Otago Peninsula

Saturday, March 18, 2017
Disc Trucker

Last ride in New Zealand and last ride on the Trucker, which I sold here.

Took Highcliff Road, which is very well named, out the peninsula. It starts up the middle with great views of Otago Bay and Dunedin, and then bends east towards the ocean, before diving fast downhill back to Portobello on the bay. Pretty steep in places, glad I wasn't carrying a load.

It was very windy and cool. On the ocean side and on top. I went to checkout the castle but they wanted money and I was not about to pay to see a castle. I might have paid to see the Albatros or Penguins but they were at the far end of the peninsula and I was not going to get that far.

I didn't bring much to eat which I was beginning to regret when I got to Portobello and the Penguin Cafe. I could get used to touring with nice little towns with cafes every 20 miles or so. Portobello even had Spark wifi (which was available free in many small and mid-sized towns all across New Zealand).

I took Portobello Road back which follows right along the bay and is pretty much flat. There was a headwind but it was not bad compared to the winds up on Highcliff. It was a lovely ride.


Otago Bay
Otago Bay from Highcliff Road


The ocean
The Pacific Ocean, from the other side!


Highcliff Road
Highcliff Road


Sheep by the ocean
Sheep by the ocean.


Otago Peninsula
Otago Peninsula


Monterey Cyprus
Nice Monterey Cyprus on this part of the road.


Looking towards Portobello
Looking towards Portobello


I had lunch here.


Tree on a rock
Tree on a rock


Trucker by Otago Bay
The Trucker by Otago Bay.