Northern Idaho - 2005

In the summer of 2005, 7 of us did a week long bike tour of northern Idaho. We we're fortunate to have Kevin and Barbara along with their van as a support vehicle.

Start Date: 
Sunday, August 14, 2005
Number of Days: 
Total Miles: 

Planning the route

Many a beer was consumed while we studied maps and websites. Actually Andy did all the work. The rest of us just had to show up and ride.

Ready to roll

At Kevin and Barbara's house ready to leave. We took two vehicles, their van, and Andy's car. Left-to-right: Paul, Dan, Paul, Kevin, Barbara, Larry. Andy took the picture. In fact Andy took most of these pictures so you won't see much of him.

I haven't quite got all the content in place here. You can see it all on the old site .


Below is my log for each day of the tour. Use the navigation controls to scroll through the days .