Coast Loop 2015

3 days and 2 nights. Over to Newport taking a lot of gravel roads, down to Beachside SP south of Waldport, and back up the Yachats River valley with more gravel to Five Rivers, Lobster Valley, and Alsea.

Start Date: 
Sunday, September 27, 2015
Number of Days: 
Total Miles: 

Across the Coast Range at 5 miles an hour

One of my goals for the year was to do this ride but I kept putting it off. I had the bike packed for weeks but one thing or another kept coming up. Finally I broke free on what felt like the first autumn morning of the year. It was cool and crisp, leaves were blowing around, yet you could tell it would be a warm day. I would be taking the same route to the coast as I last year, only then I was not carrying as much gear. The extra weight took it's toll on Woods Creek road, especially after the gate on the way up to Mary's Peak road. It was hard and I started to realize why I couldn't talk anyone into doing this ride with me. Then and several other times on this tour I thought about how all those years of mountain biking in Ashland prepared me for rides like this. The typical twice a week after work ride was 3 miles of hard climbing on the fire road before coming back down on the trails.

The weather couldn't have been better. Sunny on the beach and not much wind. It was 72 when I got to Waldport. Nights were a bit on the cool side and I regretted bringing a bivvy sack instead of a tent. My sleeping bag was nice and warm though.

I thought about how to make this ride more palatable by splitting it up into more days. Instead of a three day ride it could be done in five or six, making each day quite a bit easier. Here is what a five day ride would look like.

  1. Corvallis to Big Elk campground - 35 miles
  2. Big Elk to South Beach SP - 38 miles
  3. South Beach SP to Beachside SP - 18 miles, or Cape Perpetua FS campground - 26 miles. An easy day leaving lots of time for the beach.
  4. Yachats or Cape Perpetua to Lobster Valley - About 40 miles but I have no idea where you would camp. We need to find a friend in Lobster Valley.
  5. Lobster Valley to Corvallis - About 40 miles
  6. Optionally camp at Alsea Falls on the way home, making day 5 shorter.

So that is for another year. This year I did it in three days. Continue the day by day account below.


Below is my log for each day of the tour. Use the navigation controls to scroll through the days .