Lukiamute Loop

Saturday, July 25, 2020

This route could be a RUSA "perm pop" so it needs a name. I decided I'd better get the climbing in early as I never get it in at the end. Lewisburg Saddle - Soap Creek - Berry Creek - Airlie - Elkins. When I go to Helmick I had a decision. The strong north wind was tempting and I initially turned south, but I had a hankering for some espresso which I knew would do wonders for my morale, so it was on to Java Crew in Monmouth. They also had a nice penut butter energy bar. I sat on a bench in the shade to enjoy. It wasn't at all hot yet, in fact it barely got over 80 al day.

I continued north through WOU to whatever that road is that cuts over to Independence. By now the north wind was howling so it was good not to be riding into it anymore. The sidewind was bad enough. My back was hurting so I stopped at Independence park and did some stretches. That helped. I filled my water bottles and headed over the bridge to the WVSB and headed south on RIver Road. Now I really had the wind at my back which really helped on the hills. Took the ferry and another break at BV park before the final stretch home.


Red clover
Red clover fields on Elkins Road


Coast Range
The Coast Range from Beuna Vista Road