Alder Creek CG

Monday, June 19, 2017
Soma Saga

Day 2 - Stopped at Limberlost CG to escape the heat. Did the last 10 miles after 6:00 PM.

The day started riding through familiar places like Vida, and Blue River. Stopped at the Goodpasture Bridge remembering when I bought my tractor from Bill Goodpasture back in 1976. The bridge hasn't changed much, but I guess I have. I never could have imagined then that I'd be passing this way on a bicycle some day.

The route took the side road to McKenzie Bridge, by the old Belknap Bridge and the place we camped on Loop Tour 2014. It was a nice break from 126 which had a lot of traffic and not always a good shoulder. The McKenzie Bridge store is the last store before Sisters so I stopped and stocked up. I stopped again at the ranger station to fill my water bottles. Then it was on to the old highway. Today was the first day it was opened to cars so I expected some traffic. I only saw a car every 15 minutes or so.

It was still early in the day when I pulled in to Limberlost Campground. I found another beautiful spot right on the river and setup my hammock. I had already decided I would stay here until evening and then ride on to Alder Creek CG, which was another 11 miles. It was hot and there would be some hard climbing. This being just 2 days shy of the summer solstice I knew daylight would not be an issue. So I relaxed by the river all afternoon. There was no one else around. I tried to get in the river but it was too icy cold, so I just rinsed off. I ate, layed in my hammock. played my flute, and enjoyed a glorious summer day.

By late afternoon I was getting antsy to ride. I had planned on waiting until 7, but instead left at 6. This was a good thing. The road was totally in the shade now and the air was cooling. The climbing started right away and had me in my lowest gear, so I realized it would probably take me close to 3 hours to go the 11 miles to the next campground. The grade was dead steady at about 7% or 8% and my lowest gear was just adequate to keep me moving along. I arrived at Alder Creek CG and got the last spot, right next to a couple on touring bikes. They were from California and were riding to Bend. We had some good conversation and turned in. At this elevation it was nice and cool and sleeping would be good.


McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway
McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway


First view of the mountains
My first view of the mountains in the late afternoon.