Road, Teal Creek, Gardener, Liberty, Barnhart, Oakdale, and Falls City Highway. Lots of hills, lots of gravel, some loose. Warmer with no rain.

Philomath 2020-01-18 20 Grando

Cut short a Tenners ride and went to new coffee shop in Philomath. Timber Town Coffee or something. Very good. 

Philomath 2020-01-16 20 Ravn

Got out in the afternoon. It was almost sunny, but then it rained. 

Put the Almotion tires back on the Ravn getting ready to head south. 

Town 2020-01-14 28 Soma Saga

Geezers ride and around. 

Albany 2020-01-11 30 Grando

Made the Tenners ride. Some rain, some wind, but all in all a good ride. 

Philomath 2020-01-02 21 Ravn

50 degrees, no rain, no sun, some wind. Riding the Ravn. 

South Town 2020-01-01 21 Ravn

A different kind of New Year's Day ride. Didn't go with the club. Went solo on the Ravn, but didn't head up into the woods. I went south and rode the mud at Willamette Park. Nice day although it rained pretty good on the way home.

Imagine Coffee 2019-12-31 27 Soma Saga

2 Geezers rides. I’ve been laying off the bike as much as possible since going over 5k for the year. I need the recovery. But it was warmer and not raining today so I couldn’t resist one last ride for the second decade of the century. 

Finished the year 30 miles shy of last year’s...

Brunch in Veneta 2019-12-15 68 Grando

Cold but dry with some fog. Started out flat but ended with some serious climbing, Fox Hollow being the hardest. It was good to see some of my Rando friends again. This rice also put me over 5,000 miles for the year.

Hiatt Farm 2019-12-14 38 Grando

No rain, and not terribly cold. Out to Phiolomath and over Decker from 34. More people are wanting to ride the gravel on 53rd coming back.

Town Garden 2019-12-10 22 Soma Saga

Rode in the rain. Didn’t like it. 

Buena Vista - Rogue Hop Farm 2019-12-05 54 Grando

After a few days of freezing fog the sun came out and it got up to 50 degrees. 

After the hop farm I took Davidson (gravel) back over to Corvallis Road. Then Stapleton over to Helmick and back on 99. 

Berry Creek - Airlie Road 2019-11-29 50 Grando

Out Highland, Pettibone, Independence, then back to Adair Village. Tampico to Berry Creek. Airlie to De Armond - Rifle Range - Wiles. Then meander though old Adair. Then back to Indpendnce to Hwy 20 on into town.

Sunny and cold, but very sunny and beautiful. 

Decker 2019-11-23 38 Grando

Cold and foggy to start. Sun came out on 34 and it was nice and warm going up Decker. Back in the fog on the east side but it was lifting. Stopped at Hiatt Bakery. Then took the gravel on Peterson to Airport and again on 53rd. 

Town 2019-11-22 16 Soma Saga

Another sunny day. Very nice for November. 

Dimple Hill 2019-11-21 14 Ravn

Sunny day. I waited until it got over 50 before riding. Nice and warm in the sun. Took Dan’s Trail down. 

First ride with the Thudbuster. Couldn’t really tell when it was compressing which I guess is good. 

Independence 2019-11-16 54 Grando

Great Tenners ride. Dry, not too cold, no wind. I felt good after a couple of days off the bike. 

Tuesday geezers ride 2019-11-12 24 Soma Saga

Forecast was for rain. Didn’t happen. 

Albany 2019-11-10 34 Grando

Warmer morning and even a hint of sunshine coming back into town. We went to Little Wuesten  


Peedee Pie Day 2019-11-09 51 Grando

Fog lifted and became clouds. Warmer to start, but didn't get much warmer duing the day, Nice ride, nice pie.

Town 2019-11-08 12 Soma Saga

Loop Tour committee meeting. 

Cold fog gives way to warm sunshine again. 

Philomath 2019-11-07 40 Soma Saga

Plus some loops around town. Cold foggy morning, warm sunny afternoon. 

Philomath 2019-11-05 33 Grando

First Imagine with the old guys. Then back into town and then a loop to Philomath. 

Foggy and cold to start. Never really warmed up. 

Town Garden 2019-11-04 21 Soma Saga

Cold mornings, warm afternoons, sunny days continue. Very nice.

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 2019-11-03 24 Grando

Nov. 3rd 60 degrees sunny no wind. It doesn't get much better than that. A shorter version of the ride we did Dec. 2017. Today there was lots of fresh gravel. I was trying to see how much air I could let out of my tires. I actully got down to 15 psi in the front which was fine on the gravel,...

Hiatt Farm 2019-11-02 32 Grando

Gorgeous crisp clear fall day. Colors are still bright. Coming off aggravating my Achilles tendon last week, plus cutting my thumb with a chisel.

WIllamette Park 2019-10-30 17 Soma Saga

Coffeeneur #6 Bright sunny cold day. Coming off of further injury to my right achilles tendon.

Critical Mass Ride 2019-10-25 8 Armstrong

Didn't really achieve critical mass, but it was fun. https://www.gazettetimes.com/news/cycling-advocates-stage-group-ride/art...

Albany 2019-10-24 32 Grando

Nice day once the fog lifted. Coffeenuring ride #5

Town 2019-10-22 27 Soma Saga

Coffeenuring and old guys ride. 

Town - Garden - Shopping 2019-10-15 34 Soma Saga

Plus Tuesday old guys ride. I have avoided riding in the rain thus far 

Brownsville 2019-10-14 61 Grando

Beautiful day for coffeenuring ride #2. A little wind but not too bad. Stretched out the return. 

CRGA Day 4 - Salmonberry to Corvallis 2019-10-08 50 Ravn

Rained overnight and sun showers throught the day. Salmonberry road and South Fork road to Alsea Falls.

CRGA19 Day 3 - Beachside to Salmonberry 2019-10-07 32 Ravn

Still sunny! I drove the Yachats River Valley segment.

CRGA19 Day 2 - Big Elk to Beachside 2019-10-06 39 Ravn

70 degrees in Waldport!

CRGA19 Day 1 - Corvallis to Big Elk CG 2019-10-05 33 Ravn

Foggy to start but soon cleared and was a glorious fall day.

Airport Road 2019-10-02 31 Grando

In to town early for LT Committee meeting. Then out 99 to Aurport,west to Feen and a loop to Peterson and back on the gravel to Aurport. 

Cold but dry. 

Town Garden 2019-09-30 30 Soma Saga

Got cool and wet early this year. 

Salmonberry Road 2019-09-29 10 Ravn

Scouting for CRGA

Albany 2019-09-28 30 Grando

Solo ride. Cold but dry. Met the group in Albany as they were leaving. Ended up riding back with Brandy. 

Lebannon 2019-09-25 56 Grando

Out to Thompson Mills on the way to Lebannon. Fast group. I kept up for the first 25 miles in a nice tailwind. Once we turned into the wind I was a gonner. Nice day. First warm sunny day in a while.

Shedd 2019-09-21 38 Grando

Fog lifting at the start. Some sunshine. 

Lopez Island 2019-09-19 38 Soma Saga

Around the Idland, back to the ferry, and 3 in Anacortes. 

San Juan to Lopez 2019-09-18 15 Soma Saga

Stop over at Shaw Island.

Mt. Constitution 2019-09-17 8 Soma Saga

Short but steep


Moran Park to West Beach 2019-09-17 11 Soma Saga

To Tom and Sharon’s 

San Juan South 2019-09-15 28 Soma Saga

Lime Liln SP

San Juan to Orcas 2019-09-15 25 Soma Saga

Moran SP

San Juan North 2019-09-13 16 Soma Saga

Roche Harbor

Anacortes to Lakedale Resort 2019-09-12 10 Soma Saga

Rain was threatening but didn’t start until after we got our tents pitched. 

Town - Garden - Old guys ride 2019-09-03 31 Soma Saga

Summer is still hapenning.

Philomath 2019-08-31 22 Grando

Had to get back early to setup for Play Music On The Porch Day. 

Newport 2019-08-29 32 Grando

South Beaver Creek. Part way out Yaquina Bay Drive. 

Yachats River Road 2019-08-26 42 Grando

Nice tailwind going down, horrendous headwind coming back. Always gorgeous up the valley.

Explored forest road 5360 (Eckman Creek road) and 53, at least where they hit Yachats River Road.

Lewisburg Saddle 2019-08-24 46 Grando

Soap Creek - Berry Creek - Airlee Road - Suver - Independence highway

Lots of new faces on a tenners ride. Back in time for MVBC annual picnic in the park. 

Nice day. Not too hot and little wind. 

Independence 2019-08-22 64 Grando

I've been totally unmovtivated to ride all week, so had to get in good one today. I woke up with a headache which lasted well into the morning. Detour in back to Adair to get coffee took me though some of the closed off roads in E.E. Wilson wildlife refuge. Then on to the Buena Vista ferry,...

Diamond Lake 2019-08-17 24 Grando

One trip around the lake and some back and forth.

Lewisburg Saddle 2019-08-14 20 Grando

Late start, hot day, low energy, low inspiration. Still made it over the saddle and out Soap Creek. Back on 99.

Town and Garden 2019-08-12 20 Soma Saga

Not watering the garden as much as I used to.

Wren to Wren 2019-08-10 30 Ravn

Repeat of ride we did in 2017. Alexander Hoskins Summit Blodgett Harris Wren. 

Cool day. Even some rain. 

Philomath to Toledo 2019-08-07 54 Ravn

Via Woods Creek - C2C - Harlan - Elk City. Took the bus home. Nice cool cloudy day.

Around town 2019-08-06 36 Soma Saga

Garden, meetings, shopping. Nice and cool for August,

Decker Road 2019-08-03 37 Grando

again, this time with the Tenners. 

Decker Road 2019-08-01 53 Grando

Over Decker in both directions. Then out Bellfountain as far as Finley Wildlife Refuge.

Town Garden 2019-07-31 16 Ravn

Took th Ravn in to get the wheels trued.

Old Guys Tuesday Ride 2019-07-30 16 Soma Saga

Jerry led the way through South Town

Town - Garden 2019-07-29 35 Soma Saga

More rides to the garden.

Home via Kings Valley 2019-07-28 54 Grando

Bernice wanted to ride to Dallas which meant going over Hoskins road, so I decided to accompany her. We walked over the steep part at the top. Steep loose gravel on the downside so we kept walking. 

Eddyville 2019-07-27 60 Grando

Rode out to meet the LT2 riders. 40 miles to Eddyville. Set up my tent and road out to meet the riders. Caught the last group about 2 miles out on the gravel. 

Burt Woods and back 2019-07-25 54 Ravn

On my way to Big Elk CG on C2C. Turning left at Shotpouch the drybag on my right fork leg got jammed into the spokes and I went down. Banged up elbow but not too bad. Rode to Burnt Woods and decided to ride home. Both wheels are now out of true.

Garden 2019-07-23 15 Soma Saga

Big day in the garden. 

Town and around 2019-07-22 26 Soma Saga

Getting hot now,

Monmouth and Rogue Hop Farm 2019-07-20 48 Grando

Escorted the Loop 2 folks to Monmouth and had coffee at Ricks. Then rode over to Rogue Hop Farm hoping to meet the Sunday Lunch Group. I eventually caught up with them at Redgate winery and then we eventually made it back over to th hop farm. After lunch and beer it was almost 5:00 so I got a...

Town and around 2019-07-17 20 Soma Saga

Bike shop. Shifter will be fixed soon.

Lewisburg Saddle - Soap Creek 2019-07-16 36 Grando

Got out at 8 planning to do a loop and then meet the Tuesday old guys group. Rode to Imagine but the never showed up. 

Town - Garden 2019-07-15 22 Soma Saga

A little coffeeneuring at new Starbucks today. It ev en rained a bi.t



Corvallis - ML19 Day 4 2019-07-14 29 Cilantro

Sunny from the start and would be hot by the end. J was ready to get home. 

Brownsville - ML19 Day 3 2019-07-13 26 Cilantro

Out early. Nice and cool for the climb. January was really strong today. 

Marcola - ML19 Day 2 2019-07-12 28 Cilantro

We did really good riding today. 

Dexter - ML19 Day 1 2019-07-11 27 Cilantro

Perfect weather. No fun on 58. The rest was nice. 

Bike collective 2019-07-09 6 Cilantro

Warm up for mini loop


Kiger Island 2019-07-07 22 Cilantro

I got Linda out on the Tandem. 

Decker Road 2019-07-06 37 Grando

Back with the Tenners for the first time in months. Up and back on Decker and then to Hiatt Backery. 

Cool cloudy morning. I felt strong. 

Garden 2019-07-05 12 Soma Saga

Harvested the garlic.

Mary’s Peak 2019-07-04 58 Grando

Fourth of July watermelon ride. 

Peavy Arboretum 2019-07-03 5 Ravn

Linda’s Birthday ride. 

Home - LT19 Day 9 2019-06-30 40 Soma Saga

My sixth Loop Tour in the books. 

Eddyville - LT19 Day 8 2019-06-29 36 Soma Saga

Everyone took the Elk City route and did fine on the gravel. 

Newport - LT19 Day 7 2019-06-28 70 Soma Saga

More capes, long miles, nice day. 

Cape Lookout SP - LT19 Day 6 2019-06-27 50 Soma Saga

Three Capes!

Nehalem Bay SP - LT19 Day 5 2019-06-26 44 Soma Saga

Another nice day. Rain supposed to start tonigh. 

Around Astoria - LT19 Day 4 2019-06-25 15 Soma Saga

Layover day in Astoria. 

Astoria- LT19 Day 3 2019-06-24 60 Soma Saga

Nice ride. 

Vernonia- LT19 Day 2 2019-06-23 56 Soma Saga



Followed an Oregon Randonneur route from McMinnville with nice rolling hills. Late second breakfast in Banks. 

The BV Trail was harder than I expected. I probably wore myself out on the rolling hills, plus too heavy a meal in Banks, plus terrible rough pavement...

McMinnville LT19 Day 1 2019-06-22 50 Soma Saga

Nice start to LT19. Cloudy in the morning and then clearing throughout the day. Some headwind. Camping at Yamhill fairgrounds. 

Garden - Coop 2019-06-19 18 Grando

Afternoon ride to the garden

School and around 2019-06-18 30 Cilantro

TRaining for mini-loop

Eddyville - Elk City 2019-06-16 22 Soma Saga

Pre ride for loop tour. Unfortunately John went down and gashed his elbow. 

Kings Valley - Monmouth 2019-06-15 65 Grando

Out to Philomath - Crow and then all the way to Monmouth highway on Kings Valley Road. Back Helmick and 99W. Nice day. North wind provided tailwind going home.

School and garden 2019-06-13 23 Soma Saga

A couple of hot days. Mid 90's

School, Garden, meeting 2019-06-10 20 Soma Saga

Getting warmer. 

Strawberry Century 2019-06-08 103 Grando

I got an early start because I was doubting I could finish in 10 hours. I did better than expected and finished with 48 minutes to spare. Really hard though. I don’t think I need to do anymore 100 mile rides. 

Really nice day. Cool but NO RAIN!! Did get the headwind for the last 15...

School 2019-06-07 10 Soma Saga

Riding to school with January. 

Philomath and around 2019-06-05 40 Grando

Not nearly ready for the Strawberry Century but maybe will make it.

Rogue Farms 2019-06-04 50 Grando

Not ready for the Strawberry Century in 4 days. 5 hours to do 50 miles, mostly flat. Headwind must have worn me out. 

Gorgeous day. Sunny and warm. 

Town Garden School 2019-05-30 26 Soma Saga

Cool mornings, warm afternoons. 

Philomath 2019-05-25 22 Soma Saga

Got out early for a short ride. Cool and cloudy with rain coming. 

Town School and around 2019-05-23 32 Soma Saga

Shool with January and a couple of trips to town.

Town plus 2019-05-17 38 Grando

Tuesday ride, RoS, School with January and more. 

Willamette Mission State Park to Home 2019-05-12 53 Soma Saga

Left at 9 with Eric, Rann and Doreen, and Frank and Kathy. The rest of the gang left earlier. Eric had to get to a mother's day event. Kathy and Frank decided to keep riding when Rann, Doreen, and I stopped for second breakfast. So the three of us took it slow and stopped again in Independence...

Willamette Mission State Park 2019-05-11 60 Soma Saga

Very warm day. We left from in front of the middle school at 9:00. Nice group. Usual route via WVSB. some headwind on Windsor Island road.

Jean, Kathy and Frank joined us at the park.


Beaver Creek 2019-05-09 25 Grando

South Beaver Creek then up North Beaver Creek. 

Bellfountain Park 2019-05-04 56 Grando

Nice warm day. Some headwind coming back. Large group left Osborn. Some split off at various places. After Bellfountain Park we went to Hiatt Farm and then a few of us went over Decker.

Town Garden School 2019-05-03 43 Soma Saga

Very nice weather. 

Crescent Valley - Town 2019-05-01 22 Grando

Put the worn out Compass tires back on and went for a short spin. Sure enough I got a flat. Nice day though. 

Tweed Ride 2019-04-28 20 Armstrong

Nice day for a liesurly cruise around town dressed up like an Englishman,

Kings Valley 2019-04-27 62 Grando

Betty’s 58 mile birthday ride. Cloudy and cool at first but warmed up nicely. Very windy on the return, some of which was a tailwind. 

We added in Elkins road to get the miles. 

Garden - Town - School 2019-04-26 33 Soma Saga

Excellent spring weather, with some wind.

Town and around 2019-04-24 30 Soma Saga

Two days. To school with January. Tuesday old guy ride. Garden. Warming up but very windy today.

Bayshore to home 2019-04-22 39 Soma Saga

Nice leisurely ride on South Beaver Creek and 101 into Newport. Got on the bus and had a nice nap before the bus broke down a mile past Blodgett. So I rode the rest of the way. 

Seal Rock 2019-04-21 22 Soma Saga

First south on Crestline to where it comes out on Wakonda Beach Road. Then to Beachside. I wanted to go to Cape Perpetua but stiff north wind told me to turn around and ride into it for a while. So north to Seal Rock it was. Sunny and nice except for the wind. 

Corvallis to Bayshore 2019-04-18 70 Soma Saga

Warm spring day in the 70’s. Took 34. Traffic was very light. 

Imagine Coffee 2019-04-16 15 Grando

Tuesday old guys group. No rain. 

Deschutes Trail 2019-04-15 27 Ravn

Sunny skies and warmer. Trail was smoother also.

Swale Canyon and Klickitat Trail 2019-04-14 30 Ravn

Gray skies but no rain. Rough and rocky rail-to-trail. Nice single track on lower section.

Decker Road 2019-04-13 38 Grando

Another tenners ride. Light rain througout. Stopped at Hiatt bakery and then did Decker

Town and around 2019-04-09 38 Soma Saga

A couple of trips to town plus an outing with the old guys checking out the flooded lowlands.

Harrisburg 2019-04-06 76 Grando

My wonderful friends helped me pull of my ride-your-age birthday ride. It was miserable and we had a great time. It rained almost the entire 9 hours we were out there, stopping for maybe 10 minutes at a time just to tease us. However wind was not a factor so it could have been worse, and at 50...

Around Bayshore 2019-04-03 10 Ravn

Exploring the neighborhood. I was so tempted to take my bike on the beach, Gotta get a beach cruiser.

Yachats River Road 2019-03-30 40 Soma Saga

From Bayshore down the coast and up the valley. Up the North Fork to the covered bridge. 

Left early. Sunny and cold when I left but low clouds in the Yachats Valley which lifted shortly after I turned around. Then warm. Gorgeous actually. 

Bayshore 2019-03-29 18 Soma Saga

Got the 6:20 bus out of Corvallis which dropped me off at Hatfield so I didn’t have to ride over the beach. Also stayed on 101 instead of South Beaver Creek so total of 6 miles shorter. 

Philomath 2019-03-26 22 Grando

Cool but sunny. 

Decker 2019-03-23 38 Grando

Another great tenners ride. Felt really good going over the hill.

Around Waldport 2019-03-21 10 Soma Saga

A couple of trips from Bayshore. Super windy on one ride over the bridge,

Bayshore 2019-03-19 24 Soma Saga

Rode to town. Took bus to Newport. 101 to Ona Beach. South Beaver Creek to Bayview. Gorgeous ride. Very warm and windy. 

Town 2019-03-18 12 Soma Saga

Warm sunny days!!

Philomath 2019-03-17 24 Cilantro

Warm and sunny. Great day to get J out on the Tandem. 

Bayshore and Waldport 2019-03-15 11 Ravn

Out exploring the neighborhood 

Bayview Loop 2019-03-13 11 Ravn

Quick getaway from the beach house. Nice hilly loop. About half gravel. 

Scouting to find South Beaver Creek Road which is about 3 miles in, and NF 51 which is about 5.5. 

Albany 2019-03-09 32 Grando

Cold but dry. A little wind. Good Tenners ride. 

Town - Garden - Ride 2019-03-06 28 Soma Saga

Old guys ride, then garden. Next day to Loop tour meeting. Cold, very cold.

Albany 2019-03-04 36 Grando

Sunny and cold but the sun is much warmer now. Very little wind.

Went down Truax Island which I had never done before. There is a huge blackberry yard right along the river. Maybe 20 or more acres. I think it is part of Stahlbush.

Independence 2019-02-28 60 Grando

Buena Vista Ferry to Ankeney Wildlife refuge 



Town 2019-02-26 17 Ravn

Had to drop the truck off in South Town and it was snowing. Some slush of the road but not much.

Shedd 2019-02-23 38 Grando

Some headwind some rain. Not too bad though. 

Around town 2019-02-19 25 Soma Saga

Started out with the Tuesday old guys. Then some stops and back around Bald Hill Park. 

North then south 2019-02-17 30 Soma Saga

The sun came out unexpectedly 

Smith Loop 2019-02-16 33 Grando

Out Bellfountain. Showers with some sun. Better than it had been. 

Albany 2019-02-02 30 Grando

Cloudy but dry with a lttle wind. Another good turnout.

Garden Way and town 2019-01-31 23 Ravn

Still sunny. I wanted to ride the Ravn but didn’t feel like the big climb. 

Philomath and garden 2019-01-29 26 Soma Saga

Sunny and cool. 

Decker Road 2019-01-26 37 Grando

After feeling like I was having a heart attack on Wednesday I felt great riding over Decker from 34 today. Foggy except for out 34 almost to Decker.

Garden and around 2019-01-22 21 Soma Saga

Some rain. Pretty nasty actually.

Independence 2019-01-19 50 Soma Saga

Took the Saga on a club ride to see how I like the saddle and new handlebars. Pretty good actually. Maybe some minor adjustments. 

Nice day. Close to 50 and no rain or wind. 

Town 2019-01-18 15 Soma Saga

Rain. Riding in the rail. Really didn't want to have to do it. Wind too. Rain and wind. But not too cold.

Lebanon 2019-01-12 57 Grando

Sunny and clear. Cold to start but warmed up quickly. Out Peoria etc to Thompson Mills. Then Plainview, Rock Hill and Stoltz into Lebanon. Pizza at the strawberry place which was not that great. Back via Tangent. I hit a wall at about 40 miles. 

Around Town 2019-01-10 28 Soma Saga

Some decent riding weather.

Town 2019-01-08 23 Soma Saga

Two rides q

Dimple Hill 2019-01-03 15 Ravn

Warmer and cloudy. Cold and windy on top though.

Albany 2019-01-01 32 Grando

Nice New Years Day ride. Right around freezing. Sunny at first but then foggy. Roads mostly dry. Margin Cafe in Albany. 

Town 2018-12-31 26 Ravn

Had to take the Ravn out for the last ride of the year. Went to Crystal Lake and rode some mud. Fun but a pain to clean the bike. 11 of these miles borrowed from the Saga. 

Decker 2018-12-29 36 Grando

Nice Tenners ride. Grey but not cold and not raining. A little mist on Decker. The group split and the half I was in went over Decker from 34 while the other half went over from Bellfountain. We met at the top and then again at Nutcakes. Hard ride for me. 2 weeks off the bike and mostly...

Peoria Park 2018-12-13 36 Soma Saga

Beautiful day. Mostly sunny and over 50. I rode south into a good wind and then cruised back. This ride put me over 5000 miles for the year.

Around Town 2018-12-12 18 Soma Saga

Early Loop Tour meeting at Ann's house, then South Coop for breakfast, then garden, home, and back to Bi-mart for xmas tree lights.

Town 2018-12-11 16 Soma Saga

January to school. Breakfast at north coop. Met Tuesday group at Imagine. Lunch at south coop. Met January for ride home. 

Philomath 2018-12-10 24 Soma Saga

Foggy but then almost sunny.

Decker 2018-12-08 40 Grando

Cold and gray but no rain. Out Bellfountain. Stop at Hiatt farm and then back over Decker and back on 34.

Philomath/ Airport Road 2018-12-07 26 Soma Saga

Cold and overcast. Put the B17 Imperial back on. 

North loop 2018-12-05 34 Grando

Figure 8 out Highland, Crescent Valley, Lewisburg, Granger, Pettibone. Ryals to Adair. Back Arboretum, Mountain View, left on Lewisburg, Granger to Hwy 20. Then into town and home. 

Still cold and clear. 

Town Garden 2018-12-05 22 Soma Saga

Rain then no rain. 

Philomath 2018-12-04 25 Grando

Clear, crisp, and sunny!

Independence 2018-12-01 49 Grando

Good to be riding with the Tenners after missing the last 4 Saturdays. Cold and gray but no rain. Lunch at the Ovenbird. 

On the return I was by myself and decided to ride some gravel on Haley and Parker roads. Nice. 

Albany 2018-11-30 31 Grando

Rain held off until almost home. Stiff south wind on the return ride. 

Philomath 2018-11-29 25 Grando

Not raining. Windy this morning but it let up by the time I got out. Loop around Philomath. Out Grange Hall, back 34. 

Around Town 2018-11-26 20 Soma Saga

Damp and gray, but no rain. Supposed to start tomorrow.

Dimple Hill 2018-11-25 20 Ravn

Fog was lifting in the valley so we rode right up through it. 

Albany 2018-11-23 34 Grando

Started out with full rain gear, but it stopped raining. On and off and on again with the rain gear as it started drizzling. Little Wuesten for lunch. Then no rain all the way until just as I started up Maxine.

Philomath - Llewelyn 2018-11-19 30 Grando

Sunny and cool. Gorgeous day but a little smoky. 

Ashland Orchard Loop 2018-11-16 27 Grando

Gorgeous day. Waited for it to warm up before heading out. It eventually got up to 62. Headed out Eagle Mill, Butler Creek, Valley View and up into the orchards. Back on the bike path. 

Town - Coffeeneuring 2018-11-14 32 Soma Saga

It got cold. 

Dimple Hill 2018-11-01 25 Ravn

First ride on the new Hans Dampf tires. They certainly gave me more confidence on the gravel and trails.

It was drizzling rain all morning but it stopped and the sun even peeked through. Nice and warm as well in the low 60's

I decided to try going up the last part of Horse...

Tour d Town 2018-10-28 15 Ravn

Test ride with the Cambium saddle. Through campus and Avery Park enjoying the fall colors. I think I’ll like this saddle better than the Selle Anatomica on this bike. 

Albany 2018-10-27 34 Grando

Rain held off. Sun even peeked through a bit. Good turnout. 

Town - Garden - Coffeeneuring 2018-10-26 35 Soma Saga

Getting cooler and wetter now. 3 Coffeeneuring rides so far.

Beachside SP to Salmonberry CG 2018-10-22 38 Ravn

Day 3 - Coast Range Gravel Adventure

It was foggy on the coast when we left. Stopped at the Blue Whale for second breakfast and then headed out Yachats River Road. In a couple of miles the sun was shining and it was warming up. We were taking turns driving and Eileen drove the first...

Big Elk CG to Beachside SP 2018-10-21 26 Ravn

Day 2 - Coast Range Gravel Adventure

Woke up to a light mist but happily the tents were not wet. Plenty of time for breakfast and pictures before setting off on Hilltop Road. Soon it was clear and sunny and it would be a warm day. Hilltop is a long hard climb, but never brutal. I did...

Corvallis to Big Elk CG 2018-10-20 32 Ravn

Day 1 Coast Rand Gravel Adventure 2018

8 riders set off from Osborn on a glorious October morning to follow the C2C route through the Coast Range on a glorious October morning. Peter's wife Karen offered to drive my van, so we had SAG support. We picked up Rick in Philomath and headed...

CBBT Route 2018-10-17 56 Grando

Another glorious fall day. 

Town and Philomath 2018-10-15 47 Soma Saga

Fantastic fall weather 

Ankeny Wildlife Refuge 2018-10-11 60 Grando

Gorgeous day. Warm and sunny. First into town to get some tubes. Then Riverside to Albany. Little Wuesten for coffee, then on to Jefferson. Turned off Talbot and got on Wintel which goes right through the refuge. Then BV ferry, Springhill to Scenic to Oak Grove. Home via Crescent Valley. 

Dimple Hill 2018-10-10 30 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek, Down Oak Creek, through Bald Hill Park, and around town. Plus some miles from a previous trip to town. 

Independence 2018-10-06 50 Soma Saga

Took the Saga on a tenners ride because Grando lacks a rear fender. Did okay 

Town Garden 2018-10-04 30 Soma Saga

So far so good. 

Brownsvile 2018-10-03 58 Grando

Missed the 9:00 group. It was cold, I was tired, and I really didn't want to have to try and keep up. Left about 11 after it was warming up nicely. Gorgeous day. Upper 60's, little wind, mostly sunny. I meanderd south on the way back. Linn West - Oak Plain - Potter - Peckenpaugh - Greenback -...

North meander with climbs 2018-10-02 28 Grando

Out Crescent Valley and up Fraser Creek which loops back to Lewisburg Rd after a nice climb. Across to Pettibone and up Avalon, very steep. Arboretum and up Hoodview and Overlook to Mountain View. Then another loop north on the mostly flats. 

Town Garden 2018-09-30 22 Soma Saga

Some early rain but pretty nice overall. 

Lewisburg Saddle 2018-09-29 20 Grando

Broke my fender. 

Beaver Creek 2018-09-29 40 Grando

Same day. After my fender broke I went home and removed it, then had lunch and went back out. 

Rogue Hop Farm 2018-09-25 50 Grando

Another gorgeous fall day. 

Decker Road 2018-09-22 37 Grando

Warmer morning but it had rained. Rained again at the top of Decker. 

Town - Garden 2018-09-21 43 Soma Saga

Round and round and round we go.

C2C out and back 2018-09-19 16 Ravn

Top of Woods Creek to Harlan road and back. 

Lewisburg Saddle 2018-09-18 25 Grando

Gorgeous cool clear morning. 

Mennonite Bakery 2018-09-15 48 Grando

 Cool almost cold morning. Good turnout.

Town Garden School 2018-09-12 33 Soma Saga

First rains of summer on 9/11 and 9/12

Lewisburg Saddle 2018-09-11 30 Grando

Out 99 to Adair to meet Tuesday group but no one was there. Took Tampico to Willes, Robison, Rifle Range. Then Soap Creek and back over the top 

Cool morning with a few sprinkles. 

Smith Loop 2018-09-08 38 Grando

vi Bellfountain and Hiatt farm. Nice day. Rained overnight. 

Town Garden 2018-09-06 25 Soma Saga

Riding to school with J now. 

Albany 2018-09-04 30 Grando

Cool morning. Sunny. Nice tailwind heading south. 

Newport 2018-09-01 12 Ravn

From Beverly Beach. First out to Otter Rock, then back to Newport. Gorgeous day on the coast.

Beverly Beach 2018-08-31 54 Ravn

From Big Elk Campground it's 19 miles of gravel road to Elk City. There had been log trucks going by yesterday and this morning so I was a bit concerned. Turns out they were coming in from another road just a mile up the road and I never had to encounter one. In fact I only saw about 3...

Big Elk Campground 2018-08-30 32 Ravn

I was now confident that the C2C trail was well signed and rideable through to Harlan. Although the trail goes up Old Peak Road I still much prefer Woods Creek and so I headed that way. There was still some blue sky in Corvallis but the clouds where hanging in over Mary's Peak and it soon...

Elkins Road 2018-08-28 42 Grando

Tuesday club ride. Out Tampico to Berry Creek, Airlee to Elkins. Stop at Helmick Park and then back 99. I took Mountain View and Highland back.

I felt like a ton of lead today. I really had to work hard for very little power. Nice day as the smoke is gone. We did have a little wind....

Decker 2018-08-24 36 Grando

Late start and no motivation, but the smoke finally cleared enough to ride, and it's nice and cool. 

Garden and Open Streets 2018-08-19 20 Soma Saga


Rogue Hop Farm 2018-08-18 46 Grando

Nice group of tenners. Cooler morning, very nice.

A bit of the Coast 2018-08-17 30 Ravn

Around Beverly Beach Campground with January, Otter Crest solo, and a bit of Yaquina Bay Drive with Linda. 

Garden, Town, and ? 2018-08-13 25 Grando

Smoky sunrise ride to the garden.

CBBT 40 2018-08-11 38 Soma Saga

Pre ride. Cool cloudy day after months of heat. 

Kings Valley plus 2018-07-28 76 Grando

First came a 45 mile ride out to Kings Vally. At times I felt like I had no power, but when I got the bike going it really flew. Hundreds of motorcycles. Big rally with a stop in Kings Valley. 

Back in Corvallis, had lunch and then rode out to meet some of my Rando friends who were on...

Town Garden 2018-07-25 25 Soma Saga

Hot days of summer

Home 2018-07-22 30 Tandem

Day 4 mini loop

Brownsvile 2018-07-21 30 Tandem

Day 3 mini loop

Sunnyside Park 2018-07-20 20 Tandem

Day 2 mini loop

Waterloo 2018-07-19 33 Tandem

day 1 mini-loop

Around town 2018-07-17 20 Tandem

One more practice ride before mini-Loop. 

Day 9 - John Day 2018-07-15 34 Ravn
Day 8 - Dayville 2018-07-14 38 Ravn
Day 7 - Spray 2018-07-13 56 Ravn
Day 6 - Layover at Heppner 2018-07-12 5 Ravn
Day 5 - Heppner 2018-07-11 48 Ravn
Day 4 - Ukiah Dale State Park 2018-07-10 38 Ravn
Day 3 - Ritter Hot Springs 2018-07-09 52 Ravn
Day 2 - Austin Junction 2018-07-08 45 Ravn

Cold morning but the route started climbing right away. Back up from the wide prairie to 5,889' at the summit. Then 20 miles downhill to Prairie City. Second breakfast which I regretted because the service was so slow and the day was getting hot. 

Then east on 26, now following the...

Day 1 - Big Creek CG 2018-07-07 31 Ravn

Left Canyon City and immediately started climbing at a very gentle grade. We slowly made our way out of the valley and up into the trees. 

Test ride 2018-07-05 12 Ravn

Testing various loaded configurations before loop tour. 

Albany 2018-07-03 37 Grando

Rode to where NWTR was happening at Timber Ridge School. Biketopia was there playing music. Strong headwind to Albany. No wind on return via Riverside. Big party happening on the river front when I got to Corvallis.

Town - Garden 2018-06-28 40 Soma Saga

Probably the lowest milage June since I started riding. Well not quite, but low, and no doubt I'll pay for it on Loop Tour next week.

Around Ashland 2018-06-19 10 Ravn

More narrow steep streets until you get down to B street, then it's flat.

Bear Creek Greenway 2018-06-17 46 Ravn

All the way. 

Strawberry Century 2018-06-09 100 Grando

After over a month of dry weather it rained. Not as cold as last year though. I finished, and not last, but it was hard. Might be my last time doing the full century.

School and garden 2018-06-08 20 Tandem

We have learned to ride a tandem!

Alsea - Alsea Falls 2018-06-02 72 Grando

Started at 8. Great ride 

Garden 2018-05-31 12 Soma Saga

Very low miles for May

Tum Tum road 2018-05-30 12 Ravn

Straight up Tum Tum. Robert wanted to take us to Thompson Lake but the road in was clearly marked "private logging road, no public access". We decided not to go. 

Instead we kept going up Tum Tum looking for the C2C trail, which we found right in the middle of a new clearcut. We...

Return to Corvallis 2018-05-27 50 Ravn

Sunny and warm all day. We took the Wheatland ferry and rode into Salem on the west side of the river. We took a nice bike path/bridge attached to highway 22 back across into River Park. We then discovered this amazing new pedestrian/bicycle bridge which tied into the trail system from Mento...

Willamette Mission State Park 2018-05-26 60 Ravn

Bike overnight. Great turnout. Tenners even rode out with us as far as Buena Vista. Picked up the Tracys just before Independence bridge. Nice day. Cloudy with no wind. Flo rode with us the whole way and Loren picked her up at the park.

Around Ashland 2018-05-24 28 Ravn

Ashland is steep. I couldn't believe how steep it was going up Holly and Terrace to the start of the loop road. Didn't have time for much more other than some trips into town.

Garden - Town - Spring Roll 2018-05-20 48 Soma Saga

Riding to school with January most days.

Decker Road 2018-05-19 38 Grando

Cool and cloudy, just started warming up at the end of the ride. Out to Philomath first. Stopped at Hiatt farm on the way back.

Albany 2018-05-15 31 Grando

Shirley's Tuesday ride. A bit cooler than yesterday. 

Garden - town 2018-05-15 30 Soma Saga

No rain at all this month. 

Lebanon- Albany 2018-05-12 57 Grando

Started off cool but warmed up nicely. 

Garden 2018-05-10 12 Soma Saga

Logging short rides individually since I'm only doing short rides.

Its been very windy the last couple of days.

Garden 2018-05-09 12 Soma Saga

Slow recovery. 

Southtown 2018-05-08 26 Grando

Tuesday old guys ride. Back on the bike after being sick for two weeks. 

Town - Garden 2018-04-27 62 Soma Saga

Second half of April

Independence 2018-04-25 74 Grando

Another sunny almost hot day. This was the fast group. I could not keep up.

First rode to school with January, then over to the Beanery before mmeting the group at 9:00. They don't really leave untill 9:15 which is good to know.

Headed out to Buena Vista where the group split...

Albany 2018-04-24 34 Grando

Sunny and warm. Big turnout. 

Garden 2018-04-22 14 Ravn

Plus a little extra. Took the fenders off today.

Philomath and around 2018-04-21 30 Grando

Today was the Midge Cramer ride. I started with the club but pulled out at Philomath and wandered home alone. 

Felt pretty good considering long ride yesterday. 

Lebanon - Waterloo - Crawfordsville - Brownsville 2018-04-20 83 Grando

FInally a good long ride. The weather was going to be good so this was my day to get in my 70 mile ride-your-age ride. I had a couple of longer rides in March but not since turning 70. I got out early but was not awake yet and it was a bit cold so decided to stop for coffee before leaving town...

Airlee Road 2018-04-18 40 Ravn

Over Lewisburg Saddle and out Soap Creek. Then nice little loop from Tampico on Wiles Road (gravel) and Robison Road (gravel) to Airlee Road and then back on Berry Creek to Tampico. Nice day but still cool and a bit breezy. Warm weather is coming.

Philomath and around town 2018-04-17 30 Ravn

Starting to get antsy for touring. Playing around with configurations. 

Shedd 2018-04-14 42 Grando

Gray windy day but dry and not cold. Reverse loop out to Sevenmile and Boson Mill. Then Shedd and back on Green Valley. Nice tailwind coming back. 

Albany 2018-04-09 50 Grando

Via Springhill. Back Riverside and White Oak.Then through South Town and out the bike path to 53rd and home.

Nice day but the north wind was cold. The sun was out and it got up in the mid 60's by afternoon.

Decker Road 2018-04-06 38 Grando

The sun came out unexpectedly. Out through Philomath, then 34 to Decker. Back on Bellfountain. 

Philomath 2018-04-04 25 Grando

Put it off all day. Zero inspiration. Finally got out at 4. Warm dry day and rain in the forecast for the next week. A few extra miles out 53rd to the gravel and back.

Buena Vista 2018-03-31 36 Ravn

Nice day but I'm ready for a lot warmer. Stopped at Buena Vista House cafe. Nice. 

Town & Garden 2018-03-29 58 Soma Saga

Out and about 

Independence 2018-03-20 74 Ravn

Epic loop on a sunny first day of spring. First over Lewisberg Saddle to get the big climb in early, out Soap Creek and across to Buena Vista. Took the ferry across and followed th WVSB to Independence. After a quick snack I headed west to Monmouth and then continued west on Monmouth Hwy. Then...

Shedd 2018-03-17 38 Grando

Rain was in the forecast but it held off. We we're supposed to go to Brownsville but everyone wanted to turn around at Shedd. Some nice tailwind heading back,  but mostly side wind.

Decker Road 2018-03-10 37 Ravn

Nice tenners ride. Sunny at the start and dry. Good turnout. 

Town - Garden 2018-03-09 26 Soma Saga

Starting to work in the garden. It's trying to be spring.

Brownsville 2018-03-07 62 Grando

Wednesday group. Gray skies but not too cold, not too windy, and no rain. 

Grab Bag 200k 2018-03-03 82 Grando

My first DNF. Nice day, but I didn't have what it takes.

Smith Loop 2018-02-24 34 Ravn

Out Bellfountain to Greenberry. No rain until just before we got back to Corvallis. Lots of wind though. 

Philomath 2018-02-19 24 Ravn

Out 53rd to Bellfountain. Then Airport to Fern. Cold, a bit windy, but dry. 

Town 2018-02-14 20 Soma Saga

Not much to say.

Dayton Beaver 200k 2018-02-10 130 Ravn

Took the Ravn on a 200k. The Compass RTP tires made it possible. A little slower than the Grando but more comfortable and much easier climbing. The low gears really came in handy on this ride. 

Started in Willamina with the temperature right around freezing. My fingers were killing me...

Crescent Valley 2018-02-08 20 Ravn

Put the RTPs back on the Ravn with tubes, but then rode into town and had Trevor mount them tubeless. 

Five Rivers 200k 2018-02-04 132 Grando

Started early in Eugene, FInished late in Eugene. In between we rode over or along the Wilamette, McKenzie, Mohawk, Calipooia, and Santiam rivers. We also went over every hill between Eugene and Lebanon. On the return we hit Gap road at 100 mile in. Somehow I survived.

Photos by Susan...

Around Town 2018-01-30 60 Soma Saga

Amazingly warm and dry for January. 

Lunch in Pacific City 2018-01-28 74 Grando

Loop from Willamina. Misty mountain day. 

Albany 2018-01-27 36 Grando

Via Springhill. We were headed for Jefferson via BV ferry, but the wind started gusting from the south so we decided to just head in to Albany. Again the forecast said it would rain all day and we didn't get a drop. 

Albany 2018-01-20 28 Grando

Another unrainy day. Some wind though coming back. 3 riders got flats, but not me on my ultralight tires. Amazing.

Pictures by Patti.

Pettibone 2018-01-18 20 Ravn

Out Crescent Valley. Back hwy 20 into town. Rained all day but stopped when I went out. 

Eugene-Alsea 200k 2018-01-13 127 Grando

Got up at 4:30. Alarm was set for 5, but I was up. Good thing because it was dense fog getting out to the freeway and spotty fog all the way to Eugene. Still got their pretty early. It was clear in Eugene and just getting light when we left. Guy took over never to be seen again, but the rest...

Around town 2018-01-12 32 Soma Saga

Getting plenty of riding in for January. Just one really rainy day so far. 

Brownsville 2018-01-06 56 Ravn

Gorgeous day in January. Sunshine and no wind. Hard to beat. 

Decided the Ravn with Schwalbe tires is too sluggish for a club ride. 

Town Garden 2018-01-05 30 Soma Saga

Surprisingly good weather so far this year. 

Dimple Hill 2018-01-03 32 Ravn

Sunny day and not so cold. Up Oak Creek down Horse and Dan's trails. I then did a loop around town as it was too nice to not ride. Rain tomorrow.

New Year's Day ride 2018-01-01 28 Grando

First we had to duck into MoC and wait for the freezing fog to lift a bit. Then on to Philomath and out Fern to Airport. Then back Bellfountain to Nutcakes. It took almost to the end of the ride but the sun finally did come out. 

Philomath 2017-12-30 20 Ravn

Started out with the tenners but was feeling really weak. Turned around after Philomath and crawled home at 7mph. Got back in bed and slept the rest of the day. 

Around town 2017-12-28 25 Soma Saga

Year end commuting on the Saga. 

Philomath - Albany 2017-12-25 52 Grando

Partly sunny and cold. I was not very motivated and didn't get going until 11:00. Through Philomath and south on Fern. I was considering Decker but dark clouds that way so I took Llewelyn to 99w and back to town. Everything was closed for Christmas day. Took the 34 bike path and Riverside to...

Around town 2017-12-23 22 Ravn

Missed the tenners. Rain stoped but it kept misting all day and got colder. 

Monmouth 2017-12-16 54 Grando

Warmer but 100% humidity so it felt colder at the start, but it cleared up a bit as the day wore on and I was never too cold. We headed out Independence and went to Tracy's house for lunch. I left the group at Airlee and took Berry Creek - Soap Creek - Lewisburg Saddle home.

Town - Garden 2017-12-15 56 Soma Saga

Mostly sunny cold days with no rain so far in December.

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 2017-12-13 32 Ravn


Another beautiful sunny cold day. Perfrect conditions. The road that we couldn't ride because of ice last January, was dry and clear. The worst frost was on the paved roads. There are some...

Albany 2017-12-12 36 Grando

Another cold sunny day. Took Metge to Gibson Hill to N Albany road. Back on Riverside. Albany is a mess with construction. Need to stay away for a while.

Hiatt farm - Smith Loop 2017-12-09 38 Ravn

Freezing and foggy to start, but the sun came out and it was pretty nice. 

Surpassed last year's total miles on this ride.  Also now have over 1,000 on the Ravn. 

Wren to Wren 2017-12-06 30 Ravn

Reverse of the way I usually do this. Kings Valley road to Alexander to Hoskins road to Mary's River road to Blodgett-Eddyville road. Back on Harris road. 

We expected it to be foggy but it was bright sunshine. Cold and frosty to start but warmed up nicely. 

Philomath 2017-12-02 24 Ravn

Up the hills in NW first. Rainy day.

Osprey Loop 200k 2017-11-29 130 Grando

Sunny day and no wind. Warmed up nicely as well. As good as it gets for late November. Of course it got dark early but I have good lights and like riding in the dark.

Monthly Commuting 2017-11-27 50 Soma Saga

Still using the Saga for around town. 

Portland 2017-11-24 16 Ravn

Met Robert at  Velo Cult. Rode around a bit. Stopped at Renovo and Clever Cycles. Crossed the river on the new bridge. Came back over Steel Bridge. Had lunch at Velo Cult. 

Dimple Hill 2017-11-21 22 Ravn

Up Jackson Creek, down Oak Creek.

Shedd 2017-11-18 38 Grando

Cold cold fog. 

Garden 2017-11-17 19 Ravn

Rain stopped, but then it didn't. 

Ervin Road 2017-11-14 42 Ravn

To school with January.Then Coop for breakfast. Out 99 to Airport west to Peterson then Ervin. Side roads off 34 back.

North/ South loop 2017-11-12 38 Ravn

Crescent Valley Lewisburg Granger 20 town 99 Airport Fern Philomath 9th West Hills Bald Hill Walnut. No rain. 

Peedee 2017-11-11 56 Ravn

Annual Peedee pie ride. 

Philomath 2017-11-09 30 Ravn

Past Philomath out Fern Road to Llewellen and back on Bellfountain. Waited all day for the rain to quit which it did about 2:30.

Dunn Forest 2017-11-08 10 Ravn

Rainy exploration of roads 200, 320, 420, and 400. My fenders collected too much debris and stopped me dead. Not good.

Around town 2017-11-06 16 Ravn

Bike shop - tale of tubeless woes - and around.

Jefferson 2017-11-04 50 Grando

Started with the tenners but they all went short after waiting around for me to fix a flat. John, Tracy and I continued on to the ferry and then Jefferson - Albany.  Cold gray day and then the wind came up. Didn't rain though. 

Crescent Valley 2017-11-02 12 Ravn

Trying out new rain gear. In the dark. 

Independence 2017-10-31 58 Grando

Another gorgeous autumn bike riding day. When I head out on a solo ride...

Wern - Harris Road - Blodgett - Summit - Hoskins - Wren 2017-10-30 31 Ravn

Cool crisp sunny autumn day. Colors were amazing. Some loose gravel on Hoskins road but otherwise excellent conditions.

Town - Garden 2017-10-30 30 Soma Saga

Monthly total.

Adair 2017-10-28 22 Ravn

Started with the bike club on the cemetery ride, but had to get back early. Perfect fall morning. 

Corvallis perimeter 2017-10-27 16 Ravn

Beautiful fall morning. Vivid colors. Feeling good 3 days after 200k. 

Hillsboro -Dallas 200k 2017-10-24 124 Grando

Absolutely gorgeous fall day. Wasn't my best ride.

Garden 2017-10-23 14 Ravn

Short warmup ride for 200k tomorrow. 

Albany then garden 2017-10-14 42 Ravn

Foggy and cold in the morning then partly sunny but still cold.

Harlan - Hill top Road 2017-10-08 22 Ravn

We drove over to Harlan and parked at Big Elk Campground. We first rode east following the C2C trail back but a few miles after it turns off of Mary's Peak Road it was unpassable due to mud, as a result of recent logging. Really bad sticky mud. So we turned around and rode back. We then went...

Shedd 2017-10-07 46 Ravn

Sunny at the start but threatening rain at the end.

Fall City 2017-09-30 38 Ravn

Started in Monmouth. Helmick to Simpson road which was somewhat loose chunky gravel with washboard. Ducked a rain squal before Garden road which is also gravel into Fall Citty. The Bread Board bakery was opened so we had lunch, thern checked out the falls and rode back via Monmouth Hwy.

Dimple Hill - Dan's Trail 2017-09-29 15 Ravn

We left 15 minutes to early and had to take shelter from a rain shower. After that partly sunny and lovely. 

The Ravn was superb coming down Dan's Trail. 

Town Garden 2017-09-28 14 Ravn

Still recovering from last Sunday's brevet. 

Town - Garden 2017-09-27 27 Soma Saga

2 or 3 rides worth. The Saga is still my main commuter, although I have been riding the Ravn a lot.

Town - Garden 2017-09-26 15 Ravn

Recovery ride.

Lobster Valley 200 2017-09-24 127 Grando

Killer ride. More later.

Peoria Park 2017-09-23 30 Grando

Short ride today, long ride tomorrow. Cold start but then really nice fall day. 

Town & Garden 2017-09-20 32 Soma Saga

Mid month entry. Had to change the batteries on the odometer. Fall weather came with Fall.

Albany - Philomath 2017-09-16 45 Ravn

Most tenners must still be starting at 9:00. First cool morning.Then warm but smoky. Really enjoying the Ravn.

Beachside SP - Home 2017-09-14 72 Ravn

Tale of two log trucks

Big Elk to Beachside SP 2017-09-13 65 Ravn

North wind. 

Big Elk CG 2017-09-12 36 Ravn

First overnight on the Ravn. Highway 20 to Burnt Woods. New pavement with wide shoulder most of the way. Road to Harlan is also paved, then 2 miles of gravel to nice campground. 

Cardwell Hill - Harris Bridge 2017-09-11 35 Ravn

Didn't have the strength to pedal up the steep parts. Lower gears are great but won't make up for weak engine. 

Ravn handles great on downhill gravel. Very stable. It was hot and motivation was low so I turned around at Harris Bridge. 

Town - Garden - MVBC road cleanup 2017-09-09 50 Soma Saga

Out Bellfountain after road cleanup and back Fern. The Saga feel heavy and slow compared to the RAVN and Grando, but I was able to haul a very heavy load back from the garden with ease.

Dimple Hill - Bald Hill 2017-09-07 35 Ravn

First gravel ride on the Ravn. Handed great. Nice to have low gears. Fun to descend in the drops. 

Rogue Farms - Lewisburg Saddle 2017-09-02 52 Ravn

I got ahead of the group on the way home and then went off course to Soap Creek. Met Craig from the Santiam Spokes. 

Banks - Elsie - Banks 2017-08-30 130 Grando

Gorgeous cool clear day after weeks of heat and smoke. 

Town Garden 2017-08-29 20 Ravn

New bike bliss. 

Town, Garden, Town 2017-08-28 20 Ravn

Loaded her up to see how it felt. Then went to the garden and added a lot of weight. 

It was amazing how easy it was to put the rack and cages on. Both just went on with no modifications. However this is not the best setup for this bike. I need to get more weight in the front and less...

Lewisburg Saddle 2017-08-26 26 Ravn

Reverse loop. First club ride with the Ravn. So far so good. Probably the best it's going to get. Once I start adding racks, fenders, etc. it probably won't feel this responsive.

Maiden Voyage 2017-08-25 15 Ravn

First ride on the Ravn.

Town Garden 2017-08-24 50 Soma Saga

More summer commuting 

Albany 2017-08-22 28 Grando

Tuesday group. Day after eclipse. 

Brownsville 2017-08-19 57 Grando

Good showing at the start. Nice cool morning. After Shedd it was Brandy, Beth, Lyle, John and I. Nice route back but strong headwinds.

CBBT 2017-08-17 94 Grando

Got a ride to Albany and started with 5 others. Cool cloudy morning. After Scio they turned back and I continued on the 100 mile route to Lebanon. Then directly home instead of back to Albany. Gor hot in the afternoon. 

Newport - Home 2017-08-11 28 Soma Saga

Beachside to Newport. Then bus to Corvallis, out to the garden and then home.

Still cool and wet in Waldport, but warmer and almost sunny in Newport.

Yachats 2017-08-10 24 Soma Saga

From Beachside. Saw whales. Went up the valley. 

Garden and town 2017-08-08 54 Soma Saga

Hot summer days. 

Mary's Peak 2017-08-06 57 Grando

Got out early enough but procrastinated before the climbing started. Then went slow the rest of the day. It never got too hot. Partly cloudy skies with haze and smoke. Went down Woods Creek.

Garden and town 2017-07-30 68 Soma Saga

Mid summer heat. 

Decker - Smith Loop 2017-07-29 48 Grando

Nice turnout. Beat the heat for the most part. Some wind coming back.

Albany 2017-07-18 28 Grando

Regular Tuesday ride. About a dozen people. Very nice. 

Home 2017-07-16 30 Soma Saga

Mini-Loop 2017 Day 4 - Waterloo to Corvallis. Cooler day and windy.

January opted to go with Grandma which was good because I was beat. Riding with the tag along bike is way harder then loaded panniers. Rode most of the way with Val and George.

We went off course and took...

Waterloo County Park 2017-07-15 18 Soma Saga

Mini-Loop 2017 Day 3 - Sunnyside Park to Waterloo Park

Shorter ride by some big hills.

Linda came and bailed me out. I need some help with January.

Sunnyside County Park 2017-07-14 28 Soma Saga

Mini-Loop 2017 Day 2 - Brownsville to Sunnyside Park. Warmer day today.

We left early and rode all the way to Sweet Home by ourselves. January was stoked to realize she had ridden all the way to Sweet Home. We stopped at the supermarket and waited for others to catch up. Turned into...

Brownsville 2017-07-13 26 Soma Saga

MIni-Loop 2017 Day 1 - Corvallis to Brownsville

We met at the waterfront park fountain and started about 9:30. It was a nice cool morning.


Banks - Elsie 200k permanent 2017-07-09 131 Grando

My longest ever ride. Beautiful day. Banks-Vernonia Trail. Then Mist, Jewel, Elsie and back. 

Kings Valley 2017-07-08 47 Grando


Around town 2017-07-07 57 Soma Saga


Corvallis - Home 2017-07-02 44 Soma Saga

Day 15 - Day 9 ST1 - Fern Ridge to Alvadore to Junction City. 99E to Harrisburg and Peoria road to Corvallis.

Fern Ridge Reservoir 2017-07-01 45 Soma Saga

Day 14 - Day 8 ST1 - Last night of camping. Cottage Grove to Loraine and then down Territorial.

Pine Meadows CG 2017-06-30 57 Soma Saga

Day 13  - Day 7 ST1 - Out of Roseburg via Garden Valley. Then over some big hills and gravel roads, and finnaly London Hill before dropping down to London Springs and then on to Cottage Grove Lake.

River Forks Park 2017-06-29 26 Soma Saga

Day 12 - Day 6 ST1 - Layover day in Roseburg. Nice ride out to the confluence of the North and South Umpqua.

Roseburg 2017-06-28 44 Soma Saga

Day 11 - Day 5 ST1 - On down to Roesburg, Very nice route in on Roberts Creek Road.

Susan Creek 2017-06-27 57 Soma Saga

Day 10 - Day 4 ST1 - Down the North Umpqua. Lots of waterfalls.

Diamond Lake 2017-06-26 28 Soma Saga

Day 9 - Day 3 ST1 - Up the Rogue to Diamond Lake.

Union Creek 2017-06-25 70 Soma Saga

Day 8 - Day 2 ST1 -  From Lake of the Woods we rode down 140 to Rocky Point and then the familiar route to Fort Klamath. Then the climbing started as we worked our way up 62 into Crater Lake National Park. After a quick stop at the top it was a fast downhill to Union Creek.

Lake of the Woods 2017-06-24 36 Soma Saga

Day 7 - Day 1 of ST1

Klamath Falls 2017-06-23 40 Soma Saga

Day 6   Nice route off of 97 from Chilloquin to Modoc Point  Hot in KF  


Collier State Park 2017-06-22 79 Soma Saga

Day 5 - Nice cold morning. Got a good start but got a flat in the most perfect place to change a flat. Wide paved pull off with a very scenic view. 

Highway 58 to Chemult then all 97. Much farther than I had intended. Mostly flat or downhill. 

Davis Lake 2017-06-21 65 Soma Saga

Day 4. Navigate Bend then 97, then Sunriver. Finally getting somewhere when I got to the fork in the road. One way to La Pine, the other to Cascade Lakes Scenic Highway. I took the fork. So delightfully cook up in the mountain lakes. 

Tumalo SP 2017-06-20 50 Soma Saga

Day 3 - Over McKenzie Pass. Hung out in Sisters for a bit. 

Up early to finish the climb in the morning coolness. There was actually just 4 more miles of the climb until it leveled out and then a few ups and downs before the top. Traffic was picking up, mostly from the Sisters side....

Alder Creek CG 2017-06-19 50 Soma Saga

Day 2 - Stopped at Limberlost CG to escape the heat. Did the last 10 miles after 6:00 PM.

The day started riding through familiar places like Vida, and Blue River. Stopped at the Goodpasture Bridge remembering when I bought my tractor from Bill Goodpasture back in 1976. The bridge...

Deerhorn county park 2017-06-18 69 Soma Saga


Day 1. It got hot today. Familiar route though Peoria, Harrisburg, and Coburg. Then McKenzie View which led to 126 completely bypassing Eugene and Springfield. 

Met a cyclist from Boulder, CO riding with his daughter. The started in Bend and came over the pass. 


Albany 2017-06-17 28 Grando

The sun came out! Really nice day. Took it easy. Big ride starts tomorrow. 

Commuting 2017-06-16 44 Soma Saga

LBCC and garden. 

Commuting 2017-06-16 44 Soma Saga

LBCC and garden. 

Philomath 2017-06-11 18 Soma Saga

Mini loop tour practice ride. Rain stopped. Partial clearing and warm enough for a good ride. Lots of kids with parents on tandems. 

Strawberry Century 2017-06-10 100 Grando

Rain. Rain when we started and rain when we finished. But some clearing in between. I was not fully recovered from last week's brevet. It was a hard ride. But we made it. Very scenic. They change the first part of the ride each year making it more interesting.

Commuting 2017-06-09 96 Soma Saga

LBCC, garden, and with January to school. 

Newburg-Scio 200k 2017-06-03 126 Grando

My second ACP brevet with the Oregon Randonneurs. Even got Rick and Tracy to join me. 

Drizzly wet morning but dried up by afternoon. Similar route to the first one I did but more hills. 

Philomath 2017-06-01 20 Grando

Stew and the Sacramento gang are back for another tour. I joined them for the start. 

Monthly Commuting 2017-05-31 405 Soma Saga

Saved the miles all month. A lot of these are with J on the Piccolo to and from school and to the garden. Most are to and from LBCC. 

Jefferson 2017-05-29 70 Grando

Met the Tracys at Buena Vista. Took the ferry and then Talbot road to Jefferson. Had an early lunch, then back trough the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge to Independence brige. Stapelton to Monmouth, then back on Helmick, 99W, Arboretum, Mountain View, and Highland.

Couldy in the morning but...

Alsea Falls 2017-05-27 75 Grando

Clockwise. Bellfountain - Alpine - Alsea Falls - Alsea - Alsea Summit. Sunny hot day, perfect in the woods, hot in the sun.

Alsea Falls 2017-05-27 75 Grando

Clockwise. Bellfountain - Alpine - Alsea Falls - Alsea - Alsea Summit. Sunny hot day, perfect in the woods, hot in the sun.

Willamette Mission State Park 2017-05-20 104 Grando
Ride of Silence 2017-05-17 12 Grando

Nice turnout. Nice evening. 

Philomath 2017-05-14 24 Soma Saga

Short but brisk ride. Trying to ramp up the intensity on short rides. 

Buena Vista 2017-05-09 36 Grando

Adair, Metge, Oak Grove, Palestine, Scenic, Spring Hill and back. Nice day v

Covered Bridge 200k 2017-05-06 127 Grando

Oregon Randonneurs brevet. My first. Beautiful day, great people. Wilsonville to Scio then Salem and back. 

I got up at 3:30 and drove up to Wilsonville. I got to the Starbucks early but there was already a group of riders getting ready to go. Turn out they were doing a 400k ride....

Garden town 2017-05-05 15 Grando

New tires

Around town 2017-04-30 42 Soma Saga

Over the past 2 weeks.

Brownsville via Harrisburg 2017-04-29 92 Grando

Out Peoria, Tangent, Green Valley, Fayetteville and Peoria to Menanite bakery with a bunch of Tenners. Warm and sunny! John and I then continued to Harrisburg and then Gap Road to Brownsville. Lunch at Main Street Cafe and then home via Seven Mile, Robert's Road, etc. Great ride!

Albany 2017-04-28 35 Grando

No rain! Albany back Riverside, then out to garden. Mounted front panniers and had a little weight in them. Definitely adds some stability having more weigh up front.

Decker Road 2017-04-22 40 Grando

Drizzle and wind. And yesterday was so nice. 

Scio 2017-04-21 80 Grando

Via Buena Vista and Jefferson. Back through Tangent. 

Really nice day. Almost 70. Light wind. About time. 

Town 2017-04-20 11 Grando

Quick trip to town to checkout a Soma Wolverine.

Waterloo 2017-04-15 70 Grando

It didn't rain today!

Commuting 2017-04-14 55 Soma Saga

Rain won't quit. One ride to LBCC. Some to garden and town. 

Independence - Jefferson - Crabtree - Tangent 2017-04-06 100 Grando

My birthday ride. Rain at first but then it stopped. No wind. Independence Hwy, then WVSB. then Talbot to Jefferson. Mostly flat ride in the valley. Took it slow. Stopped twice.

Valley of the Giants 2017-04-02 18 Grando

Short ride on the North Fork Siletz River.

Smith Loop 2017-04-01 45 Grando

Light mist and drizzle. Out Bellfountain to Llewellyn. Back Greenberry - Decker. Stop at Hiatt Bakery.

Harrisburg 2017-03-31 75 Grando

First sunny day since I've been back from NZ. Out Bellfountain to Coon road. Monroe Old River Road to Harrisburg. Peoria road, Irish Bend Loop, and some wandering out Greenback and Kendal Loop. 

Around town and garden 2017-03-28 40 Soma Saga

Also picked January up after school a couple of times. 

Halsey 2017-03-25 50 Grando

Once again the rain held off enough to get in a good ride. Meandering route off of Peoria road going out, American road to Peoria road coming back. Increasing headwind going out, mostly tailwind coming back but it was shifting from south to west. Talked with John V about doing the northern...

Around town 2017-03-24 14 Grando


Peoria then garden 2017-03-22 37 Grando

5 riders headed out towards Harrisburg. 3, including me, turned around at Peoria. Rain was threatening but held off. 

Otago Peninsula 2017-03-18 38 Disc Trucker

Last ride in New Zealand and last ride on the Trucker, which I sold here.

Took Highcliff Road, which is very well named, out the peninsula. It starts up the middle with great views of Otago Bay and Dunedin, and then bends east towards the ocean, before diving fast downhill back to...

Daisybank to Middlemarch 2017-03-16 26 Disc Trucker

My plan was to hang out as long as I could at camp. It was a beautiful spot but the sun hit it really late and it was cold. I still took it as slow as I could. Sarah the backpacker was packed up and ready to go before I even got up. She was the first one out. The Australian couple dallied a...

Poolburn Gorge to Daisybank 2017-03-15 45 Disc Trucker

Woke early at my not-so-stealth camping spot on the trail. I wanted to get going before too many riders came along. It was a beautiful morning and I was looking forward to a nice long day of riding. The Tunnels were the first thing up, followed by a long bridge. These were nice tunnels to ride...

Clyde to Poolburn Gorge 2017-03-14 37 Disc Trucker

When I got up I knew I wouldn't be riding on with Jelle. The tentative plan was to ride the first part of the Roxburgh trail with him, and then double back to the Otago trail. I woke up tired and way behind Jelle who was soon ready to go. So we said our goodbyes and he was off. So now I was on...

Omakau to Clyde 2017-03-13 28 Disc Trucker

Had my tea at the fancy hotel and was ready to go. Then had a light breakfast it the bike shed, where it was at least dry. It was misting out, but not raining. 

The trail seemed to be climbing which helped warm me up. We were coming up the back side of Tiger Hill, which from the other...

Wedderburn to Omakau 2017-03-12 28 Disc Trucker

Day 3 on the Otago Central Rail Trail. Wet and cold just like a winter ride at home. Wind was at our backs for the most part and there were two cafes on the route.

We hung out as long as we could at the Wedderburn Hotel not wanting to go out in the cold rain. Eventually we had to go....

Daisybank to Wedderburn 2017-03-11 25 Disc Trucker

Otago Central Rail Trail day 2. Cool day, easy riding.

I slept in knowing we had a short easy ride that day. Jelle got up early as did the Danish couple with their children. Hard to believe they could get their kids fed, their stuff packed and make it out of camp before me, but they...

Middlenarch to Daisybank 2017-03-10 24 Disc Trucker

Otogo Central Rail Trail day one. The trail was great but first was the train ride.

We left the Dunedin Holiday Park by 8:30 to get to the train station by 9:00. We knew the route after riding it the day before. The Taieri Gorge Railway train ride was very scenic but short of...

Dunedin 2017-03-09 14 Disc Trucker

Got up early to catch the shuttle from Oamaru to Dunedin. Cold but not as cold as yesterday and very sunny. Shuttle took us to the Holiday Park. After getting settled we rode back into town to see where we catch the train tomorrow to the start of the Otago Rail Trail. Dunedin is a big city,...

Duntroon to Oamaru 2017-03-08 35 Disc Trucker

Increadible trails today. First a bit of road and next-to-road path to Elephant Rocks. Then things got really interesting as the purpose made bike trail wandered down a canyon and then across and switched back up the other side. The geology of this region is very interesting with ancient worn...

Kurow to Duntroon 2017-03-07 20 Disc Trucker

Logistically it was too far to get to Oamaru so today would be a short ride, mostly along the Waitaki River. Leaving Kurow we immediately came to the winery which of course required a stop. The trail then led through the vineyard, which was nice. This was part purpose made bike track and part...

Omarama to Kurow 2017-03-06 45 Disc Trucker

Today was all about hydro electric plants. In fact each day had been leading up to this. The canals we had followed from lake to lake had all the water flowing this way, and today is where it all came through the Benmore Dam and hydro plant.

But before we got there we were treated to...

Twizel to Omarama 2017-03-05 54 Disc Trucker

We left the campground at Twizel on a quiet back road. After a few miles it crossed the highway and led us to a canal road similar to the one we took from Lake Tekapo. Once again the road alternated from sealed to gravel. After we reached Lake Oahu and crossed a dam our path became a nice...

Lake Tekapo to Twizel 2017-03-04 42 Disc Trucker

A2O day 1. Awesome! We started along the canal road from Lake Tekapo to Lake Pukaki. These lakes are all connected by canals and feed into a huge hydro-electric system. This canal road alternated between sealed road and gravel. The gravel sections were pretty loose but had a nice single track...

Lake Tekapo 2017-03-03 10 Disc Trucker

We took a rest day at Lake Tekapo before starting on the A2O trail. It was the perfect place to do so. I rode into town and back to the campground and around the lake a little. Very windy day. There is a larch forest growing on the side of the lake. They are not native but have naturalized...

Fairlie to Lake Tekapo 2017-03-02 30 Disc Trucker

Didn't sleep well after a late night with our new friends doing a road bike tour. So another late start. But the sun was shining and the sky was blue, and now we could see some of the mountains that were obscured by clouds yesterday.

It was a gradual climb to the "town" of Burkes Pass...

Pleasant Point to Farlie 2017-03-01 30 Disc Trucker

This was a very pleasant ride on highway 8. Light traffic and very gradual grade, although we were climbing the whole way. Jelle was having bike issues this day. His fairly new Schwalbe Marathon was bulging and also had a big gash in the tread. Then when we removed it to put in a boot, which I...

Mt. Somers to Pleasant Point 2017-02-28 50 Disc Trucker

Another easy day. A bit longer than we had been riding, which was good. We debated the route a bit as the route we were following from the Kennet Bros was quite a bit longer than the main highway, but ended up following it pretty closely.

Midway we passed through the town of Geraldine...

Glentunnel to Mt. Somers 2017-02-27 40 Disc Trucker

It was starting to show signs of clearing as we left, and as the day progressed it got nicer and nicer. We were riding quiet back roads with very few cars on them. As the sun came out we could now see the foothills and mountains to the west. As we approached the Rakaia Gorge we did have to get...

Christchurch to Glentunnel 2017-02-26 47 Disc Trucker

After a rest day at Hanmer Springs, which was nice and hot, we woke up to rain. We had a shuttle to catch so there was no time to try and dry the tents. The shuttle kept us from riding the busy highway which now had all of the traffic to Christchurch since the coast route was closed due to the...

Hanmer Springs 2017-02-25 10 Disc Trucker

Layover day in Hanmer Springs. We went to the hot pools, which were relaxing even though it was a hot day. Mostly hung out. I took advantage of the free Spark Wifi to upload some pictures.

We ran into another touring cyclist Joost, whom Jelle had met previously. She is also from The...

Cold Creek to Hanmer Springs (Rainbow Trail) 2017-02-24 44 Disc Trucker

It was cold when we woke up at Cold Creek, but we could see the sun would soon be upon us. We knew we had a hard morning of climbing ahead of us before the long downhill. At once the road got a lot rougher than it had been the day before. There were some places where slides had fallen over the...

Saint Arnaud to Cold Creek (Rainbow Trail) 2017-02-23 30 Disc Trucker

Epic ride up the Wairau River into the mountains.

It was longer than I thought it would be on the highway to the start of the Rainbow Trail, but eventually we turned off on a lovely fast downhill into the Wairau Valley. The clouds were putting on a show and the whole thing was...

Kohutu to St. Arnaud 2017-02-22 31 Disc Trucker

Left Quinney's Bush Camp at 9:00 with the sand fleas chasing me the whole way. First stretch was on the highway which was busy but not too bad. Then the turnoff on Korere - Tophouse road. This was great. No traffic at all. Steady climbing into a slight headwind. First farms and then forests....

Motueka Valley to Kohutu 2017-02-21 26 Disc Trucker

Through Facebook Messenger I had been communicating with Jelle and I decided I would meet up with him in St. Arnaud to ride the Rainbow Trail. I had two days of riding to get there.

I left Harmony's place as early as I could get going and back tracked up the West side road on the...

Nelson to Motueka Valley 2017-02-20 40 Disc Trucker

I knew Harmony for a short time in the early 80's. We played music together back then so when I found out he was close to my route on the South Island I wanted to stop by and say hi. He gave me directions to his place. It may have not been the easiest route by bike, but it was scenic and a...

Pelorus Bridge to Nelson 2017-02-19 42 Disc Trucker

Leaving Pelorus Bridge I had a choice. The more direct route is a rugged 4 wheel drive road which is not recommended for loaded touring bikes. Instead I took the longer route on highway 6 through the Rai Valley and then over the Whangamoa Mountains. At first there wasn't much traffic, but it...

Picton to Pelorus Bridge 2017-02-18 37 Disc Trucker

By morning it had stopped raining and it was looking like a nice day. Jelle had made arrangements to go kayaking this day so I headed out Queen Charlotte Drive by myself. I wasn't sure if we'd meet again but we exchanged contact info so that we could.

Queen Charlotte Drive started...

Wellington to Picton 2017-02-17 8 Disc Trucker

It was raining when I woke so no choice but to pack the tent wet. Jelle joined me as I rode downtown in search for a bike show to replace the helmet that I lost on the way to Hamilton. Bike Barn had decent helmets. Then a stop at a cafe for second breakfast before heading to the ferry terminal...

Hamilton to Wellington 2017-02-16 15 Disc Trucker

WS host to train station. Train to Wellington. Train station to hostel.

It was a gray day, but not quite raining. Got to the train station in plenty of time. Got my bike loaded fine. The ride was scenic, and would have been more so on a sunny day. 

Collecting my bags after...

Paeroa to Hamilton 2017-02-15 44 Disc Trucker

Hauraki Rail Trail to Te Aroha, then highway with decent shoulder. Warm but not too hot. Headwind that continued to pickup during the day. 

I made my first costly mistake today. I lost my helmet. At some point I stopped for a break and took it off, and then somehow rode off again...

Stoney Bay to Little Bay 2017-02-11 16 Disc Trucker

Once again it was straight uphill from the campground. Tom caught up to me when I was on the first downhill. He was riding a Bike Friday. He said he was a New Zealand dealer for them. I lost Tom when the road turned upward once again.  Basically the same steep gravel riad climbing that I have...

Fantail Bay to Stoney Bay 2017-02-10 16 Disc Trucker

The day started out with a hard climb, maybe as a forewarning of things to come.The views of the gulf were spectacular however. After a few miles of climbing it was downhill to Port Jackson. There was a fancier campground there, but little else. As the road was nearing it's end there was...

Colville to Fantail Campground 2017-02-09 16 Disc Trucker

Mark and Nedilka dropped me off in Colville and they continued on to Little Bay. My plan was to ride for 3 days around the northern tip of the Coromandel Peninsula and meet them in Little Bay. The road does not go through, so day 2 would include 5 Km of hiking trail.

It was well into...

Hauraki Rail Trail: Paeroa - Waihi 2017-02-06 28 Disc Trucker

Out and back on a lovely rail-to-trail. Smooth gravel following the  Karangahake Gorge. Lots of people out mostly on mountain bikes. Part of the trail was not on the rail bed and offered some nice swoops and turns. The country was very interesting. Sometimes it looked like Oregon, other times...

Matarangi 2017-02-05 26 Disc Trucker

Another short ride after a morning of surfing. Another gorgeous day. Two more big hills. Bluff road turned to gravel but wasn't too steep. Then it was closed due to land slide, but I snuck through. Then down to the beach where we surfed yesterday and around to the beach where we surfed this...

Kuaotunu - Otama Beach 2017-02-03 18 Disc Trucker

First short ride in New Zealand. Up over a steep bluff on Blackjack road. Part gravel, part paved. Warm and sunny. Looking forward to more.

Monthly Commuting 2017-01-29 66 Soma Saga

And so goes January. Next stop New Zealand

Llewelyn 2017-01-28 30 Grando

Cold fog but a hardy group of riders showed up to wish me a Bon Voyage. Next week New Zealand. 

Philomath 2017-01-21 23 Grando

Rain, rain, and more rain. 3 people showed up for the ride, 1 went home, and 2 did a short ride in the rain.

Bellfountain Gravel Loop 2017-01-15 26 Grando

Start at Bellfountain Park south on gravel to Alpine road then west to Wilson road. 

Peoria Park 2017-01-14 30 Grando

Cold kept most of the Tenners away. 25 at the start, but bright and sunny. Slight north wind proved to be very cold  on the way back. Cold, cold ride.

Decker Road 2017-01-12 34 Disc Trucker

After a week or more of snow, ice, and freezing rain, we finally got a sunny cold day. Took 99W to Airport west to Peterson to Ervin and over the ridge to Decker road and Hwy 34 back to Philomath.

Town 2017-01-01 15 Disc Trucker

Actually on the 3rd but I'm testing to see if my log stats picks up the 1st. 

Albany 2016-12-31 31 Grando

Last ride of the year and a good one it was, both the ride and the year. Cold but not freezing. This ride puts me over 7100 miles for the year. Retirement has its perks. 

Dimple Hill 2016-12-30 21 Grando

Up Jackson Creek and down Oak Creek. I think this was the only gravel ride I've done this Fall/Winter. Nice day but cold north wind. My toes got cold. Also first serious climb since I hurt my knee in November. I did fine but I certainly can feel some pain in the knee. It does not seem to...

Around Town 2016-12-26 30 Soma Saga

Most of December.

Smith Loop 2016-12-24 35 Grando

Robert's birthday ride. Once again the rain did not materialize. Mostly sunny but cold.

Town loop 2016-12-23 16 Disc Trucker

I must decide soon which bike to take to NZ. Leaning towards the Trucker. 

Albany 2016-12-10 31 Soma Saga

Grando had a flat so I took the Saga. It felt like a tank. New Mondial tires are heavy. 

Around town 2016-12-08 18 Soma Saga

It got colder. 

Decker Road 2016-12-03 37 Grando

Another ride with no rain! Light fog was lifting to reveal sunshine, but it then clouded over. 23 people showed up to ride today. My knee is getting better. I had to ride in my easiest gear over Decker but it was not painful.

Around town 2016-11-30 30 Soma Saga

End of November. Much reduced mileage due to knee injury. 

Albany 2016-11-29 33 Grando

Sunny day! Rode the same loop as Saturday only clockwise and started out over Highland / Cresent Valley. Knee is getting better but still holding me back.

Albany 2016-11-26 29 Grando

Onve again the rain held off. I rode slow, but John Ro1 stayed back with me. 

Philomath 2016-11-24 20 Soma Saga

Heavy rain, light wind, not too cold. Thanksgiving day ride. First ride on new Mondial tires. 

Commuting around town 2016-11-20 30 Soma Saga

Knee injury has forced a drastic cutback in miles. The weather hasn't been that great either. 

Philomath 2016-11-17 21 Grando

Still recovering from knee injury. Keeping it short and slow. It stopped raining and the sun came out so I had to ride. Getting colder though.

Adair 2016-11-12 16 Grando

About 10 days ago I injured my knee while building an add-on to my patio. As I stood up I heard a loud "pop", then it started hurting the next day. This was my first ride since the injury and I'm glad I didn't try and go farther. The club ride was to the annual fall event in Peedee, which is a...

Thompson Mills 2016-11-02 42 Grando

No one showed up for the 9:00 ride so I continued into town and met the 9:30 ride at The Beanery. This group rides a little slower. Another dry, warm, gray day. The sun cme out in the afternoon after the ride.

Monthly Commuting 2016-10-31 134 Soma Saga

It was a very rainy October, possibly record setting, yet I got rained on very little when out riding. Really enjoying the Saga as my commuter. I put on my Arkel panniers and have kept them on all the time.

Albany Philomath 2016-10-29 52 Grando

We lucked out again and had a beautiful day with no rain and temps around 60. Short ride to Albany. Then Tracy and Rick joined me to Philomath. Fall colors at their peak right now. 

Jefferson 2016-10-26 54 Grando

Forecast was for rain all day. Headed out in full rain gear, but it was not raining. And it was warm, close to 60. Pretty soon the rain gear came off, and never went back on.  It was a really nice day. No rain, no wind, cloudy, and warm.

We took the Buena Vista ferry and Talbot road...

Decker Ridge 2016-10-22 37 Grando

Fog not rain. Lifted when we got southwest of town. 

Independence 2016-10-19 53 Grando

It's been raining for days but this morning was foggy. Forecast was for chance of rain, but it never really happened. Fog lifted and  the sun even peaked through the clouds a bit. We took a road I'd never been on from just north of Buena Vista down closer to the river near the Rogue Brewery,...

Philomath 2016-10-15 20 Grando

Forecast was for torrential rain and gale force winds, none of which happened. Light rain and little wind to Philomath. Wind increasing from the south as we rode back to Imagine. When we came out it was raining hard, but the wind was at our backs. Then the rain stopped. Not bad at all.

Albany - Buena Vista 2016-10-08 52 Grando

First to Albany via RIverside with Tenners. Back over Gibson Hill. Then solo to Buena Vista. Nice day.

Hiatt Farm Bakery 2016-10-01 33 Grando

First ride of fall. Cool, very windy, threatening rain. Rode into the wind heading out. Went to the farm store on Peterson road just of Llewellyn.

Town ad Garden 2016-09-30 21 Soma Saga

End of summer. No rain yet but it's coming. 

Curtin to Home 2016-09-25 72 Disc Trucker

Day 14 - Sunny and warm

Broke camp fairly early. I knew it would be a long day. It was still cool but it was shaoing up to be very nice. Turned out to be the warmest day of the tour. This being Sunday the cafe in Lorane was closed, but the store was open, so I stopped for second...

Myrtle Creek to Curtin 2016-09-24 68 Disc Trucker

Day 13 - Hills

The I-5 corridor through this part of Oregon cuts through some narrow canyons and around a lot of hills. There is no easy side road that follows it directly. The first big challenge was Roberts Mountain Road. It wasn't really a mountain, just one of those big oak knolls,...

Trail/Tiller Hwy to Myrtle Creek 2016-09-23 58 Disc Trucker

Day 12 - Rain

There was still quite a bit of climbing to reach the top of the divide, which was also the start of Douglas County. What a stark contrast. On the Jackson County side it was mostly residences with no visible signs of logging. As soon as I hit Douglas County I was in a big...

Ashland to Trail/Tiller Hwy. 2016-09-22 50 Disc Trucker

Day 11 - Heading north

I took my time getting out of town. I stopped at the Co-op for second breakfast, even though I hadn't done any riding since first breakfast, and ran into the Thursday moring retired guys breakfast. So I got to see Ed and Larry, which was really nice. So I had...

Rocky Point to Ashland 2016-09-19 50 Disc Trucker

Day 8 - Back to familiar territory

Got an early start. Very beautiful morning at Rocky Point. Its a great spot to see the sunrise over the lake and reeds. Took the side road along the lake front out to highway 140. 140 had a really wide shoulder, then no shoulder, then an adequate...

Mazama CG to Rocky Point 2016-09-18 36 Disc Trucker

Day 7 - Downhills and headwinds

Once again Lorri rode with me while Charlie drove ahead with the dogs. We were treated to a great downhill on Hwy. 62 after leaving the park. It went on and on until it eventually reached the flat lands a few miles from Fort Klamath. This was familiar...

Crater Rim 2016-09-17 42 Disc Trucker

Awesome. Thousands of riders. Supported rest stops with water, Cliff Bars and fruit. A bit windy and cool but still beautiful.

Paul and John met us at the parking lot as planned. It was a bit cold to start but we knew we'd be climbing right away. Many riders were doing the ride in the...

Diamond Lake to Mazama CG 2016-09-16 28 Disc Trucker

Day 5 - Over the Rim.

Today I had a riding buddy. Lorri rode with me while Charlie drove the car, took care of the dogs, and got our campsite. We wandered around the Diamond Lake campgrounds a bit trying to find a bike path but soon got back on track. It was a few miles on highway 140...

Apple Creek to Diamond Lake 2016-09-15 42 Disc Trucker

Day 4 - Lots more climbing

Another beautiful morning. Nothing but sunshine so far. I'd driven the North Umpqua highway before so I sort of knew what to expect. There is a great mountain bike trail that follows the river, with trail access every 10 miles or so. I knew it was a real...

Sharps Creek to Apple Creek 2016-09-14 36 Disc Trucker

Day 3 - Over the divide.

Another beautiful morning. Today I would cross over from the Row River valley, which is in the Willamette drainage, to the North Umpqua. The road was still as wide as a highway with a good shoulder and zero traffic. The first few miles were easy and I started...

Crow to Sharps Creek 2016-09-13 46 Disc Trucker

Day 2 - Free beer

Woke up and got going at a reasonable hour. Days are not long as they were in mid summer, but I knew I'd have plenty of daylight to get in the distance I needed. Had a little breakfast but no tea and hoped I'd find a cafe in Lorane for a good second breakfast. I was...

Home to Crow 2016-09-12 56 Disc Trucker

Day one. Tailwinds. 

My first stop was the garden first to water and get some veggies for the trip. Green pepper, tomatoes, and kale will all survive several days in my panniers. I decided to take 99 instead of Bellfountain to avoid the hills, then from Monroe I took Territorial....

Tangent 2016-09-10 26 Soma Saga

Joined the Tenners for a short ride before turning back so that I could get to the "Water is Life" event on the river front. Warm morning, hot afternoon. 

Blodget Loop 2016-09-09 42 Grando

Started and ended in Blodgett. Summit -> Hoskins road -> Alexander road -> Kings Valley road -> Harris road -> Tum Tum road -> Blodgett. Beautiful day, mid 70's. I was running on low energy. 

Garden / Town 2016-09-08 47 Soma Saga

Still doing all my running around on the Saga.

Garden / Town 2016-08-30 71 Soma Saga

Several weeks trips to the garden, shopping, January on the Piccalo, and into town.

Independence 2016-08-27 58 Grando

Showed up at 9 but no one there. Started to ride solo but then circled back and went with the tenner. Most of the group split of early and I stayed with Rann and Doreen on their tandem, and Tom. Fast paced ride, but not as bad as the Wednesday group. A little wind. Not too hot.

Jefferson 2016-08-24 63 Grando

Via Dever-Conner. Back over Scrael Hill. Bet fast paced ride   

Beachside to Newport 2016-08-20 33 Soma Saga

Managed to sleep past 9. Must have been dehydrated because I didn't have to get up and pee. Cool but sunny in the morning. Really like this spot by the path. Had my tea on the beach. Then walked and played my Shakuhachi. Had a leisurely breakfast then started riding north. The fog was drifting...

Beachside SP 2016-08-19 74 Soma Saga

Forecast was for 105 at home so I rode to the beach. Man said it was already 100 when I got to Alsea but it didn't feel that hot. None the less it was a hot ride until about 10 miles from the coast when I started feeling a cool headwind. It was 66 when I got to Waldport and cooled off even...

Garden Town 2016-08-18 36 Soma Saga

Several rides. Getting very hot again. 

Brownsville 2016-08-17 58 Grando

Got out early enough for the Wednesday club ride. Fast pace. Long hilly way to Brownsville. Normal route back with headwinds. 

Decker Road 2016-08-16 42 Grando

Out 99 to Airport. Nice morning ride before it got too hot. 

Garden Town 2016-08-12 46 Soma Saga

Over several days. One ride with January on the Piccalo.

Dimple Hill 2016-08-11 20 Disc Trucker

Night ride through McDonald Forest to Dimple Hill. Slept out watching the meteor shower. Back down Oak Creek in the morning to the garden and then home.

Discovered that dynamo powered lights don't really cut it when climbing at night. They dim down quite a bit when riding below 5mph....

Bunea Vista 2016-08-10 40 Grando

Another beautiful summer morning. Wind was picking up out of the north, so that's the way I went. Extra loop out Oak Grove. Home via 99/Arboretum.

Harris road 2016-08-07 23 Grando

Cool cloudy misty morning. A nice change. Mellow ride. 

Garden and town 2016-08-06 22 Soma Saga

A couple of trips. 

Philomath 2016-08-04 24 Grando

First ride post cataract surgery. Beautiful morning. 

Garden 2016-07-24 15 Soma Saga

Plus some extra running around.

CBT 2016-07-22 123 Grando

Rode from home aiming for 200k. Fell short by 2k. 

Garden 2016-07-21 40 Soma Saga

3 days. With trailer one day. 

Majawood to home 2016-07-18 22 Disc Trucker

Actually stayed with Trust and Modesty in Miunt Vernon Sundy night. Made it much easier to get to the train station in the morning. 

Granite Falls to Majawood 2016-07-15 40 Disc Trucker

Bill and Lisa's place is actually south of Granite Falls near Lake Bosworth. 

Jordan road from GF to Arlington. Centennial Trail for a few miles, then 9 and some back roads. 

Seattle to Granite Falls 2016-07-13 50 Disc Trucker

Got a fairly early start. It wasn't quite as cold this morning as it has been. BG trail to Bothell then roads to Snohomish, then the Centennial Trail for 5 miles, and then back on roads. 

Lots of hills at the end, especially a really steep hill up to Bill and Lisa's house. 

Vashon Island 2016-07-12 28 Disc Trucker

Got a late start but we drove to the ferry terminal. Very hilly, especially as soon as we started riding. Very scenic as well. We did the shorter route which was fine with me. Even though Lorri was on her MTB I still had to work really hard to keep up with her. 

Around Seattle 2016-07-11 34 Disc Trucker

Over 2 days. First day to REI and then Peloton bike shop and cafe. Day 2 to Discovery Park, back, and then to Lorri and Charlie's.

Around Seattle 2016-07-09 24 Disc Trucker

Went into town to see John Strayer playing. Then went to Free Range Cycles in Freemont, and then Performance Bike in U district. Got turned around a few times, but never lost.

Tabitha's to Phil and Eve's 2016-07-08 32 Disc Trucker

Mostly on the Burke-Gillman trail. It was dark when I got back but with all the street light you wouldn't know it.

Roaring Creek CG to Sealttle 2016-07-06 75 Disc Trucker

It was cold in the mountains so I kept on riding.

Got up early but was in no hurry to get going. Seemed like it would be a nicer day. Nothing much exciting from where I camped to the tunnel. The headwind was gone so it was very easy riding. There were some signs for the train stops...

So. Cle Elum to Roaring Creek CG 2016-07-05 30 Disc Trucker

Short ride. Cold and gray. Followed the Yakima a little more and then finally left it behind. Camped by a big reservoir. The freeway is on the other side but the camp is in the woods so I can't here it. Light rain. Should be nicer tomorrow. 

Near Thorpe to South Cle Elum 2016-07-03 18 Disc Trucker

Second day on the Iron Horse Trail.

The wind blew hard all night long and kept right on blowing in the morning. I was in no hurry but still got going fairly early. With the fierce wind in my face I could only manage 6 mph. Waited until I reached a picknick table to make my tea. There...

Union Gap to near Thorpe 2016-07-02 57 Disc Trucker

The Yakima Greenway Trail, Yakima Canyon and the Iron Horse John Wayne Trail.

The start of the Greenway Trail was very close to the motel I stayed at in Union Gap. There was a detour right at the beginning but it was probably even nicer than the main route. The Yakima River is wide...

Goldendale to Union Gap 2016-07-01 80 Disc Trucker

Truckin through the Yakima Indian Nation.

Google maps directed me to take some logging roads to get back to 97. Tobiah doubted it at first but then thought it could work. I headed out nice and early and things were looking good for the first 2 miles. Then things changed. The nice fine...

Goldendale 2016-06-30 12 Disc Trucker

Into town from Tobiah and Adar's place. 

Roosevelt Park to Goldendale 2016-06-28 35 Disc Trucker

Started later than I would have liked and then when I got up to the Mini Mart I had to wait another hour for them to open. I didn't dare to go on without extra water, ice tea, and gatoraide. Turned off the highway at Sundale and things were looking good. It was steep but there was shade from...

Hermiston to Roosevelt Park 2016-06-27 62 Disc Trucker

Left the security and camaraderie of the bike club and headed off solo. Robert dropped me off in Hermiston where I got a motel room. Did laundry and got organized. Started riding at 5:30 this morning to beat the heat. It worked out well as I got to the store in Roosevelt by noon.


Cove Warm Springs to La Grande 2016-06-26 18 Disc Trucker

End of Loop Tour 2016. Lovely warm morning.

The final day is always short and somewhat anticlimactic. A few miles out of Cove we hit the road to Union and were and on the road we started on. The tour planners mixed it up though and we followed an alternate route on into La Grande,...

Wallowa Wayside to Cove Warm Springs 2016-06-25 38 Disc Trucker

Nice climb early. Then rolling into Elgin. Took the alt route with 10 miles of gravel.

From the wayside it was downhill to MInam, which had a kind of resort. I stopped at the little store there and was happy they had my favorite ice tea. This was at the confluence of the Wallowa and...

Wallowa Lake to Wallowa Wayside 2016-06-24 46 Disc Trucker

Downhill into the wind. As the day wore on the slope got less and the wind got stronger.

The highlight of the day was the Homeland Project of the Nez Perce Wallowa Band. http://www.wallowanezperce.org/ . They have an office and display in...

Around Joseph 2016-06-23 24 Disc Trucker

Layover day. Rode around taking pictures as the ones I took yesterday were all foggy due to a dirty lens. It was cloudy and cooler today which was very nice.

First stop was the gravesite of Old Chief Joesph which is on a nice hill overlooking the lake. The sign says he was moved here...

Ollokot CG to Wallowa Lake SP 2016-06-22 42 Disc Trucker

Two summits, and then a steep "bump" at the bottom.

Another perfect day weather wise. From Ollokot CG there was a short downhill section on rough pavement before we started climbing again. Then it was a long climb to one summit, some fast downhill, and the another long climb. The...

Halfway to Ollokot CG 2016-06-21 42 Disc Trucker

An absolutely gorgeous ride. One long summit, but never too steep, through beautiful woods along North Pine Creek. Camped along side the Imnaha River.

The ride started with about 10 miles of downhill through some very scenic country along Pine Creek as it made it's way to the Snake....

Baker City to Halfway 2016-06-20 56 Disc Trucker

I did this ride 6 years ago but did not remember all of it. Leaving Baker we climbed through some scrubby hills before a long decent down Eagle Creek, only it wasn't all down hill. It just kept carving a canyon through the barren hills. Eventually we got to Richland which is well watered and...

Catherine Creek SP to Baker City 2016-06-19 38 Disc Trucker

Day 2. The 5.5 mile climb up Catherine Creek was gorgeous. Nice forest of pine and fir. Then after a short downhill came a series of long rollers, as the treebs gave way to sage brush and grassland. We stopped at an old run down oasis in Medicinal Springs. Just as as was about to leave I...

La Grande to Catherine Creek SP 2016-06-18 30 Disc Trucker

Day 1. Rainy cold day. We had a nice tailwind heading out. I was riding with Robert and Dan B, although they were usually a ways out front. We made a nice loop of the valley to Union. It was starting to rain harder so we ducked into Gravy Daves. We filled the place up and spent a couple of...

3 trips to town 2016-06-16 30 Disc Trucker

Leaving for loop tour tomorrow.

Strawberry Century 2016-06-11 100 Grando

Perfect weather. Cool and cloudy most of the day, but warm and sunny at the end. Almost all new route. I did the 'epic' option which is the same mileage but includes a climb up Mark's Ridge. 

I started out with a couple on a tandem and one other guy. They are Randonneurs and did PBP...

Weekly Commute 2016-06-09 40 Soma Saga

Around town and to the garden a few times. Cooler after a really hot weekend. 

Blackberry CG to Corvallis 2016-06-05 52 Disc Trucker

We took 34 the whole way. Hot. I got a flat. It got hotter. We had lunch at Deb's Cafe. It got hotter. We cooked. Stopped 4 times on the big climb in the shade to cool down. Made it home beat. 

Beachside SP to Blackberry CG 2016-06-04 44 Disc Trucker

The morning was gorgeous. Slight fog hanging in over the coast with warm sunshine already streaming through. The approach to Cape Perpetua was so beautiful I had to shout out for joy. 

At the base of the climb we ran into the three young women from Vancouver we met yesterday. The...

Moonshine Park to Beachside SP 2016-06-03 52 Disc Trucker

Heavy dew made for a slow start while we dried the tents in the sun. Lovely ride to Newport. Almost hot. Lunch on the bay front. Then Eileen and John parted to catch the bus home while Dan and I continued. 

Met a couple from Canada that were riding to San Diego, then 3 young women...

Corvallis to Moonshine Park 2016-06-02 44 Disc Trucker

On the ride out we were joined by a bunch of riders from Sacramento. They were doing a week long supported tour. I helped them plan the route to the coast. They continued on to Newport while we camped at Moonshine Park. 

Misty drippy stuff all day until we got to the park when the sun...

LBCC 2016-06-01 34 Soma Saga

Warm day. Forgot riding clothes and had to ride home in jeans. 

Alsea Falls 2016-05-30 74 Grando

Can't get the men to do the hard rides, but the women are always game. Perfect day. Sunny and warm but not hot. Lots of people at the falls this being Memorial Day weekend. 

Returned via Alsea and Hwy. 34. This is the second ride I've done with Wendy, who rides at my pace as long as I...

Harrisburg 2016-05-28 68 Grando

Finally a nice day. Lovely day sunny, low 70's and light winds. Went with the Tenners out Bellfountain to Muddy Creek school where the main group headed back over Decker. We continued on to Monroe, Harrisburg and back Peoria. Fast pace but we stopped a lot. 

Garden Town 2016-05-27 22 Soma Saga

Maybe starting to clear up and warm up. 

LBCC 2016-05-25 35 Soma Saga

Out to the garden after. Cool and grey but dry. 

McDonald Forest 2016-05-24 26 Disc Trucker

Loaded up the Trucker for a test ride. First into town, then bike path to Bald Hill. Up Bald Hill trail to just before the steep part. Then up Oak Creek to the easy trail. Then some forest road. I tought I was on 600 but it was some other road. Nice dirt and fir needle base. Back down 600 to...

LBCC 2016-05-23 38 Soma Saga

Plus a ride with January to the Spring Roll yesterday, and to the MVBC meeting tonight. Cool and misty today. Some wind too. Plus my rerar brake pads were rubbing. I was working way too hard!

Shedd 2016-05-21 45 Disc Trucker

Cool and windy. Rode the Trucker with new Compass tires. Smooth.

Ervin Road 2016-05-20 42 Grando

First commuter breakfast on Bije to work day. The south town with Dave Miller. Then Airport 7 miles to the end, back to Peterson, Ervin, Decker and 34 into Philomath.  Then garden, town, and home. 

Garden 2016-05-19 12 Soma Saga

First to school with January on her bike. Then garden, then back home with January.

LBCC 2016-05-18 30 Soma Saga

Nicer day. 

Garden 2016-05-17 12 Soma Saga

Nice day to work in the garden. Hauled the trailer with the Saga. Did well.

LBCC 2016-05-16 28 Soma Saga

Cool and grey, but dry. Shortest possible route today.

Rolling Feast 2016-05-14 32 Grando

A wet one. Nice route, good food, and good people, but very wet. 

Mary's Peak 2016-05-13 63 Grando

Perfect day for it. Sunny but not too hot. Having done McKenzie Pass last week I wanted to see how they compare. I can say that Mary's Peak is much harder. It's just steeper.

Decided that cantilever brakes are just not good enough for the steep descents. I foresee more disc brakes in...

LBCC 2016-05-11 32 Soma Saga

Another sunny day. Home via Tangent, Oakvilke, Church, Peoria. 

Garden 2016-05-10 12 Soma Saga

Another warm day. 

LBCC 2016-05-09 38 Soma Saga

Long way home through Albany and Springhill. Lovely day sunny but cool with little wind. 

McKenzie Pass 2016-05-07 44 Grando

Did a car swap. Mellissa, Beth, and Betty took my car and Tracy's car and started in Sisters. We took Beth's car and started at the McKenzie River Ranger Station. We met and swapped keys near the top. So we all got to ride one way the whole way. 

Great day and great ride....

Decker Ridge 2016-05-06 47 Grando

Warm day. Ride turned out longer than expected as I went to the garden, then had to get slug bait and go back to the garden.

LBCC 2016-05-04 30 Soma Saga

Cooler with light drizzle but no real rain. 

Bald Hill - Garden 2016-05-03 20 Disc Trucker

Had to push part of the steep stuff. Just didn't have it in me. Nice day but getting cooler.

I stopped at the bike shop to talk to Mike about getting a dynamo hub for the Trucker. Pretty sure I will be riding it on this summer's touring. I want to do more off road riding.

LBCC 2016-05-02 30 Soma Saga

Nice day. Took it slow. 

McMinnville Loop 2016-05-01 34 Grando

Nice loop south and west out of McMinnville. 

Garden 2016-05-01 12 Grando

Late afternoon trip just to water. 

Peoria 2016-04-30 27 Grando

Nice club ride. I turned off early to get home to drive up to McMinnville. Stout north wind. Fun going out but not back. 

Garden 2016-04-29 12 Disc Trucker

Got rained on. New rain jacket works well. Like the hood. 

Garden 2016-04-21 15 Disc Trucker

And trip to town. 

LBCC 2016-04-20 30 Soma Saga

Still warm but returning to normal later in the week. Nice ride. 

LBCC 2016-04-19 36 Soma Saga

To LBCC then around town and to garden. Another hot day, way too hot for April.

Around Newport 2016-04-16 15 Disc Trucker

Wasn't able to shake this cold so decided to cut the ride short. Hung out in Newport, had lunch, and took the Coast Express home. What a deal $7 and about an hour and a half.

Newport 2016-04-15 71 Disc Trucker

Via Logsdon. Cool day, but not cold, not windy, and not rainy. Long ride. 

It was 40 to Logsdon. Moonshine park was another 4. It was only 2:00 so I kept going. Next time I will camp at Moonshine and not push a 70 mile day. 

Coming in on Yaquina Bay Drive was lovely as usual...

Decker Road 2016-04-09 38 Grando

Saturday club ride. Out 34 and over Decker. Colder today, more seasonable for April, but still very nice.

Garden 2016-04-08 12 Disc Trucker

Hauled the trailer with two heavy bags of grass clippings.

Kaiser 2016-04-07 95 Grando

My annual birthday ride. I only needed 68 miles so I overshot by a bit. Went to REI in Kaiser. Mostly followed the WVSB. Sunny and hot. 84 when I got there. No wind to speak of.

Valsetz 2016-04-02 34 Grando

Finally got Nelson to guide me to the historic site that used top be the logging company town of Valsetz. Another perfect day, sunny and warm with no wind to speak of.

We drove up the Lukiamute to the start of Wildwood road....

Kings Valley 2016-04-01 65 Grando

First over Cardwell Hill. Then out Harris road to Blodgett. Back on hwy 20 to Wren. Then out past Kings Valley to Maple Grove. Then Airlee to Berry Creek, Tampico, and home on 99. Beautiful day, just couldn't stop riding.

Garden 2016-03-31 12 Disc Trucker

Glorious day. Hauled two bags of grass clippings in the trailer to the garden. 

LBCC 2016-03-30 35 Soma Saga

Spring is here! Sunny and warm. Took 34 out. Noisy but uneventful. Came back on Tangent. Went out to the garden,

Helmick Park 2016-03-29 45 Grando

First up Jackson Creek to Lewisburg Saddle, then Soap Creek and Berry Creek, which is now paved. Then Airlee to Helmick. Wanted to do more, but didn't have it. Beautiful sunny day. Cold to start but warmed up nicely. Nice tailwind heading home.

Albany 2016-03-26 30 Grando

Just 4 of us for Roberts last day as ride captain. The rain stopped before we started and it was pretty nice. 

LBCC 2016-03-24 31 Grando

Scouting a route to LBCC where I am teaching Mon and Wed spring term. Took Tangent to 99E. Not bad. 

Shedd 2016-03-23 40 Grando

Caught the Wednesday 9:00 ride, which was well attended due to spring break. Cold, windy, but no rain until I was almost home. It was hard keeping up with the brisk pace at times. 

Philomath 2016-03-22 23 Grando

Showers. Enough to get wet but it eventually it stopped and I dried off. 

Oak Creek - Jackson Creek 2016-03-21 20 Grando

First ride home post Florida. I was planning on a ride through town, but it started raining and I figured it would be nicer in the woods. It was. Got pretty wet though.

Markham Park 2016-03-15 20 Soma Saga

The bike path along the canal paralleling US-84 ends at Markham park. Beyond that is the Everglades. There were lots of road bikes doing laps around the park. The pictures are from the dike on the edge of the Everglades.

Around Plantation 2016-03-14 14 Soma Saga

Sue's friend Laurie and her husband Brian are avid cyclists. They are down visiting from Pittsburg. We took a little spin through the neighborhood.

Juno Beach to Plantation 2016-03-12 71 Soma Saga

Day 23 - I can smell the barn

Didn't sleep much last night in anticipation of finishing the tour. I had another great stealth site on a birding trail. A covered platform with benches. So for the second time this trip I was under cover when it rained overnight. 

Got out...

Fort Pierce to Juno Beach 2016-03-11 50 Soma Saga

Day 22 - Just keep riding. 

Slow but steady. The wind continues. Yesterday I was managing 9 mph, today that dropped to 8, and even slower at times. Had a bit of a headache too. Stopped a lot but never for very long. Really a very enjoyable ride. 

I started look for a place to...

Melbourne to Fort Pierce 2016-03-10 66 Soma Saga

Day 21 - Unending wind

Got up before light hoping to beat the wind, but it hadn't let up overnight at all. So today was all head down, gear down, and just keep pedaling. One nice thing about riding into the wind is that it keeps you cool. I knew I had a lot of miles to cover to reach...

Titusville to Melbourne 2016-03-09 34 Soma Saga

Day 20 - Meetups and more wind. 

Had a great stay with Rich and got out at a reasonable time. Got off the highway on Indian River Road to Cocoa, and then Riverside after. Very nice ride right along the water, but the wind was picking up. 

I first met Donna who has been riding...

New Smyrna Beach to Titusville 2016-03-08 42 Soma Saga

Day 19 - Wind and Wildlife

Got out fairly early as my hosts are early risers. Harry headed out on a bike ride and Debbie was teaching a yoga class. I stopped for a second breakfast and an early break at a very nice fishing park in the town of Egewater.

I was really tired...

St. Augustine to New Smyrna Beach 2016-03-07 74 Soma Saga

Day 18 - Motorcycles and more headwinds. 

After roaring out of the north for the past week, the wind did a switcheroo just as I did and cotinued to blow in my face as I rode south. Lots and lots of motorcycles on the road today. Really glad my hearing aids can block a good portion of...

Rest days in St. Augustine 2016-03-05 0 Soma Saga

Spent one day with Kalima. We went to the Vilano Beach, which was cold and windy, and then the movies. Crazy traffic in St. Augustine.

Spent the next day with Rob. I first met Rob on the road as I was getting to Key West and he was leaving heading north. Found out on Facebook that he...

Flagler Beach to St. Augustine 2016-03-04 39 Soma Saga

Day 15 - Stage 2 complete after 674 miles. 

It rained overnight but my bike and stuff were all under a shelter and my tent did fine. Sunny, bright, and windy in the morning, enough to dry the rain fly. Didn't hurry as it would be a shorter day. Headed out into a howling headwind, and...

Pierson to Flagler Beach 2016-03-03 50 Soma Saga

Day 14 - Back to the beach. 

More quiet roads, all the way to US-1. Cloudy day, which was much appreciated. 

Packed up quickly to leave my stealth site. Ate a little but did not make tea. Must have been 7 or 8 miles until I came to a convenience store and got some tea. 

Mount Dora to Piney Woods near Pierson 2016-03-02 52 Soma Saga

Day 13 - More quiet roads, less tourists, and the last big hill. 

Had a very nice stay with Warm Showers hosts Mike and Lucia. They are gearing up to do the TransAm this summer so lots to talk about  I hope to see them again in Oregon.

That hill came not far from today's...

Lake Louisa SP to Mount Dora 2016-03-01 66 Soma Saga

Day 12 - Bike paths, quiet country roads, and real hills.

Today's ride was the highlight of the trip so far. Beautify lakes, lush vegetation, quiet roads, nice towns, and a welcoming warm showers host at the end.

Lake Lousia State Park was very nice as far as parks go. Lots...

Lake Wales to Lake Louisa SP 2016-02-29 61 Soma Saga

Day 11 - No shoulders and lots of traffic. 

Really the most interesting thing today were the street names in a community called Timberlane. Names like Stumpknocker, Panfish, Snapping Turtle, and Shellcracker. 

After that and the nice places along the lake there was not much...

Brandon to Lake Wales 2016-02-28 50 Soma Saga

Day 10 - Highway, a lake, and hills!

Day 9 was a layover with Tom in Tampa. After a relaxing day yesterday Tom drove me out of Tampa to the outskirts of Brandon where I started riding. I would follow state road 60 straight east to get back on the ACA route  

The first order...

Deep Creek Preserve to Wauchula 2016-02-26 45 Soma Saga

Day 8 - Orange groves

As I was leaving my camping spot in the morning I looked back at the sign and saw a tent symbol on it  it was a legal campground! I thought I was stealth camping.

Finally got away from the busy traffic and on to some quiet roads. Pulled off the road at...

Fort Myers Beach to Port Charlotte 2016-02-25 55 Soma Saga

Day 7. Headwinds and no shoulders. 

It was much farther from Fort Myers Beach to Fort Myers than I thought and I got off route. My route may have been a little shorter but if followed a busy road. The head winds were brutal all day. Really wore me down. It was much cooler today and I...

Around Key West 2016-02-24 25 Soma Saga

Arrived in Key West early and did a loop of the town before checking in to the hostel. There is about two miles of really nice beach. 

Hundreds of bicycles on the roads. You can rent one just about everywhere. Everything from rusty old beach cruisers to new fat bikes and Electra...

Big Pine to Key West 2016-02-23 34 Soma Saga

Day Five. Took it nice and slow. No hurry. It rained overnight but cleared by morning. Huge puddles though. 

About half highway and half path today. Some gorgeous paths through Sugarloaf Key, but in typical Florida fashion they would abruptly end. About 10 miles from Key West there...

Long Key State Park to Big Pine 2016-02-22 40 Soma Saga

Day 4 - Destination unkonwn. Tried to find a campground but they were either full or too expensive. Tried to find a place to wild camp but did not want to try camping in the Key Deer wildlife refuge. Ended up at the Big Pine motel. At least there is wifi.

Another perfect day for...

Homestead to Long Pine State Park 2016-02-21 69 Soma Saga

Day 3, another long one. I am now officially in the Keys. 

Got up at what I thought was first light but it wasn't really that early. Took my time getting going. It was hard to leave Paradise Farm. I doubt I'll find anything near as lovely on this trip. Glad to have connected with...

North Miami to Homestead 2016-02-20 64 Soma Saga

Day 2.  Misques, rough roads, and wind. 

Got out super early. Decided to follow the ACA route which meant heading over to the beach. The Lehman causeway had a nice bike lane. A1A was a combination of bike lanes, sharrows, and competing with the traffic. Not bad at all. Things were...

Plantation to North Miami 2016-02-19 24 Soma Saga

Sue's house to Laurie's house (my sisters). The tour has begun. Perfect temperature but very windy. I was riding into the wind for about half of the ride. Such is Florida I guess. Hope I get some tailwinds.

Linear Trail 2016-02-18 22 Soma Saga

First ride in Florida. Testing the bike after reassembly and scouting the route out of here. Perfect temperature but a little windy. Mostly north wind which will be great if it continues. 

Albany 2016-02-13 40 Grando

Rain held off but not the wind. Reverse loop out Tangent, Seven Mile, Periwinkle creek. Back over Gibson Hill, Oak Grove. Tomorrow a plane ride to Florida.

Town 2016-02-12 10 Grando

Just wandering around after the rain stopped. Still warm and spring like. 

Garden and town 2016-02-10 20 Disc Trucker

Two rides actually.

Pettibone 2016-02-08 25 Grando

Back on 20 and through town. Sunny and 60 degrees. Spring!

Monmouth 2016-02-06 59 Grando

Dry but cool. No wind though. Fast pace. Good training but wore me out. 

Decker Road 2016-02-03 33 Soma Saga

Not over Decker, just too it. Took the Saga out for a spin before packing it up to ship to Fla. 

Philomath 2016-02-01 24 Soma Saga

Put the Brooks B-17 back on. Not sure about touring with the Selle Anatomica. I've done 2  tours on the B-17 and it was fine. 

Shopping 2016-01-31 10 Soma Saga

Loaded up with groceries. Much more weight than when touring. Felt fine. 

Shedd 2016-01-30 40 Grando

Cooler. Threatening rain but it held off to Sheed into the wind. Back on Driver. Sun was coming out and wind at our backs. Very nice until Tangent when we could see very dark clouds over Corvallis. Made it to 34 when it opened up and hailed on us. Hail rain and cold, but thankfully we didn't...

Pettibone 2016-01-29 16 Grando

Snuck out between rain storms. Still got rained on. Windy too. 

Philomath 2016-01-28 34 Grando

Another nice day. Just kept getting sunnier. Wind out of the west but not bad. Took a side trip up Oak Creek. Out Fern to Airport and back Bellfountain.

Around town 2016-01-26 25 Soma Saga

A couple of trips into town. Still warm and not too rainy. 

Albany 2016-01-23 40 Grando

Rain held off almost all the way. Albany via Metge. Back out Periwinkle Creek to Grand Prairie to Seven Mile. There is a bike path for several miles along Preiwinkle Creek. It was partly sunny on the way back but we could see dark clouds over Corvallis. Sure enough as we approached on Tangent...

Thompson Mill 2016-01-22 55 Grando

Beautiful day. Upper 50's. A lot of meandering on the maze of farm roads between Peoria and Shedd. Longest ride of the year so far.

Headed out Peoria Road to Tangent and Oakville following the usual route but then took Kendall Loop. It's gravel for about a mile. It was fresh large...

Garden 2016-01-21 14 Soma Saga

Rain held off and temps in mid 50's

Finley Wildlife Refuge 2016-01-20 42 Grando

Out Fern Road. Was going to go to Bellfountain but it started to rain so I headed back.

Lewisburg Saddle 2016-01-18 28 Grando

Up Jackson Creek. Then down Granger to Hwy 20 and in to town. Also short ride with January on the Piccalo. Also down to Osborn for MVBC meeting.

Peoria 2016-01-16 32 Grando

Rain, heavy rain. Wind, strong wind. But not cold. 

Beaver Creek 2016-01-15 48 Grando

Hwy. 20 into town. River path through Willamette park. Airport road to Peterson. Up Beaver Creek 2.3 miles when it got too steep for my current condition. Back Belfountain. No rain! Cold south wind but not  too strong. Good ride. 

Albany 2016-01-13 42 Grando

Via Springhill, back Riverside. 6 miles from yesterday around town. Rain stopped and forecast said it would hold off until afternoon. It didn't. Got pretty wet. It was warm however, almost 50.

Philomath 2016-01-11 30 Grando

Rainy ride. A bit warmer though so not too bad. Some extra miles from a couple of days ago.

Decker Road 2016-01-09 36 Grando

It didn't rain, it warmed up a bit, and the sun even poked through a few times. Out Fern road to Peterson and over Decker to 34. I felt much better today and was able to stay at the front and go the distance. Now for some longer rides.

Oh, and the clunker tires I put on were not so...

Airport Road 2016-01-06 34 Grando

Philomath - Fern Road - Airport. Stopped at south Co-op. Then bike path back out to 53. I got some cheap heavy duty tires. Continental Tour. Makes the bike feel like a tank but shouln't get any flats and I can save my good tires for when the roads are clean again.

Town 2016-01-05 16 Grando

Just a short ride into town. Things have thawed with temps around 34, so still cold.

Bellfountain Road 2016-01-02 28 Grando

With the tenners to Llewellyn and then solo over to Fern and back through Philomath. About 28 at the start but no wind and sunny. Stayed warm enough to enjoy the ride. Hit a wall at 20 miles. This will be a long road back to get in shape again.

Philomath 2016-01-01 38 Grando

First out Peddibone with the bike club. I fell behind on the hills and then got a flat. My feet were getting cold as well. It was right around freezing, clear with a stiff north wind. I was able to pump up the tire and made it home. Had some tea, warmed up and fixed the tire. Actually the rear...

Peddibone 2015-12-28 22 Grando

Crescent Valley - Lewsiburg - Granger - Peddibone - Hwy. 20 back to town. A few hills to test my recovery. Definately lost fitness.

Adair 2015-12-26 22 Grando

Went with the short ride. Cafe closed at Adair so came back to MoC Corvallis. Then solo for a few extra miles.

Post Op ride 2 2015-12-25 14 Grando

The sun was actually shining a bit. Still riding very slow. No issues though.

Post Op recovery 2015-12-22 30 Grando

Several short rides starting 5 weeks after hernia surgery. Flood waters are receding but more rain on its way. 

Philomath 2015-11-09 22 Grando

My dream of 6,000 miles for the year has been dashed by a hernia. I'm able to do short easy rides but not much more. Will find out about surgery tomorrow.

First ride on my new Rivet saddle. This one will need breaking in the same as a Brooks. The fit is great, just needs to develop...

Jackson Creek Dan's Trail 2015-10-31 7 Disc Trucker

Nursing a hernia. Probably pushed it a little too much. 

Monthly Commute 2015-10-30 160 Soma Saga

Another month riding around on the Saga. Got an upgrade this month when Mike gave me a set of VO hammered fenders. Shiny. I got the hardware from VO, spent half a day installing them, and now it's a whole new bike!

Mostly dry month. Today I got out for a nice rainy ride. Fun, but it's...

Short loop north 2015-10-28 20 Grando

Nursing a hernia, testing my limits. 

Woods Creek Road 2015-10-17 47 Grando

Practice ride for a ride to the coast next weekend. Tracy needed to test out her new 1.5 inch tires on her touring bike. I needed to see if Grando is up for the trip. Rain in the morning but it stopped before we got out and we did not get rained on at all. Cloudy and cool, perfect for a hard...

Calloway Creek Trail 2015-10-16 19 Grando

I was walking the dog north of Peavy Arboretum the other day and noticed that the trails will be closed to bikes after Oct. 31 so I went over to ride them today. Intensive Management Trail and Calloway Creek Trail crisscross for several miles on the way up to Cronemiller Lake. It was cloudy...

Ankeny Wildlife Refuge 2015-10-13 75 Grando

Beuena Vista ferry. Back through Jefferson and Crabtree.

Another gorgeus autumn day. Temps in the 70's, lite wind. Did a loop aroud the refuge on Buena Vista Road, Ankeny Hill Road, Wintel Road, and Jorgonson Road. Then Talbot on in to Jefferson. Did not see much in the way of...

Albany 2015-10-10 30 Grando


Eugene 2015-10-06 108 Grando

Got a late start. Ran into a headwind on Peoria which would continue the whole way. I thought about turning back but the thought of a tailwind coming home kept me sloggin on. Got some great apples at a farm stand at the corner of Irish Bend loop near the Lake Creek school. Nice day in Eugene....

Basket Slough - Perrydale - Ballston 2015-10-03 36 Grando

Nice gravel glider through the rolling hills of northwest Polk county.

Monthly Commute 2015-09-30 100 Soma Saga

All rides around town or to the garden or shopping.

Day three - Beachside SP to Corvallis 2015-09-29 79 Disc Trucker

Woke up to sunlight and was surprised to see it was already 8 AM. Another late start and I had a long day ahead of me. I could have stayed another day, but decided not to. Broke camp, said farewell to fellow bike tourists and headed south on 101 to Yachats which was 5 miles. Stopped at the...

Day two - Elk City to Beachside SP 2015-09-28 44 Disc Trucker

The sun was out when I got up, but it was still cold and wet. Fortunately I still had some firewood and got the fire going right away. Pretty soon the sun was strong enough I was able to get everything dry. It was probably close to 10 before I got started, but I knew it would be easy riding...

Day one - Corvallis to Elk City 2015-09-27 55 Disc Trucker

Up Woods Creek. Down Mary's Peak road to Harlan road.

I did this ride last summer so I knew what I was in for. Then I was meeting Linda on the coast who already had a campsite, so I was not carrying the camping gear. This year I was self...

Adair then Garden 2015-09-25 32 Grando

Out Crescent Valley - Mountain View - Arboretum. Back on Independence - Pettibone. Then out to the garden.

I was testing the Grando with front panniers which seemed to work quite well. I'll do a blog post on this.

Shedd 2015-09-19 53 Grando

Tenners ride with a nice extended route to Shedd, thank you Robert. We went to Peoria and then took Abraham to Potter. A short stretch on 99E and then West-Linn to Roberts and back around to Boston Mill and Shedd. Going back I went solo seeking out some gravel. I found some on Driver which...

Decker road 2015-09-18 47 Grando

Did a bit of meandering on this ride trying to take some gravel roads. Found Ervin road which is gravel from Airport road to Decker. I then went up one of the tree farm roads from the bottom which was steep. Went back and climbed back up Decker and took the tree farm road at the top, where we...

Buena Vista 2015-09-12 40 Grando

Via Lewisburg Saddle, Soap Creek. Back on Springhill, Scenic, Oak Grove, Metge. Hot day. Maybe the last hot day.

It occured to me on this ride that the Grando is over a year old. It has 2,500 miles. Not bad considering I have 2 other bikes.

Santiam Wagon Road 2015-09-06 24 Disc Trucker

Got up early and headed out by car to meet the Linn Shuttle which picked us up at Mountain House and took us to Clear Lake. It was a bright sunrise and it was totally clear over the mountains, but it soon clouded over and was cool all day untill late in the afternoon. I didn't know anything...

Albany 2015-09-05 36 Grando

Well attened Tenners ride out to Springhill, Albany, and back Riverside. New bike path on 34 done except for a bridge that is built but not yet surfaced. Beautiful cool morning.

Portland to Corvallis 2015-09-03 107 Grando

A few wrong turns, a few detours, a few rain showers, one flat, but all in all a great ride. Started out heading back west thinking I'd find a bike path along the river, but got directed by some cyclists to go back on the Springwater corridor trail and take the 205 bike path.  The 205 path was...

Union Station to Adinah's house 2015-09-02 19 Grando

It's only about 8 miles to Adinah's house but I did some other riding. 

Lewisburg saddle soap creek 2015-09-01 30 Grando

First day of retirement went for short ride. Good headwind coming back b

Garden 2015-09-01 12 Disc Trucker

Just another ride to the garden. 

Decker road 2015-08-29 34 Grando

Rain! And wind too. Rain was nice. We didn't go over Decker, just to Decker road and back. 

Weekly Commute 2015-08-28 45 Soma Saga

My last week of commuting to my job at OSU. 

Weekly Commute 2015-08-23 47 Soma Saga

Butt not recovered from tour. Put on a padded saddle and keeping the miles down.

Dimple Hill 2015-08-15 20 Grando

Went for a gravel ride. Up Jackson, down Oak. Very nice. 

Town and garden 2015-08-15 20 Disc Trucker

With January to the ukulele convergence in Central Park. Aka another trip to garden. 

Weekly Commute 2015-08-14 45 Grando

3 days on the Grando. Garden after work. 

Weekly Commute 2015-08-14 20 Soma Saga

2 days + on the Saga. Neede to carry more stuff. 

Decker Rd 2015-08-08 36 Grando

Nice cloudy morning. Clouds lifted coming back into the valley but still nice and cool. 

Weekly Commute 2015-08-07 58 Grando

Not as hot. Nice. Mostly ride to garden after work. 

Weekly Commute 2015-07-31 48 Grando

Back to commuting and after two weeks of riding in the nice cool northwest it is back up to 100 here. Eessh.

Majawood to home 2015-07-27 22 Soma Saga

That was it. I retraced my path back to Mount Vernon and found the Amtrak station no problem. The train as on time and I had a mellow ride home. I got home and another great bike tour came to an end.

Deception Pass to Majawood 2015-07-24 34 Soma Saga

Started raining just as I was breaking camp. Cool wet ride over the bridge and on. Lots of traffic which was beginning to wear on me. A signed section of USBR 10 let me to a protected lane over another big bridge. Nice.

Stopped at the Skagit Food Co-op in Mount Vernon and had some...

Fort Casey to Deception Pass SP 2015-07-23 26 Soma Saga

The Easy ride, although much more hilly than yesterday. Started out on a quiet back road, and then found a bike path, but was soon forced out on WA 20 which was very busy. Good shoulder but still too many cars. 

Oak Harbor has a nice beach front, but it's a big town and the traffic...

Seattle to Fort Casey SP 2015-07-22 60 Soma Saga

I took a rest day in Seattle and went out and got some new padded shorts. The shorts I took for the tour did not have padding and I had developed a saddle sore. And I got to hang out with Tabitha and Sophia some.

It was an adventure getting out of Seattle on the Interurban trail. I...

Twanoh SP to Seattle 2015-07-20 27 Soma Saga

I was up and ready to go well before Hazel and Ian so I said farewell and headed off to Bremerton. I started out on the same route as day 2 but followed the highway on to town as I was heading for the ferry. There were some hills and traffic but not too bad. Got to the ferry and cruised right...

LT2015 Day 9+ - Ocean City to Twanoh SP 2015-07-19 92 Soma Saga

Today was the last day of the Loop Tour, but I would be continuing on, not sure exactly where I'd end up. It was a short ride back to Montesano but I got off route in Aberdeen and wasted a bunch of time. I was about to just follow the highway, which said it was only 8 miles to Montesano, when...

LT2015 Day 8 - Quinault to Ocean City SP 2015-07-18 47 Soma Saga

Mostly downhill to the beach, then steep rollers like the coast, except we were on a state road with no trucks and not that many cars. 80 degrees at the beach!

We were now entering the summer tourist area of the Washington coast. Plus it was the weekend. Our campground was at a state...

LT2015 Day 7 - Forks to Quinault 2015-07-17 68 Soma Saga

Another high mileage day. Not much climbing though. 101 the whole way today as there are no other roads out here. Very remote. Nice and warm at the beach and little wind. Rode through the Hoh rainforest on a sunny day!

Lots of "head" time today as it was a long ride with not many...

LT2015 Day 6 - PA to Forks 2015-07-16 63 Soma Saga

Spectacular ride around Crescent Lake. Even some MTB trails.

Today's route was a matter of discussion and speculation the whole tour. We had three choices. A longer route sticking close to the Straight on a smaller highway with possible log truck traffic, the most direct route on...

LT2015 Day 5 - Layover in PA 2015-07-15 25 Soma Saga

Bike trail to Elwah River and Ediz Hook, and some cruising around PA.

Some of the more hardy riders were going for Hurricane ridge, but I was ready for an easy day. About a mile from the fairgrounds the ODT started up again for a short stretch out to the Elwah river where they had...

LT2015 Day 4 - PT to PA via the Olympic Discovery Trail 2015-07-14 70 Soma Saga

Another awesome day of bike touring. 30 miles of bike trail along Discovery Bay and more. Super hospitality by the Women on Wheles in Sequim, and the mayor and more of Port Angeles. 

This would be a long day. I started out solo but ran into Lyle right away on the path heading out of...

LT2015 Day 3 - Kitsap to Port Townsend 2015-07-13 35 Soma Saga

Woke up to a gentle rain whip persisted through the morning. Mostly sunny when we got to PT. The first interesting thing on our route was the Hood Canal bridge. This is the famous bridge that was blown away by a hurricane in 1979. I had fun riding across the bridge with John. Right after the...

LT2015 Day 2 - Potlach to Kitsap SP 2015-07-12 55 Soma Saga

A little of everything and some really steep hills. Started out along the south shore of Hood Canal to Belfair which may have been the most scenic part of the route. I made a wrong turn in Belfair and added an extra 6 miles before I was back on course. Then some big hills to avoid the traffic...

Day 1 Corvallis to Potlach SP 2015-07-11 58 Soma Saga

With a little  help from Amtrak. 

Day one started early for me. Up at 4 and out before 5 to catch the train in Albany. I got there early. Then a relaxing 4 hour train ride to Olympia. It was raining when I got there.. Surprise. I found shelter and got out my rain jacket. Turned in to...

Weekly Commute 2015-07-10 52 Soma Saga

Ready for a bike tour. It has cooled off a bit. More like normal. 

Mary's Peak 2015-07-04 60 Grando

Annual ride. I got out by 7:15 and made it up before the heat. Lyle and Bruce were at the top with watermelon and drinks. 

Weekly Commute 2015-07-02 65 Soma Saga

Hot, hot, and hotter. 

Monroe 2015-06-27 54 Grando

BBQ potluck at the Millars. Was going to be a hot day, but surprise morning rain, and clouds kept it down. Out Bellfountain. Hot on the way home though 93. Came home on 99w. 

Weekly Commute 2015-06-26 64 Grando

Started out hot, got much hotter. I've never seen a June like this, even in Ashland. Rode the Gando all week. Took it in and had the rear hub lubed. Much quieter now. 

Stayton 2015-06-20 101 Grando

Buena Vista ferry, Jefferson, Marion, Stayton, Scio, Albany, Corvallis. 

Weekly Commute 2015-06-19 32 Grando

3 days on this bike. Trying to ride it more. Windy. 

Weekly Commute 2015-06-19 23 Soma Saga

2 days on this bike. Hauled my garlic harvest home in the panniers. 

Strawberry Century 2015-06-13 101 Grando

Great ride. Perfect weather except for the strong north wind that came up. Fast pace until the wind wore me out. 

Weekly Commute 2015-06-12 30 Soma Saga

3 days. Wonderful weather, but windy in the afternoon. Took it slow and easy as I want to be rested for the Strawberry Century.

Seattle - Burke-Gillman 2015-06-09 65 Soma Saga

Once again, ride to Albany, Amtrak to Seattle. The occasion this time was Sophia's HS graduation. Found a better route up the hill to Tabitha's house. Had time for a ride Monday morning. Through the arboretum and out the Burke-Gillman. Perfect weather and great riding. 

Weekly Commute 2015-06-05 63 Soma Saga

June came in with cool rain. By end of week it was near 90. 

Mary's Peak 2015-05-30 59 Grando

Very slow ride. DId not push it at all. It was already getting hot at the bottom, but cooled off up higher. Too hazy for a good view. Decided to reurn via Woods Creek. Good choice. The road between the gates was perfect for the Grando. Smooth dirt with little gravel and few bumps or holes. Woods...

Weekly Commute 2015-05-29 41 Soma Saga

4 day week. Warming up. Mostly just riding to the garden after work.

Willamette Mission Park 2015-05-25 107 Soma Saga

Ferry loop. Dan and I did an overnight trip to Willamette Mission park. Eileen rode with us as far as Buena Vista but then headed back while Dan and I took the ferry across to the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. This is my favorite part of this ride, past the Ankeny wildlife refuge, on up...

Carwell Hill - Hoskins 2015-05-23 50 Disc Trucker

Got a late start. Wanted to scout the first part of the route to Valsetz. Carwell hill was hard. Large loose gravel and steep. Fortunately the uphill is not very long. I turned on RideWith GPS for the ride over Cardwell - http://ridewithgps.com/...

Weekly Commute 2015-05-22 80 Soma Saga

Includes the Ride of Silience and an extra ride back to town on Saturday morning. Cool and windy.

To the garden 2015-05-17 12 Disc Trucker

Hauled the trailer. Got some compost and plants. Nice day.

Rolling Feast 2015-05-16 60 Grando

First a loop around Corvallis. Then brunch at Teddi and Fran Crotti's, which was excellent. Then out 99 to Tyee Winery for desert. The ride was organized by Dave and Lindsey. After desert we came in on Bellfountain. Then John Ro, Tracey, and I went out Cresent Valley, and Pettibone and back in...

Weekly Commute 2015-05-15 55 Soma Saga

Cool week. A little rain. Took it easy.

Roaring River Park 2015-05-09 93 Grando

Headed out early, knowing it would be a hot day. Out Tangent to Lebanon and then followed the Strawberry Century route to Roaring River park. Continued up to the fish hatchery and then to where the road turns to gravel. It said dead end but looked enticing. back though Crabtree an Knox Butte...

Weekly Commute 2015-05-08 24 Disc Trucker

Took January on the tag a long for ride to school day. Hauled the trailer with a load of grass clippings to the garden. 

Weekly Commute 2015-05-06 28 Soma Saga

3 rides on the saga. Recovering from a cold. 

Weekly Commute 2015-04-30 52 Soma Saga

4 days. Nice weather. One trip to Philomath, several to the garden. 

Annual road cleanup 2015-04-25 47 Grando

3 different rides really. First was last Sunday out to Dan and Shawn's place for a potluck meetup with around the world cyclists Adela and Kris from Poland. 

Today's road cleanup on Plymouth road is an annual event the club does. After that and lunch in Philomath, Robert, John ?, and I...

Weekly Commute 2015-04-24 54 Soma Saga

Relatively cool, a little rain. Lots of wind. 

Heart of the Valley 2015-04-18 70 Grando

Early start. Cold but the sun would soon warm things up. Sunny and clear all day. Head wind on Peoria wore me out. Ride was not as well organized this year. Less people. We need to see if the bike club can help. 

Weekly Commute 2015-04-17 70 Soma Saga

Just kept getting nicer each day. 70 by Friday.

Midge Cramer ride 2015-04-11 48 Grando

I left early and did an extra 10 miles. Met the club in Pilomath and header out 34 and back over Decker. Cold, windy, and rainy.

Weekly Commute 2015-04-10 70 Soma Saga

One nice after work ride. Ran into a group of tenners on Thursday and rode to Decker road and back on 34. That was the only warm afternoon. Mostly cool.

Shopping - Garden 2015-04-05 15 Soma Saga

Hauled the trailer to the garden. Cool with showers.

Alsea - Alsea Falls 2015-04-04 77 Grando

Started with the tenners and parted ways in Philomath. Out 34 back over Alsea falls. Cool day with on short shower. I went hard up the first big climb, which kind of wore me out for the rest of the ride. We stopped at Rann and Doreen's house near Alpine on the way home. Then down to Monroe and...

Weekly Commute - Seattle 2015-03-31 80 Soma Saga

Saturday - Around Corvallis and to garden

Sunday - To Albany, train to Seattle, around Seattle and to Tabitha's

Monday, Tues., Wed. - Commute from Tabitha's to Bell Harbor conference center.

Thursday - Lake Washington drive to University District, Burke - Gillman trail to...

Weekly Commute. 2015-03-27 50 Disc Trucker

The Saga is getting a spring tune up. It was fun riding the Trucker this week. 

Daffodil festival 2015-03-21 80 Grando

Bellfountain to Monroe.  Then out Territorial a ways and west to Long Tom Grange.  100's of people. Nice day. Back home on 99w, then a side trip to Philomath. 

Weekly Commute 2015-03-20 65 Soma Saga

More seasonable weather. A little fog, a little rain, but I don't recall getting wet. Two rides to Philomath. 

Weekly Commute 2015-03-13 58 Soma Saga

Still no rain, but it's comming. Coninued mild weather.

Town and Garden 2015-03-08 12 Armstrong

Willammette park with January who is riding well on her own now. Then to the garden.

Conner/Dever 2015-03-07 64 Grando

Another gorgeous day for riding in the Willammette Valley. Lunch at Calapooia pub in Albany. Slight tailwind on the way home on Riverside. Extra loop out to Philomath with Robert.

Weekly Commute 2015-03-06 73 Soma Saga

Morinings sunny and cold, afternoons around 60. It's official. We had no winter this year.

Weekly Commute 2015-02-20 54 Soma Saga

Continued spring like weather. Wonderful riding. 

Airlee Wimery - Monmouth 2015-02-14 66 Grando

Berry Creek to Airlee road. After the stop at the winery I headed of to do a longer route with a group of 5. I could not keep up over the hills. They put me to shame. I have to loose weight if I want to stay with the faster riders, even with the tenners.

From the Winery we continued to...

Weekly Commute 2015-02-13 70 Soma Saga

The week started out stormy but turned spring like. Foggy mornings and warm dry afternoons, allowing me to get the extra miles.

Decker Road 2015-02-07 36 Grando

The rain let up and the clouds were even breaking up as we set out, but we knew it wouldn't last. Sure enough as we turned up Decker the sky's opened and it poured all the way back to Philomath. Fortunately it was warm, mid 50s so it wasn't't so bad. 

Weekly Commute 2015-02-06 40 Soma Saga

Missed logging this week so putting in the minimum miles.

Wren - Harris Rd. - Blodgett - Summit - Hoskins - Wren 2015-01-31 35 Grando

Foggy in the valley so I drove to Wren. I was treated to some sunshine for a while, but it soon turned to high clouds. I wanted to explore Harris road as it is part of the all gravel route to the coast. Nicer than expected. Through some well logged land along Mary's River. Some climbing but...

Weekly Commute 2015-01-30 45 Soma Saga

Foggy mornings sunny afternoons. Warm for January. 

Monmouth - Kings Valley 2015-01-24 72 Grando

First ride of Spring, at least it felt that way. 60 degrees, no wind. With the Tenners out Independence - Buena Vista - Monmouth. Then solo out Elkins - Airlee - Maple Grove - Pedee - Kings Valley - Maxfield Creek - Airlee - Berry Creek - Tampico - 99 - home. Inspired to get at least 100k. Good...

Weekly Commute 2015-01-23 42 Soma Saga

4 day week. No rain. Days are getting longer. Could make it home before dark if I headed straight home. As it was I was able to get in some extra miles. 

Falls City 2015-01-19 34 Grando

Parked at Hemmick Park. Took Elkins to Smith Road (gravel) to Monmouth Hwy. Short stretch of pavement to Kings Valley Hwy. South about a mile to Gardener (gravel) which is directly opposite the end of Airlee Rd.  A few miles on Gardner then a few more on Frost into Falls City. Nice little town....

Weekly Commute 2015-01-16 37 Soma Saga

Fog finally lifted. Got rained on one ride. It is an amazingly rare occurance considering how much it rains zround here.

Shingle Creek 2015-01-10 20 Disc Trucker

Nice gravel ride in one of my favorite areas. Drove to Summit with Nelson. Not my usual MO but I never would have gotten that far out otherwise. I was cold misty fog. Much nicer to be up in the woods than out on the road. Shingle creek road is about a 6 mile connector between Mary's River road...

Weekly Commute 2015-01-09 45 Soma Saga

Fog most of the week. It broke on Friday and I got a bit of a ride in after work.

Albany 2015-01-03 34 Grando

Not quite as cold as it has been. A spirited ride. Gave me a good workout.

Dimple Hill 2015-01-02 22 Grando

Up Oak Creek, down Dan's trail and Jackson Creek. Temperature was right about freezing but the sun was out. Plenty warm climbing. Downhill on the trail was hard on this bike due to the handlebars and my thick gloves. Lot's of fun though.

This was the first time I had Grando up to Dimple...

Soap Creek 2015-01-02 25 Grando

Got back from one ride, had lunch and went out for another. Up Sulphur Springs, down Soap Creek, across on Camp Adair, and then back on Indepdendence. No wind and by now it was up around 40. Good start to the year.

Weekly Commute 2014-12-31 22 Soma Saga

Last ride of 2014. Another great year of riding. Did not miss a day of commuting. Finished the year strong with the best December yet. Looking forward to more. 430 for the month, 5170 for the year.  



Shedd 2014-12-27 34 Grando

The rain held off but the wind picked up. In our faces heading out, but at our backs coming back. Nice to finish off the year strong with four good rides in a row.

Albany 2014-12-26 34 Grando

Nice day. Some clouds some sun, upper 40s. Bryant park very flooded. Right now I'm seeing some of the worst flooding since I've been in Corvallis. 

Buena Vista 2014-12-25 38 Grando

Christmas day. Started out cloudy got sunny, but then I got caught in a cold shower on the way home. Back on Arboretum and Mt. View.

Philomath + 2014-12-24 32 Grando

Snuck out between rain showers. Past Philomath a bit, then back and around town.

Weekly Commute 2014-12-23 26 Soma Saga

Short week. went over 5k miles for the year with this ride.

Garden Ave 2014-12-21 20 Disc Trucker

Exploring gravel roads down by the river, which is at flood levels. 

Weekly Commute 2014-12-19 42 Soma Saga

Got pretty wet this week.

Smith Loop then Albany 2014-12-13 60 Soma Saga

first with the tenners out Smith Loop and back Bellfountain. Then solo out Riverside to Albany, back Metge. Started out foggy but got sunny with no wind, mid 40s. Gorgeous day. 

Weekly Commute 2014-12-12 36 Soma Saga

Managed to miss most of the rain, and wind. In the groove of winter commuting. 

Shedd via Philomath 2014-12-07 50 Grando

Started out with the 9:00 group but couldn't keep the pace. Looped back to town and caught the tenners. 12 people. Some wind but the rain stopped. Back route from Tangent to Shedd I had not ridden before. 

Weekly Commute 2014-12-05 36 Soma Saga

Not so cold. Not too much rain. 

Horse Trail 2014-11-30 10 <