Omakau to Clyde

Monday, March 13, 2017
Disc Trucker

Had my tea at the fancy hotel and was ready to go. Then had a light breakfast it the bike shed, where it was at least dry. It was misting out, but not raining. 

The trail seemed to be climbing which helped warm me up. We were coming up the back side of Tiger Hill, which from the other side was the steepest grade on the trail. 

First break came early at Chatto Creek. Just coffee. We would have stopped again but there was nothing the rest of the way in to Alexandra. 

We ckecked out the holiday parks in Alexandra thinking maybe we'd ride to Clyde and then back, but agreed we'd probably camp in Clyde. 

The final stretch to Clyde was probably the least inspiring of the whole ride, but Clyde itself looked really nice, nestled against the mountain foothills. The Clutha River also goes by it, which is a mighty river. 

And so we reached the end of the trail, a mere 150km from the start. We found the holiday park, setup camp, found the pub and had a beer. 

Tomorrow Jelle and I will part company as he follows the Roxborough trail and I double back on the Otago. It's been great riding with him. He's a great guy and really helped me out a lot on this trip. 


Hey, it's New Zealand.


Jelle on the trail
Jelle on the trail


An improved bridge.


Apples! They were good too.


Unimproved bridge
An unimproved bridge in which they just filled in between the ties. Very bumpy to ride over.


Green is good
Green is Good!


End of the line
End of the line at the Clyde trailhead. 150k in 4 days is nothing to write home about, but the weather was nasty and we stopped a lot.