Wren to Wren

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Ann, Diana, Lori, Melissa, Teddi, Tracy, Tracy

Ann asked if I'd join her on an 'into to gravel' ride. I sugessted we do Harrid Road. I invited the usual suspects. Sunday it was just the guys, today it was 7 women and me. I'm not complaining. Most of them are in much better shape than the men anyway, More of a challenge keeping up with them. After we got to Blodgett Ann said she was good going up Norton Creek. After we went up Norton Creek she said she wanted to do the whole loop. I still haven't recovered from Sunday's ride but what can I do. Actually the steep part in the Mary's River Tree Farm was not as bad as it seemed on Sunday.

When we got to Hoskins road Lori, Tracy, and Tracy decided to do the extra 10 mile Shingle Creek loop. The rest of us continued on. I think Ann would have done that as well if I was into it. I was beat. The climb up Hoskins and then on the highway was enough for me.

So much cooler today. A wonderful relief from yesterday's 92 degrees.


Riders on a ridge
Just me and the ladies.