Deerhorn county park

Sunday, June 18, 2017
Soma Saga


Day 1. It got hot today. Familiar route though Peoria, Harrisburg, and Coburg. Then McKenzie View which led to 126 completely bypassing Eugene and Springfield. 

Met a cyclist from Boulder, CO riding with his daughter. The started in Bend and came over the pass. 

I would have stopped sooner had there been a campground. I really got lucky finding a Lane County park across the river and away from the highway. There were lots of people at the park but I saw a nice trail so I just rode right through. The trail followed the river and a little way in I saw a picnic table so I stopped. They hadn't been maintaining it and there were nettles and blackberries growing up all around it. But it was in the shade so I cleard a path and made myself at home. I was thinking maybe I'd sleep on the picnic table if no one kicked me out. I assumed there was no camping in this park. I had some food and then decided to take a walk and see the river. Not more then 30' from the picnic table I found a narrow trail leading to the river, and a perfect tent spot under some huge old cedars. So I moved my bike and set up camp. No one came. I don't even think anyone knew I was there. It was perfect. Right on the river.

In the morning I looked and didn't really see any "no camping" signs, so maybe I wasn't even stealth camping. I was feeling really good and ready for day 2.


Down by the river


First night's campsite on the McKenzie


Day 1 camp
My nice "stealth" camp on the McKenzie River.