Lake Tekapo

Friday, March 3, 2017
Disc Trucker

We took a rest day at Lake Tekapo before starting on the A2O trail. It was the perfect place to do so. I rode into town and back to the campground and around the lake a little. Very windy day. There is a larch forest growing on the side of the lake. They are not native but have naturalized very well.

I am very impressed with New Zealand Holiday Parks. They have shared kitchens, that are very convenient for bike tourists that don't want to carry much. But the nice thing is that it forces people together instead of isolated at their own campsites. Many of them also have a shared lounge/TV/internet room with comfy couches and reading material. These were really welcome on the cold nights where otherwise we'd be in our tents by 8:00. They aren't cheap, but then nothing in NZ is.


Campsite at Lake Tekapo
Campsite at Lake Tekapo


Dinner time
Everyone gathers around the shared kitchen, grills, and picnic tables at dinner time.


Dusk at Lake Tekapo
Dusk at Lake Tekapo